Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chateau Chaput - Philadelphia -16 Room Cottage to Be Sold

Archbishop Chaput's "16 Room" Mansion

The archbishop's residence, a 16-room mansion, was purchased by Cardinal Dennis Dougherty in 1935 and has been the home of Philadelphia's archbishops ever since. It is expected to be sold in a private sale in the near future.

Egerton House - 1882

Egerton House – 1882 – Built for Mrs. Edward Scull, architect Addison Hutton – before 1925 expansion, additions on both sides.

Bought by Cardinal Dougherty in 1935 for $117,500. Present day residence of Philly RC Archbishop. Presently listed in the media as 16 rooms?

5700 E City Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

8.69 acres, $718,000 estimated value, 12,627 sq. ft. interior (?)

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Rapist Daddy Parental Rights Protected – Todd Akin, Paul Ryan Sponsored Laws – Real Men Don’t Rape

31 states in the United States give unrestricted Parental Rights to all Rapists.

That’s 18 years and 9 months of Rapist Daddy calling up for his weekend visitation rights to His Child.

That’s 18 years and 9 months of begging Rapist Daddy for child support payments.

And if a Todd or the Romney or a Ryan rich type rapes you and hides his assets offshore, well go on welfare bitch.

“Your honor, the mother of MY CHILD is a WELFARE QUEEN and I want 100% custody and My Child’s entitlement, his or her welfare check.”

“Granted!” (you poor man)

Oh those sluts that tease men to rape them.  Oh those welfare queens who drop kids at the drop of the hat just to get onto welfare.

God save our pure white male Republican Family Value system!



Catholic Deer Killer – Paul Ryan and the Perfect Shoot

The perfect shot - deer and photo

There is something too annoyingly perfect about both the Romney and the Ryan families.  I have already stated some of my opinions on the Romney Tribe.

Paul has stated that he is a Catholic Deer Hunter. Wow! How Macho! How Alpha Male!

And that is what annoys me in the perfect image that closeted business welfare queen Paul Ryan presents to the world as the normal Paul.

Living in a modest, big by the 1920s professional standards, house with eight bathrooms. Wow! People need to pee in that house. Or they don’t have to walk down the hall a few feet to pee.  Or water is dirt cheap in Wisconsin and the Ryan family don’t have to share a bathroom with anybody else including their spouse.  A good Catholic household like the Ryans will never see a parent or sibling naked in that house. 

Catholics are so uptight about nudity and sex etc.  It is of course their own business.  It is their owned religion.

The thing about all the perfect things about alpha male Paul Ryan is that he reminds me of a high school alpha male jock type who probably was popular with the girls and a bully to all the nerds.

All well and good.  But most people go beyond their high school images and social functions of themselves.  If Ryan was not Republican and an aging jock type, I would have guessed he would have gone through a Metrosexual phase as a young adult prior to marriage in that he would have dressed perfectly, had his hair done perfectly etc.

Ryan’s hair does seem to be glued in place without even a single hair out of place.

I know that the Deer Killer photo above was not photo shopped but it seems too perfect to me and it was probably selected no doubt from many others for official Ryan press release to the little people of the public realm.

One thing different from myself and Paul and all my male relatives who I remember as a child going off to and back from the male honored food gathering killing fields of the forests.

I am glad that Paul thought to shave just prior to his perfect Catholic Deer Killer photo op.

My relatives never shaved when they went off to shoot some deer meat to feed their families.  Paul obviously has got a compulsive obsessive need to look perfect even while shooting deer.

So perfect.



Trust Me - Two Words Romney and Ryan Have In Common With Bernie Madoff

Nothing says trust better to the little people than wearing Dockers. 

Closet Tax Cheating Business Welfare Queens Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan out on the campaign trail selling the classic Bernie Madoff "Trust Me" lie to the American People.


Is Janna Ryan’s Name on the Missing Romney Tax Returns as His Tax Attorney?

As I am a timeline historian of sorts, I have to wonder when was the first time Mitt Romney met Janna Ryan, wife of buff U.S. Representative Paul Ryan? 

Was it at Norfolk Virginia ten odd days ago in front of the U.S.S. Wisconsin floating museum?

Or was it in 1998, in the Washington DC office of tax attorney Janna Little, with Mitt looking to hide cash offshore to avoid taxes?

Of course Janna is now a stay at home mom and no longer dabbles in the tax thingy even for friends and or relatives out the family home office mentioned on tax returns?

But knowing cautious, paranoid, secretive Mormon Mitt Romney, it is likely he wants to keep the Vice Presidency in the family, tax family that is?


Janna Ryan’s Black Sheep Uncle by Marriage – Governor David L. Boren of Oklahoma

Janna Ryan’s press releases mention her red neck granddaddy Reuel W. Little who ran unsuccessfully for Governor.  Grandad Little supported George Wallace by forming his own John Bircher type third party in Oklahoma, the American Party, so that Wallace could be on the ballot in OK in 1968.

Her uncle by marriage to her aunt Janna Lou Little is David L. Boren, who did successfully run for Governor of Oklahoma 1975-1979.  And was Democratic Senator from Oklahoma 1979-1994.

Governor Boren is not mentioned directly in the Janna Ryan press releases.  Was it because he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and is not likely to endorse him a second time around, family connections as all that? Or that her aunt divorced Boren and divorce is a sin in the Ryan Catholic household?

The Democrats are strangely silent too on this Black Sheep of the Little/Ryan family/dynasty. Perhaps it was because Senator Boren defied the Teddy Kennedy wing of the Dem party by voting for Robert Bork on the Supreme Court?

In any case, it sure helps for a struggling young Wellesley graduate with a law degree in tax avoidance to set up shop in digs like Washington DC where her uncle, black sheep or not, knew a few important people.  (Wink, nod)


Janna Ryan, An Average Lawyer, Lobbyist, Trust Fund Baby, Stay At Home Mom / Oil Business Welfare Queen

(Image *)

Paul Ryan's little woman stays at home and takes care of the kids.  Unlike the majority of women in America who have to juggle a job outside the home to make ends meet for their families, some moms can afford to stay at home and clip coupons and count the cash in the “blind” trust from mumsy and daddy in the oil industry and benefit from a Congressman husband who can make laws that gives gifts, subsidies, privileges, tax breaks to all your family in Oklahoma, an oil state economy, and in oil related businesses.

Oil heiress Janna Ryan, besides the trust fund thingy, is leveraged to the gills in oil speculation, fracking and any other petro dollar scams, scams that drive gasoline prices in this country half a dollar to a dollar more than it should be at the pump. Just an average stay at home mom with hubby Paul Ryan driving the station wagon to church on Sunday and praying that the poor will just go away and die and stop demanding bread and shelter on the Ryan’s hard earned tax dollars.  They are going to be billionaires one day and all on real taxpayers' dimes. 

Big Business Welfare Queens, the Ryans of Janeville Wisconsin.

7. Ryan supports $40 billion in subsides for big oil. In 2011, Ryan joined all House Republicans and 13 Democrats in his vote to keep Big Oil tax loopholes as part of the FY 2011 spending bill. His budget would retain a decade’s worth of oil tax breaks worth $40 billion, while cutting “billions of dollars from investments to develop alternative fuels and clean energy technologies that would serve as substitutes for oil.” For instance, it “calls for a $3 billion cut in energy programs in FY 2013 alone” and would spend only $150 million over five years — or 20 percent of what was invested in 2012 — on energy programs.
8. Ryan has ownership stakes in companies that benefit from oil subsidies . Ryan “and his wife, Janna, owns stakes in four family companies that lease land in Texas and Oklahoma to the very energy companies that benefit from the tax subsidies in Ryan’s budget plan,” the Daily Beast reported in June of 2011. “Ryan’s father-in-law, Daniel Little, who runs the companies, told Newsweek and The Daily Beast that the family companies are currently leasing the land for mining and drilling to energy giants such as Chesapeake Energy, Devon, and XTO Energy, a recently acquired subsidiary of ExxonMobil.”

Comedian Kate Hendricks as Ann Romney and not Janna Ryan (right)