Monday, June 4, 2012

Trinitas Medical Hospital – A Deletion - A Word of Explanation

I deleted a story regarding something quoted on several other blogs regarding a lawsuit against Trinitas Medical Center in Elizabeth NJ and the denial of HIV medications to an HIV patient in the recent past because of religious liberty, of Catholic bias, bigotry against this person’s lifestyle in a Catholic hospital.

Some facts and or names and or circumstances did not fit, and the story may yet prove to be true, but rather than be part of a chain of falsehood on the Internet, I deleted the article.

Which brings me to the mention of the poisoned atmosphere of public discourse in the virtual American Town Square, in which such a cruel sounding story against a gay man and his denial of his human rights, let alone his civil rights, in a Catholic hospital in America sounds totally plausible.

A lot of this vitriol regarding the inhumane treatment of human beings started I believe with the ambitious cunt of a bishop in Phoenix Thomas Olmsted and his decision to excommunicate a nun, an admistrator at St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Phoenix for making the hard but human decision to save the life of a pregnant mother over that of her unborn child.

That with the men who run the dioceses of the Catholic Church in America, it seems to be who can best and most demonize, and dehumanize minorities such as women or gays, in order to score points and gain promotions in the American Hierarchy.

That hopefully Thomas Olmsted is in Phoenix, that climatic hell on earth, for rest of his working life as a bishop and will go no further up the feeding chain of command in the hierarchy.

Other bishops, like Timothy Dolan, Charles Chaput, William Lori have done their bit to demonize and dehumanize minorities like women and gays and have done very well for themselves by their ambitious “unchristian” acts, lies and corruption.  Their sins against humanity are part of the public record.

I, in this blog, will not stand by in silence and let a fascist party or a fascist religion whittle down my humanity or the humanity of females or my homosexual brothers and sisters in Christ. I will not stand by when they make the Gays put on pink triangles to identify them before they ship them off to some concentration camp in Afghanistan etc. It has been done before. It can happen again, and here in America too.

I will on occasion write the incorrect observation of things in the Global and American Town Square.  I will delete what I think is false or blatantly without proof, common sense or logic. I will not be PC.

I stand by the humanistic words of Jesus as a guide in my life and I will fight all bullies and pigs in power, political and religious, who obstruct my own or my neighbor’s right to the dignity of life given to us by our Creator. 


Cardinal Bertone – Looting the Vatican Bank – Institute for Religious Works

Bertone - Benedict's Secretary of Embezzlement?

Nothing quite like taking money intended for charity and church causes and “investing” it in your crony friend’s shady business.

Next, Bertone allegedly ordered the head of the Vatican bank to bid for Milan's bankrupt San Raffaele hospital, founded by Don Luigi Verze, a confidant of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who enjoyed close ties to the Italian secret services. Wiretaps reveal he may have been linked to an alleged arson attack on a business rival.

By the time the Vatican bank chief, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, checked the hospital's books, the senior accountant had killed himself, debts of €1.5bn were reported and a fraud inquiry was under way. Fearing what he would uncover, the Vatican banker refused to invest.

Lost in the news last week of the butler's arrest was the announcement that Gotti Tedeschi had been ousted by the board of the Vatican bank, a move seen by many as Bertone's revenge for his disobedience. Ironically, before he defied Bertone, Gotti Tedeschi had been among the cardinal's key appointments, one of many that reportedly rankled the Vatican's career staff of bureaucrats and diplomats.


Dumb U.S. Congress Needs to Graduate from High School

Members of Congress speak at a 10th-grade level - down almost a full grade since 2005 - raising the question of whether they are embracing a more effective communication strategy or dumbing down their messages, a new report says.

The findings published by the Sunlight Foundation, a nonpartisan government transparency group in Washington, found that California representatives use more complex words - speaking at about the 12th-grade level.

The foundation analyzed floor speeches as reported in the Congressional Record, using the Flesch-Kincaid scale, which rates speeches based on the complexity, length and difficulty of words and sentences. Congress speaks at roughly the same level as the typical American, who speaks between the ninth- and 10th-grade levels.

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Cardinal Dolan’s Throne – Big Enough for his Fat Evil Ass? – Bishop’s Bonus for Pedophiles

Cardinal Timothy Dolan's Throne in St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC

“What does it profit a man (or a bishop) if he gain the whole world and lose his immortal soul”

We lowly peasants are so lucky in our lifetime to see the death of democracy in America and the rise from the ashes of the royal priestly order of the Roman Pagan Church.

Above is the royal throne of Cardinal Dolan in New York City.  You can join the tourists anytime and do a walkthrough of St. Patrick’s Cathedral even with the ongoing Mass ritual thing on stage.  You’ll have to wait in between performances to get near and take pictures of His Eminence’s throne.

From the similar throne in Milwaukee, below, Timothy darling dispensed Church bribe bonuses to child raping pedophiles for their good work in their church as an offer to leave.  Presuming their guilt as abusers of children, Archbishop Dolan never once thought to call the cops.  His has a higher calling to the Pope, the Vatican Bank and his own corrupt ambitions to become pope.

The pedophile priests were also offered pensions and health care that included a Viagra medication benefit.  Wink. Nod.  Great job boys! (Timmy smiley face.)

The idea and revulsion of a throne in America, Cardinal Dolan's Throne in particular, was brought up in another blog Slacktivist written by a Baptist who backed down in a future blog and apologized for being anti-Catholic.  

Being against evil Catholic clerics, or the obscene anti-humanist Pagan symbols of their office - is no sin.  Sorry the power and prestige of men walking around in $30,000 Cardinal outfits can brow beat down morality among so many milk toast Protestants. 

“The mediocre I vomit them out.”

Archbishop Dolan's Throne in St John the Evangelist Cathedral Milwaukee
from whence were distributed the Bishop's Bonus to Pedophiles
"The road to HELL is lined with the skulls of Roman Catholic Bishops." Wink. Nod. 

Poor Richard's Museum Philadelphia - Franklin Institute