Thursday, September 29, 2011

Michaelmas - 2011 - Protect Us From Wall Street

Good Michael the Archangel,

defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Wall Street Casino.
May God rebuke them, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of the Almighty,
thrust into hell all bankers,
and all coke head derivatives traders,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of innocent lives and souls. Amen.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Malcolm X and FOX NEWS

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”  - Malcolm X

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Georgia State Lynching and the Divine Power of Soul

In Jewish myth, there is a soulless creature; a Frankenstein monster like creature, that was formed out of mud and magic words. It, in myth, was used to protect the Jewish community, ghettos, from pogroms of hate and murder against these Jewish communities living in a sea of so-called civilized Christian humanity in medieval Europe.

There are parallels with the idea of this “Golem” creature and the creation of Adam by God.  The myth states something like the fact that Adam, until God breathed a soul into him, he was merely a monster, a creature.

So too, the state without a soul or a spirit, can be a monster too.

Since the Supreme Court has gone out of the way to say that corporations are human entities and have rights as such, I have to wonder if these corporations and or the states have souls.  

I doubt that even the Mighty god "Justice" Scalia can breathe a soul into a corporation or a state such as Texas or Georgia.

“I will believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

There was a racist lynching last week by the state of Georgia for fun and entertainment of the white masses IMHO.  It was a modern version of a lynching but it still was a lynching, never the less.  There was reasonable doubt.
The former Governor Mario Cuomo of the state of New York refused to sign off on any death penalty while he held that state office.  He knew that statistically, mistakes can be made, we are all human and not gods like on the Supreme Court.  I have seen a statistic that as many as 30 percent of convictions for the death penalty are flawed enough to mean that some innocent men in prison have died at the hands of the executioner.

Well done Mario.

Unfortunately, not every state or regional culture sees it the same way as old Mario.  As such I think that we have to find common ground and try to agree on something.

If the State is a corporation and considered a human entity in these bizarre modern times, then does that entity have a soul or spirit?

Like the Golem of Jewish myth, the creature needs a soul in order to be human like Adam – and not be a monster.

While I do not really believe in all this politicking enforcing the power of corporations or the state as my equal, I do demand something and as a minimalist Cultural Christian.

I demand that the state and or corporations live by rules.  And in a so-called Christian society, the basic rules of law can be based on the Ten Commandments.

“Thou shall not kill.”  OR “Thou shall not murder.”  - As in the case of some language interpretation – and if you want them carved on your state capital hallways,  You as the state must live them and live by them and not merely use them as art and or interior decoration.

The states and or corporations are merely Golems, monsters, until proof of a soul and or human spirit is evident in them.  

Until then, beware of any popular myths that say is it okay or it is good for the state to kill.

Where are the Trees in Liberty Plaza, America? - (NOT Zucotti Park!) - a poem

Liberty Plaza NYC

Where are the trees in Liberty Plaza, America???


When will the trees in liberty plaza


Jesus rose on Sunday day? Did he not Rowan darling?

They cut down twenty four living creatures
Trees! Living Things! That is -
Not Iraqi children or women or old men…

(HEY not my scales of importance -
not Anubis' feather scale of things !!!
but Dick C's - sucking on his daily tube of oxygen
or rummy man sucking on his daily bottle of tankoray
remembering the great American Crook Dick NExxon.)

The TREES !!!!!!!!!

(they once gave shade in the downtown 
corporate human desert --
in my wallet is a picture of my two year old son
smiling a great wonderful human smile -
on a Spring Saturday -
his pampers full of poop and ---
Steve's Pizza sign in the backgound…)

They cut down twenty four living things
To make way for official vehicular parking
Supposedly connected with WTC debris removal
Isn't that right Rudy - cold lips - darling!

((Rudy - cold lips - cold hips
Popsickle stare 
Darling poster boy of the new world order!)
(Donna god bless, now you have a life!
You probably were a good human wife!))

When will the concrete stare of Liberty Plaza
Be brought back to living tree life???…

Perhaps only when a second bush
Wins a ga-dam second war
And loses a ga-damn second World PEACE!!! ! !.

Where are the TREES?! 


Monday, September 26, 2011

Wall Street – NYU – Protesters - Arrests – Class Divide

For any of you out there not seeing events unfold in NYC where some of the protestors, still in residence trying to occupy the Financial District downtown to demand justice and arrest of the Crooks running Wall Street, some of those protestors marched uptown to Union Square, 14th Street on Saturday.

On their way back downtown, they got stopped and 80 arrested on University Place, pretty much considered the Main Street of the NYU Campus.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Irish Catholic Parish - 1905 - Camden New Jersey

I found this on the Internet, a reproduction of the fiftieth anniversary booklet of the Irish Catholic church, parish of the Immaculate Conception, Camden NJ in 1905.  The church now serves as the cathedral.

Parish of the Immaculate Conception 1855-1905

Parish Boundaries

Include that portion of the City of Camden North of and including Mt. Vernon Street, bounded on the West and North by the Delaware River, on the East by Cooper's Creek.

All Catholics, not Germans or Poles or Italians, living in that district, belong to the congregation of the Immaculate Conception and must be attended in their spiritual necessities by the Priests of that Church. A good Catholic will be found in his own Parish Church on Sundays, where he will hear the word of God from his own Priests, who are in duty bound to look after his spiritual welfare; bad, disobedient Catholics go wandering around like sheep without a shepherd from church to church, unknown and unknowable.


Those intending to enter into the State of Holy Matrimony, should give notice at least three weeks in advance, that the banns may be published, and that other preliminaries may be perfected. The Church requires mar­riages to be performed in the Parish of the bride and groom, but if they be of different parishes, the rule is to be married in the Parish of the bride, but then the groom must bring a letter testimonium libertatis from his own Pastor.

Confession and communion should precede marriages, for to marry in mortal sin would be sacrilege. Mixed marriages between Catholics and persons of other faiths, or of no faith, in almost every case entail loss of faith in the Catholic party, and his or her offspring or beget religious indifference, and being, therefore, dangerous, are condemned by the Church, as well as by all prudent men of every denomination. 

It is a sacrilege for a Catholic to get married before a civil magistrate.

Before a sectarian minister, he incurs the additional penalty of excommunication. All good Catholics celebrate their nuptials in the morning and at Mass, at which they receive Holy Communion.

Churching Women

Will take place after the low Masses on Sundays and Holy Days. Every woman requesting the blessing should bring a blessed wax candle to be lighted on the occasion, and she should present the same to the altar of the Blessed Virgin as a thanksgiving offering.

Holy Communion

Is given at every Mass on Sundays and Weekdays- but, to encourage regular monthly Communion, the following order, as near as possible, will be observed:

(a) On the first Sunday of the month the Rosary Society and all married ladies; '

(b) On the second Sunday, the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin and all young ladies not members of the Children of Mary.

(c) On the third Sunday, at 9.00 o'clock Mass the Children of Mary, the Angels and St. Aloysius Sodalities, and all children who have been admitted to First Holy Communion.

(d) On the fourth Sunday, all single and married men.

e) On the first Friday of the month, the League of the Sacred Heart, for whom an additional Mass will be celebrated at S.30 A. M.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Seekers – that classic sound -1968

Groucho Humor

Templar Treasure Still Hidden in Jerusalem?

Everybody likes a treasure hunt.  These days cash is hard to find.  And what’s more valuable than worthless paper money? GOLD!

You saw the headlines this past July.

MUMBAI, India — A court-ordered search of vaults beneath a south Indian temple has unearthed gold, jewels and statues worth an estimated $22 billion, government officials said Monday.

Watching the History Channel recently it came to me in a vision (of greed) where the lost Templar Treasure of the defunct order of the Knights Templar might be – it is I think right out in the open so to speak like with that Temple in India.

The Treasuries of the Knights Templar
Lost:1307- Current Est. Value: $ Many Billions
Gold and silver ingots, coinage, jewels, jewelry, gold & silver plate, land deeds, religious relics, weapons, documents and records, Middle Eastern trophies and artifacts, valuable curiosities and royal regalia held as securities.
(Location Unknown)

Right out in the open?  Or more importantly, like a good magician, one illusion covers another.  One myth hides another myth or the truth of the myth.

If you saw a keyhole, would you not assume that the keyhole is a clue as to something locked away and in need only of a key to unlock?

What I find annoying about the whole Dan Brown cottage industry thing springing up with all sorts of Knights Templar myths is that somehow their European gold survived the greed and murder of the Knights Templar by France’s Francis IV and Pope Clement V.  

The popular History Channel typical airbrushing of history does not mention that Clement V was the first Avignon pope, of the papacy moved to France away from Rome and bound to the French King.

It was the beginning of a period of close to one hundred years of pope and anti-pope being elected both in France and also in Rome.  It was an age perhaps more corrupt than even the Borgia pope, Alexander VI.

The problem with the History Channel crowd is that they don’t want to get off there ass to find the Templar’s lost, and I think, very real treasure.  They want the treasure in their backyard – in Europe.

Let’s face it.  All the gold went to King Francis IV of France and his massive bribery campaign to get the pope and the authority of the Church moved to his backyard in France.

There was little or no Templar gold in Europe when Francis and Clement killed off the bankers so to speak.  Kind of a medieval version of nationalizing the banks, something even Obama has not done yet.

So if there is no Templar gold in Europe, where is it?

The truth is that the Templars started out issuing letters of credit in Europe for promise to pay in the Holy Land, Palestine. Trade was one way in the beginning.  Over time, trade moved east and the Templars to be successful bankers would have been issuing letters of credit in Palestine for trade moving west to the other side back in Europe.

There were two piles of Templar banking gold – one in Europe and the other in Palestine.

While the European Templar treasury might have been a pile of I.O.U.s from deadbeat kings and popes, the real gold left of that vast banking empire is probably still where the Templars left it.  In Jerusalem.

Where? Under Temple Mount?  Hell no.  Titus and Hadrian scraped that rock clean centuries before.

There is the myth that the Templars dug into Temple Mount and found the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.  Good myths.  Good myth cover.  Myth covering myth.

I look at two surviving symbols of the Templars.
One is the Scallop Shell, a sign of pilgrimage, originally by going from France to the shrine of St. James the Apostle in Compostela Spain.  This is where the protecting monks that evolved into the Knights Templar got their start in the centuries before the crusades.  Protecting pilgrims and being paid or receiving donations for their protective services.

The other symbol is the Keyhole which in reality is the shape of many churches in Europe built after the Crusades which follow the shape of the Temple (Templar) Church in London UK. 

Looks like a keyhole to me, the design.  And what is this design?  It is of the rebuilt, redesigned, with Templars’ cash, Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  

This shrine, by many historic accounts,­­­­­­ has a massive honeycomb of tunnels under that shrine and most bricked up too for centuries like the recent Temple in India with its billions in forgotten treasure.

The truth is if you look at the bones of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, they never tore down the Temple of Venus part of this shrine, the solid round part of it built by a true builder – Emperor Hadrian. 

That Temple of Venus in Roman times no doubt served a lot like the Temple of Athena in Athens with a treasury vault built into the bones of the structure.

You can discount the myths of church fathers who say they tore down the Temple of Venus.  Truth is that no church father is ever going to tear down or throw away a protective vault for treasure.

The key to the Templar’s Keyhole in Jerusalem protecting the lost Templar treasure is the Scallop Shell – symbol also of the goddess Venus.

I want a finder’s fee.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Was Jesus an Atheist?

I had a dream the other day.  I half imagined that in all the misquotes, reconstructions of the Jesus story to fit the new Constantine retrofit to his imperial fascist purposes, that Jesus’ real crime, if he really existed, was not that he claimed to be the messiah and or the son of man/god.

Jesus, if he was a true revolutionary, was ready to overthrow the state.  His real crime was atheism.  Or, at least the atheism as defined in Roman terms.  They are the ones that had to sign off on any execution.

The big deal with the Romans/Italians is the opera.  While on the surface Rome was tolerant to everybody’s petty gods, the real god was the state and the real power of god was the emperor, head of the army.  Not to believe in the emperor or pay tribute or give sacrifice or worship or respect was in fact to establish your non-verbal assertion that you did not give a damn about the state.

Taxes are one thing.  An empire starts to die when people start to dodge their public responsibility.  Gold is one thing, the other thing is respect or at least the tacit consent of the governed to the government set up.  Respect meant not only paying taxes but engaging in the secular religion of patriotism, of group identity and tribal solidarity.

One of the main criticisms we see in the few unfiltered, uncensored historic documents about the way the Romans had to first deal with the Jews and after them the early Christians was their sense of the abstract.

The fact that the Jews did not have an idol in their main temple must have been an odd sense of reality and or religion in the traditional set up of such things in those days.

In a sense, the Jews in Palestine were one issue to the Romans.  The other no doubt had to do with every local Jewish town within every large Roman city, and in particular Rome.

So in a sense, the Jews, like everybody else in Rome, had to come out in the open at least once a year to give tribute and sacrifice to the Emperor and symbol of the state.  After the emperors started calling themselves gods and building temples and idols of themselves in their temples, they put people like the Jews on the spot.  Tribute to the head of state was in a technical sense worship of a false non-Jewish god.

Tensions in the Jewish town in Rome had the emperor Claudius throw them outside of the city walls where they built another ethnic enclave. It was the fact that this Jewish town did not burn down in 64 C.E. that got the rumor mills going about the Jews starting the fire and the subsequent revenge against them.
Further rewrites in decades and centuries to come will have the fire blamed only on the Christians, a few, if any that existed, and that which probably lived on the edge of the Jewish town.

It is the later Christian propaganda about 64 C.E. that clouds, eliminates historic focus on the Roman pogrom against the Jews of Rome. This event I think was a remote spark of the rebellion in Palestine that traveled back there and started officially two years later as a continuation of Nero’s improvised urban renewal project and real estate fire sale within Rome.

The Jews themselves in Palestine had their own problems with the Romans wanting statues of their emperor/gods put inside the Jewish Temple.
No doubt there were negotiations, bribes, riots but in the end Rome ruled in Palestine and puppets rulers both secular and religious were put in place to act in the name of Rome.

So, the truth about Jesus might well be that on a macro level, he had no respect for the state.  No respect for the Temple priests and he wanted a revolution to replace them in a revolution, no doubt more violent than peaceful.  I cannot imagine a Mahatma Gandhi succeeding in civil disobedience against the state back then.  That what crucifixion was for.

So, Jesus, perhaps betrayed by some of his own followers, more likely betrayed by spies in his ranks, put him first in front of the Temple priests, no doubt because he was or posed in some capacity in the role of a rabbi in his day to day existence among the masses.

When Constantine hijacked the Jesus movement, no doubt it was easier to write the final scenes of the gospels as Jesus committing blasphemy in the eyes of the defunct and despised Jewish state and religion.  More retro PC anti-Semitic material for the Constantine crowd to make and frame the virtues of a new Jesus god who was anti-Jewish, anti-old religion and pro-Rome.

No doubt the temple police picked the trouble maker of Jesus up and delivered him to some sort of formal religious hearing.  No doubt the puppet Jewish priests handed Jesus over to the Romans and no doubt he was labeled as somebody who did not respect or support the priests and or the ruling religion of the state.

In other words, he was an atheist of sorts.  Of course, I believe he had his own private personal perception and beliefs regarding the God thing, mixed with his public beliefs, political and or religious. His popular front with the poor people was probably the real reason for his elimination by the state and its cronies.

“Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” could not have been possibly been said by Jesus.  It was no doubt another standard Eusebius of Caesarea fraudulent type insertion into Constantine’s approved gospels three hundred years later.

Was Jesus an atheist?  I think yes. 

I think yes in a public timeline sense in that he did not believe in the belief systems already in place at the time.  He was against the theism of common popularity that supported oppression in his homeland.  

His own personal beliefs and or his search for a new understanding and definition of the Deity were no doubt quite a different matter entirely.

The State of Texas is not Christian

Why is the state of Texas not Christian?

It Kills.

"Thou shall not kill."

The State of Georgia is not Christian

Why is the state of Georgia not Christian?

It Kills.

"Thou shall not kill."

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Search and Success with your Second Half

An interesting article. 

Priest pens spiritual survival guide for recession

“…Maybe you’ve been laid off from a job you held for years. Perhaps you’ve experienced a nasty divorce. Or maybe the crisis is more subtle: You suddenly realized that you’ll never have the life you dreamed of living.

Any life-changing moment can knock a person down. But it can also open doors if, as Rohr puts it, a person learns how to “fall upward.”

Rohr, a 68-year-old Roman Catholic author and internationally known speaker, says older Americans face a problem: Religious leaders aren’t paying much attention to them.

Much of contemporary religion is geared toward teaching people how to navigate the first half of their lives, when they’re building careers and families. Rohr calls it a “goal-oriented” spirituality.

Yet there’s less help for people dealing with the challenges of aging: the loss of health, the death of friends, and coming to terms with mistakes that cannot be undone, he says.

Rohr’s new book, “Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life,” is his attempt to fill that void. It also functions as a spiritual survival guide for hard times as millions of Americans young and old struggle to cope with “falling”: losing their homes, careers and status….”


Take Wall Street Back from the Crooks

(Wall Street Protest April 2009)

There was a peaceful protest in downtown Manhattan yesterday with the intent to occupy Wall Street which the police did not allow them anywhere near Thieves Alley.

Estimate of the crowd in the foreign press - 20,000.


Main Street Media pretty much ignored, blacked out the event.  

Lame Stream Media is talking about Sarah Palin's horny habits with many men of different colors and her cocaine problem.  

Michele Bachmann continues to stumble with her indirect criticism of the Pharmas and their experimentation on us Lab Rats.  

And all the other male Republican candidates still come across as a bunch of dancing fairies to me.  Ballet?

Unconfirmed reports of Obama still hiding under his desk at the WH afraid to make any decisions. ?

What are we afraid of ?  A bunch of coke head CEOs running the Wall Street Casino - running America into the ground for fun and profit???



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pope’s Pending Criminal Indictment at the Hague?

"When it comes to holding the Catholic Church accountable for sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy, all roads lead to Rome. That is what my organisation, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (Snap), concluded after years of seeking justice in other venues and being turned away.

On 13 September, we travelled to the Hague to file an 84-page complaint and over 20,000 pages of supporting materials with the International Criminal Court, documenting our charge that the Pope and Vatican officials have tolerated and enabled the systematic and widespread concealing of rape and child sex crimes throughout the world.

Holding childhood photographs that tell a wrenching story of innocence and faith betrayed, and joined by our attorneys from the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights, we stood up and demanded the justice that has so long been denied. The New York Times called the filing "the most substantive effort yet to hold the pope and the Vatican accountable in an international court for sexual abuse by priests".

No doubt, many people of faith are shocked that we would accuse a world church leader of crimes against humanity – a man considered by many to be infallible. But the man who is infallible must also be accountable.

…While many pedophile priests have been suspended in recent years, few have been criminally charged and even fewer defrocked. Worse, no one who ignored, concealed or enabled these predators has suffered any consequences. At the head of this hierarchy of denial and secrecy is the Pope, who has served as an enabler of these men. We believe the Vatican must face investigation to determine whether these incidences have been knowingly concealed and clergymen deliberately protected when their crimes have come to light.

I know this story well, because I was sexually abused by a parish priest, from my time in junior high school until graduation…”

Kentucky Amish Fight for First Amendment Rights

Amish jailed by Kentucky judge

Members of the sect can affix reflective tape to their vehicles but refuse the orange triangle – a legal requirement on slow-moving vehicles.

After their arrest, the group subsequently refused to pay any fines as that would, in turn, mean recognising the law they refuse to obey.

Judge Deborah Hawkins of Graves County district sentenced eight of the men to between three and 10 days in jail for their refusal to pay up….”

Stealing the Goddess – Temple of Venus Jerusalem

Discounting all the retro fitted stories of Saint Helena in her eighties digging up the true cross, intact, with accessories, nails, unrusted, three hundred years after Jesus supposedly used them, what you have left is an architectural monstrosity, exterior at least, of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

This church covers the area both not only of the most sacred site in Christendom, the empty tomb of Jesus, but also the site of the crucifixion, and throw in a real tourist bonus, the actual tomb of Adam, the first man.

There have been spotty repairs over the centuries after the earthquakes, fires, crusaders, etc. 

But the truth of the matter is that this holy place/tourist trap is so busy 24/7, nobody wants to close it down for even a day for a good washing let alone some serious repairs and restoration.

It is shared on the clock with three Christian sects, the Latin, the Orthodox and the Armenian Churches.  Fist fights break out regularly if the collection boxes are not turned over in time on a daily basis to the next time share owner.  Sweet Jesus Marie.

Can’t shut the cash cow down long enough to keep it from falling down on tourists one day when the centuries of spotty repairs will finally give way in some future earthquake.

The story is that Helena, sparing no expense, tore down Hadrian’s temple of Venus to build a new shrine to her newly discovered Christian relics and burial spot on the very site of this former temple of Venus. 

And why is that? Because Hadrian, the god of gods of the Roman Empire was so jealous of the strength of the new Jewish Jesus god, he buried the site of his crucifixion and resurrection under dirt and built his temple of Venus over it to hide the Christian truth.  Yeah right.

Truth be told, Helena's son Constantine was broke or close to it.  Spending his money on arms and being in constant warfare to keep his throne, what you have really IMHO is a recycled Temple of Venus, the round part of it at least, and with and by coincidence the tomb of Jesus in the exact center of Venus’s old ongoing never torn down temple.

And of course, Hadrian's Temple of Venus in Jerusalem was no doubt round, exotic and beautiful like Hadrian’s Pantheon in Rome and Hadrian’s, slightly smaller, Temple of Venus in Baalbek Lebanon. Hadrian it would seem liked to build, copy, rebuild and improve on designs he admired most in his personal obsession, megalomania, concerned with places of worship.

The rest of the present church is more or less a lean to hodge podge of styles hanging onto the old Temple of Venus, with a slapped together handyman process by crusaders and others, pasting back the pieces of the place after the latest earthquake or burned down by the local Muslim in charge to rid himself of an annoying tourist trap, eyesore, in the middle of his tranquil domain.  (Daily fist fitting among the monks over the collection boxes etc. –  Muslim tolerance can only go so far.)

There is an incident recorded in the early nineteenth century of four hundred pilgrims getting killing in one of these daily monk fests for Christ in Jerusalem.

Going back to budgets.  There is all this crap about digging out what Hadrian supposedly had hidden and replacing it with the basic part of the present structure.  But as I said earlier, I do not think that the money was there.  I also do not think that the creative spark and energy of the Roman Empire of two hundred years previously, under Hadrian, was still there.

(above) So called original plans of Saint Helena’s church or merely modified plans, add ons – basilica, courtyard - right, for a recycled Temple of Venus – left?

History, propaganda, has Constantine as some great force in the West.  I can see where his splitting his empire in two in terms of administration might have made sense.  But he was totally writing the west off. 

Only brute force, such as his army, was the only glue keeping the old empire together.  That and his, designer, centralized, under the command of the army, new religion. 

His building a new capital city in the east was merely building a lifeboat for those who could afford a first class ticket on the Titanic.

Anyway, getting back to the surviving to this day, but occupied by a zombie worship cult, Temple of Venus in Jerusalem.

The present so called Sepulchre of Jesus, covered by a falling down garage like looking structure (can't shut the tourist cash cow down long enough to repair it), is probably, merely, the carved out stone pedestal of the old, long gone statue of the goddess Venus that once stood where Jesus never lay.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Dedication of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on September 26 (Gregorian), the same date as the ancient Roman festival of Venus.  Some coincidence.  Right?