Saturday, February 11, 2012

Catholic TV - EWTN – Sues to Guarantee Medieval Woman’s Health Care Standards

EWTN Playing God Again

Thursday, EWTN — a Catholic television network carried on thousands of cable systems in more than 100 countries — filed suit in U.S. District Court in Birmingham, Ala.
"We had no other option," said Michael Warsaw, president of EWTN, which stands for Eternal Word Television Network.

"Under the HHS mandate, EWTN is being forced by the government to make a choice: Either we provide employees coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs and violate our conscience or offer our employees and their families no health insurance coverage at all. Neither of those choices is acceptable," Warsaw said.

On at least one point, Warsaw is wrong, said Erin Shields, HHS's top spokeswoman.
While the rule covers "emergency contraceptives" like Plan B and Next Choice, it doesn't cover drugs that cause abortion, Shields told NBC station WYFF of Greenville, S.C.

GOP/Catholic Pro-life Mantra – Respect Life but not People!

Jesus shooting Charles Darwin.
(BTW-Happy Birthday Charles 2/12)

The GOP and the Catholic bishops respect unborn life, but do not under any circumstance give a shit about people, once they are born.

A person’s worth is exactly that – their worth ($). 


Catholic Matters - Santorum

Catholic matters - Santorum

Usual Bitchy Talk and Backstabbing In Vatican Over Plot to Kill Joe the Pope

Bitchy factions within the Vatican and a wish list of new and upcoming clerics who want to be corrupted by Vatican contract bids is boiling to the surface.

The old, the extremely old, holding onto power, has sparked wishful thinking among some in the Vatican of an alleged plot to kill the ancient pope. 

VATICAN CITY • A “plot” to kill Pope Benedict XVI disclosed Friday is only the latest in a series of rumours, leaks and corruption allegations in what experts believe is a bitter power struggle in the Vatican.
The Holy See’s press office has been forced into overdrive in recent days against multiple reports in Italian media centred mainly on the activities of the Vatican bank and Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State.
On Friday, the Vatican dismissed as “delirious” the writings of a cardinal who said he had heard of an unspecified assassination threat on the Pope and also described increasingly confrontational ties between the Pope and Cardinal Bertone.
The document — allegedly written by a Colombian cardinal and quoting declarations reportedly made by Italian cardinal Paolo Romeo, Archbishop of Palermo, during a visit to China — was also dismissed by Cardinal Romeo himself as “absolutely without basis.”
Whether its contents are true or not, the fact the apparently genuine Vatican document was leaked in the first place points to intrigue and growing tensions against Cardinal Bertone’s management style in the Roman Curia.
Although his honesty has not been called into question, the Cardinal has already been criticized after the publication of leaked confidential letters in which a Vatican whistleblower alleged a widespread culture of corruption.
The scathing letters were sent to Cardinal Bertone and the Pope last year by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, then-head of the Vatican governorate, who has since been appointed papal envoy to Washington in what he saw as a demotion.