Monday, October 21, 2013

Ted Cruz (R-Canada): "I Don't Work For The Party Bosses In Washington"

Ted Cruz (R-Canada): 
"I Don't Work For The Party Bosses In Washington" 


Warning: Listening to Ted Cruz (R-Canada) Phony 21 Hour Long Filibuster Speech May Be Dangerous To Your Children's Health - Wayne's (LaPierre) World

“…The child may have offed herself as the result of merely being born a redneck. But unofficial reports state that the entire 21 hour DVD of the Sen.Ted Cruz's (R-Canada) phony filibuster (C-Span deluxe version) was playing on the TV when the child decided to visit Jesus. …”  T.C.C. news service.

(warning one - sarcasm)

(warning oneA - Visual Sarcasm)

(warning oneB - It takes intelligence to understand and appreciate sarcasm, and visually expressed etc.)


Bill Donohue/Catholic League Shilling For Conservative Telemarketing Penny Anty Scam Web Site – NewsMax – Front for Out of Work (no wars going) Neo-Con Executives?

I hear the Confections in Iran are far superior to North Korean Sweets.
But we won't know until we contract out there, will we?

Like I said the other day about how neo-cons get to land in easy cushy no show jobs in between American Global Wars of Genocide and Profit for White Republicans, like St. Vincent’s College in Latrobe Pa., Bill Donohue over at Catholic League has a nasty article about NYC mayoral candidate that thumbs his nose at Catholic Cuddling that Bill has come to expect sitting at the feet of American high level clerics and giving them free pedicures too I hear (bishops and above only – holy foot fetish, don’t ya know, lol).  And lets not forget the unofficial Catholic views on male waxing

I go into Bill's least offensive sounding “defen$e” of Catholicism tax free web site article at Catholic League that leads to a (wink,nod) link to NewsMax, a west Palm Beach neo-con News sites that supposedly makes over 24 million a year, doing what? I have to wonder why a tax free Catholic employee at the Catholic League is hanging out at a right wing political "newspaper".

Makes you think that maybe separation of church and state and the tax free jerk off thing does not matter anymore in the shiny city on a hill republic of Ronald Reagan that now has sunk into the adjoining swamp land below? When it comes to the Catholic League and Doctor Donohue that is. Quack! Quack!