Monday, February 24, 2014

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Dysfunctional Baldwin Family of Long Island Being Mouthed I think through Alec Baldwin’s Latest Rant and Tantrum

Of course Rachel Maddow is full of herself and phony. She has survived as one of the longest people on MSNBC. Baldwin wants to shoot the breeze on a Saturday night talk show with his drinking buddies and he yells “Faggot” again at some ambitious paparazzi taking pictures of him or his new wife and kid and they cancel the show. It was not the first time so called limousine liberal Alec has used the offensive term. He forgot. He sorry. Did not work this time.

And there is this feud with this kid, shitty rich from all the Transformer movies, that Alec cannot stand Shia LaBeouf, yeah that’s his real name. Well over a year ago, the kid who is no actor got tossed from a Broadway show associated with Baldwin before it opened and well Alec only wants professionals in his ranks on stage. Or whatever. This Kid LaBeouf is a slightly older version of Justin Beaverhead, and is in the news recently fighting his way through pubs in Britain and bars in New York to prove his testosterone level if not his acting ability and to prove he is no LaBoof if you know what I mean.

A rivalry perhaps born of jealously by Baldwin of a younger more successful version of himself? Or is it some sort of abstract sibling rivalry with one of his brothers getting abused, verbally and with fists from Pops who did a real fucked up number on all the Baldwin brothers in terms of Alcohol and Drugs etc. later in life. Alec only seems like the one normal Baldwin brother most times or does he have the most cash to hire the best publicists to make ugly rumors go away in the media?

And Alec’s recorded emotional outbursts to his then teenaged daughter on the telephone leaked to the press and no doubt at the behest and angst of the his wife Kim Basinger who probably knows Alec best being married not only to him but his whole brood and band of brothers. They used to have a nest of them down in Tucson once upon a time where they hung out in cheap digs in between acting gigs and in relative anonymity which you can do in a climate sometimes so hot you forget your own name. And it was a great place to smoke the local delicacies right next to the border. (wink, nod)

And his daughter Ireland, walking so without confidence in public with her new stepmom and half-sibling, looks so miserable. It that born of self-doubts common to her young age or just not wanting to be there?

His bothers have their problems in life and Alec seems as the oldest the caring nurturing one of the brood. I remember his perfect quick wedding of recent years. A ceremony in the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Little Italy/Chinatown and then a reception at nearby NYU in some functional conference Gym like space. All so very chic and New York. I have to imagine that for so many in the RC faith it is part of belonging to family tradition that keeps that branch of Christianity functioning from the gelt from the guilt from the hatch them, hitch them and bury them cash only services. And let’s not forget the rush annulment of his marriage to Kim. Those things coming Fed-Ex from the Vatican cost a pretty penny.

All in all Alec Baldwin wants to leave New York and move to California. I wish him luck and I hope he can salvage the archive of his life’s work in movies. (Aside – He has not made that many really good movies for a so-called star in New York Hollywood.) So far his choice of acting gigs might be blamed on this agent Daffy Duck. But then again he likes to blame everybody else…