Saturday, May 12, 2012

Facebook Co-Founder to take his IPO money and run away from America - Billionaire Deadbeat

Tax Dodging Billionaire Deadbeats - Zuckerberg and Saverin

Okay so this guy born in Brazil was raised in the U.S.A., educated here and found golden opportunity here.  But days before the overpriced IPO offer of Facebook to rob America's Pension Funds, it has been announced that Eduardo Saverin has renounced his American citizenship to save on taxes.  

My taxes have been supporting this billionaire deadbeat all his life. Fuck him and good riddins to his new country of tax free Singapore.  

So much for loyalty and humanity from yet another billionaire.

Has to make you wonder what country Zuckerberg goes off to hide in once this Facebook IPO Ripoff scam is complete?,0,5844322.story

But many in the online world this week are outraged at the perception that Saverin is trying to dodge the tax man. Americans feel personally ripped off, according to comments posted across a variety of social media platforms. Saverin made his riches off Facebook-loving U.S. taxpayers and is now defriending the country that made him rich when it comes time to add some of that money back to U.S. tax coffers.


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