Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GOP - a party of little soul or a party with no soul?


Ted Cruz and Rush Limbaugh Want a Free Lunch – At Hooters

Real macho(?) men eating at Hooters and can’t pay the bill with Gubmint credit cards.

Two GOP deadbeats in life wanting a Free Lunch at the expense of the masses. Same old, same old.

WEST PALM BEACH — Following a live radio interview today, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and host Rush Limbaugh immediately left the studio and went for lunch at a nearby Hooters but the restaurant refused the Senator’s government expense-account credit card and asked that the $53 tab be paid in cash.

That set Senator Cruz off according to media reports.

“He got the hiccups he was so mad,” Hooters’ assistant manager Kyle Lane told the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein.

After shouting at Hooters’ waitresses and management for an extended period, Cruz admitted he had no cash and was forced to borrow the money from a FOX News reporter.

“At first, the balding guy with the comb-over kinda bellowed that their lunch should be free because, like, didn’t we know who they were?” said Lane. ”Free? Two beef dips extra gravy, basket of onion rings, fried jalapeno poppers, two cheesecakes, two jugs of beer and a diet Coke? No siree.”


Government Shutdown - GOP Tea Party Lynch Obama Care

"Racists? Not us. We love President Obama. (wink,nod)" -  RNC 



Matt Drudge - "Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have taken over the heart of the party." - Tea Party Revolution

Matt Drudge - Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, the new Danton and Robespierre of the Tea Party Revolution that has taken over the Republican Party.


We all know how those two shits ended up!