Friday, December 2, 2011

All People = Zero - on all Corporate Spreadsheets* – (People are Obsolete)

* People = Obsolete = Zero (the new global equation)

People = Zero.

People are Obsolete.

Get with the program all you losers at Occupy Wall Street.

Corporations are now the only REAL “Persons” in this world with the only rights.

Thus spake SCOTUS. (Bow your heads oh lowly zeros.)

All other former persons - "people" equal zero on all corporate spreadsheets.

Capitalism trashes humanity.  News at 11.

Humanity is erased from the equation. People = Zero


Corporations Are Not People! - Only People Are People!

"Business Dude" - Liberty Plaza Park - (Zuccotti Park)

Corporations are NOT people.  Only People can be People.

To let Corporations have human rights is to take the Human out of Human-ity.

To lose humanity is the end of the human race and human culture. 

What is left from that de-humanized equation are only corporations and robots.


(Zero) Liberty Plaza NYC - Zuccotti Park - Ground Zero - World Trade Center NYC

Diagonal view to Ground Zero - World Trade Center

Zero Liberty Plaza NYC – that’s my Address – for the park next to One Liberty Plaza, the corporate capitalist building and diagonal from Ground Zero – World Trade Center, New York, NY.

Lots of confusion to some.  Perhaps only to me.  But before ZLP NYC became Zucchini Park or whatever it was Liberty Plaza Park in the Seventies and Eighties and beyond.

I think its planetary significance and or symbolism at this moment in time makes it synchronistic to both Wall Street, two blocks away, and Ground Zero, diagonal to the Park.  Maybe one day it will be just simply be called People’s Park. 


Liberty Plaza Park, Zuccotti Park, (Zero) Liberty Plaza on the above map is touched by the bottom half of the letters “RES” in “FED RESERVE BANK". The Park is bordered by Trinity Pl/Church St., Liberty Street, Broadway and Cedar Street.

Looking toward Cedar Street from Liberty Street

Looking toward Trinity Place/Church Street from Broadway

People - Occupy Wall Street


Zuccotti Park - (Zero) Liberty Plaza NYC – I am a Patriot – Jackson Browne – Occupy Wall Street

Zuccotti Park - Zero Liberty Plaza NYC – that is an Address – the park next to One Liberty Plaza, the corporate capitalist building and diagonal from Ground Zero – World Trade Center, New York, NY.

And the river opens for the righteous (5 times) 

I was walking with my brother 
And he wondered what's on my mind 
I said what I believe in my soul 
Ain't what I see with my eyes 
And we can't turn our backs this time 
I am a patriot 
And I love my county 
Because my country is all I know 
I want to be with my family 
The people who understand me 
I've got nowhere else to go 

And the river opens for the righteous 
And the river opens for the righteous 
And the river opens for the righteous 
[ Lyrics from: ] 
And I was talking with my sister 
She looked so fine 
I said, "baby, what's on your mind? " 
She said, "i want to run like the lion 
Released from the cages 
Released from the rages 
Burning in my heart tonight" 

And I ain't no communist 
And I ain't no capitalist 
And I ain't no socialist 
And I ain't no imperialist 
And I ain't no democrat 
And I ain't no republican 
I only know one party 
And it is freedom 

I am, I am, I am 
I am a patriot 
And I love my country 
Because my county is all I know 

And the river opens for the righteous 

Statue of Liberty - (Phoenix) Freedom Tower Rising!


Glass Wax Christmas - Harrowgate - Philly - 1950s

My early memories of Christmas put it starting about two weeks before the holiday in the late 1950's. 

The Department stores: Lit Brothers, Gimbels, Stawbridge and Clothier and the top end carriage trade store John Wanamaker all started things the day after Thanksgiving. Going to downtown Philadelphia was an outing for us kids and we came downtown using the elevated train, the Frankford El. The trip was more window shopping than buying. 

The close to home activities would begin in earnest about two weeks before the holiday. No doubt Christmas budgeted items came out of the weekly paychecks closest to December 25th. 

Recycled items such as a flat plastic sheet, nativity scene, for the upstairs bedroom window came out of the cedar chest along with foil covered paper-mache bells for two living room windows and a plastic Santa's head with an internal light went on the outside of the front door. Single candle sticks were in each window on the front of the row house and with a single blue bulb each. 

The lighting of the window lights was a sacred nightly ritual.

One innovation or marketing gimmick I remember was the use of stencils on the windows with a glass cleaning product called Glass Wax. The product was to be spread on windows, let to dry, and then wiped clean with a dry cloth weeks later after Christmas. In this holiday use, you would sponge the opaque pink liquid onto Christmas type stencils of angels, Santa Claus, a snowman and a reindeer etc. It was all very primitive in terms of marketing but magic in terms of a hands-on participating childhood.

I don’t know when others bought real live Christmas trees but we bought ours as close to Christmas eve as a day or two and it sat in the yard until Christmas eve when the older kids got to stay up late and decorate it with blue glass balls and a single string of blue lights. The only thing not blue was a gold glass beaded garland that wrapped the tree from head to foot. That and metal, not plastic, silver icicle strands. 

In any case the house smelled of a pine tree that had been cut only days before and traveled from upstate.

We did not have or want those new Sputnik Trees, all artificial aluminum branches and serenaded with a rotating multi-colored light. That was the kind of tree that older people without children went in for. 

Of course I had my doubts how Santa would get to every house in the world – I was already thinking globally. I accepted the facts as my parents relayed them. Santa may come in person but more than likely we would get a surrogate, a Santa’s helper and making deliveries out of an old Nash automobile (they had big interiors). That was how it all worked according to my parents in order to insure my ever growing questions about this whole scenario. 

My most vivid memory was waking up at about five a.m., it still being dark, and looking down the stairs at the blue ornamented tree that was not there when I went to bed. The tree stood in the dark with a strange glow of street lights coming through open blinds and muted with a glow of light off a recent snow fall. 

I remember the excitement of opening presents. Turkey dinner was not a big deal. 

The big deal was the imagination and anticipation and the thoughts of magical myth that gripped a young child’s mind of five.

John Wanamaker's (Macy's) Philadelphia