Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Evangelical Stephen Baldwin - Actor - Dyed in the Wool Trump Supporter to the End - Good for Him

Stephen Balwin - BIO - IMDB

[on the protesters he witnessed while staying in the Trump Hotel on Nov. 9, 2016] "It really freaked me out because I can be all happy or excited about the outcome, but then it was like a wave of reality to say there's folks out there that still don't agree with all this, I saw a lot of young people out there that you can see, it was a lot of the messaging from the media that was driving their anger and I'm just going to be praying that everybody comes together and really gives Mr. Trump an opportunity to do the right thing and create the change for even those people who doubted him."

I have only met a handful of religious leader types, male and female, in my life that had IT - soul - compassion - love. 

This actor picking up crumbs off of Satan's table, looking for the eternal mealticket deal with the "Gawd Business" scam in the public forum, endorser of Rev.Gov. Mike Huckabee in the 2008 primary GOP season is not someone I would want to teach children with his skateboard sect of "Crhist-ian-atee".

There is a life after acting?