Thursday, November 2, 2017

All Saints - All Souls - Celtic New Year 158 A.D. (After Darwin)

I never quite got it from the five minute Gospel Sunday soundbites from the Catholicism of my youth.

If you wanted to understand Sacred Tradition, you could only hope for the correct religious dogmatic gossip of the nuns in grade school. Of course these days where do a lot of young Catholics get that Tradition gossip with so few women wanting to give up life in order to join Jesus' Harem.

All Saints Day, Novermber 1, was a holy day of obligation to attend mass and pass the cash into the collection basket.

In olden times, before the bisexual Emperor-God "Saint" General Constantine, November 1 was the traditional Celtic New Year. But who needs a Celtic New Year if Caesar and Rome's genocide of all things Celtic makes the point moot?

There is that nun's gossip about All Saint's Day and or the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2.  November 2 is All Soul's Day. Nun's gossip is that November 1 is for all the saints that have gone to their eternal reward with official kudos and November 2 is for all the rest of us slugs who only manage by the thinnest margin are worthy of Jesus' salvation.

In Mexico, using ancient pre-Christian tradition, November 1 is the Day of the Dead for all infants, and children and innocents that die young, never get contaminated with that puberty/sex stuff that confuses the hell out of the eunich mentality of the priests that run the Pagan church of Rome.

Day of the dead is for all the dead, both young and innocent, and the old and not yet forgotten.

In Mexico on the day of the Dead (All Souls Day in Catholic-ese) the family cleans the ancestors grave site and the family brings food for the dead and the living also take part in a picnic like atmosphere of remembrance of the dead - not ancestor worship?

It was on this date 40 years ago I believe I encountered the spirit of my father six months after his death etc. in the house where he died. Another story.

And it as Celtic New Year is according to my secular reckoning and new age "Tradition" the year 158 A.D. (After Darwin).

Happy Celtic New Year!