Saturday, December 8, 2012

Living Thing - ELO

Neo-Con “War on Christmas” just a Publicity Stunt to Get Free Media Time to Sell the Obsolete Christian Myth – Civil War / Implosion within Christianity Spills Out over into the Streets

There is no war on Christmas. 

Wal-Mart is making record profits selling cheap shitty Christmas junk made by slave labor in China.

Nobody in a secular world wants to hear the ten trillionth repeat of the Constantine Christ Myth make up seventeen hundred years ago and hijacked from the original now extinct “Christians”.

The political decision for the political Neo-Cons who hate women and genuine freedom of expression are marking their territory like dogs saying that only white male entitled Constantine Myth can and must continue to be displayed in the public realm in America.

That once the public square must show a white person Nativity Scene, the next display will be anti-abortion or anti-gay billboards, changing with the seasons and or the whim of Massa Jim DeMint over at the White Massa Club aka as the tax free Heritage Foundation.

If anything, with Irish drunks like Bill O’Reilly and Bill Donohue being the main spokesmen for the myth of the war on Christmas, the implosion of the Vatican and right wing American Christian organizations whose main income now is not from individual contributions but the American Taxpayer through the George W.Bush Faith Based “charity” rip off – that implosion is showing in this phony PR War for Media Attention at Christmas.

The Civil War going on in the Catholic Church, whereby Cultural Catholics, Cafeteria Catholics, Closeted Clergy, Uber(I am holier than the pope)-Catholics and others who cannot sit down together and look their fellow Catholics in the eye in their ancient made up service, is the reason why so much of this vitriol of Christians spills out onto the sidewalks and into the public squares in America at this time of the year.

Please go back to the old days and gather inside your houses of worship and keep your evil shit to yourselves.

The last thing mentioned in the War on Christmas is Christ. The symbols of the infinite made up dogma in a diverse society cling to obscurity and the impossible hope of revival.


Happy Holidays!