Friday, November 30, 2012

Signs of Life on a Distant Planet

The Next Cardinal of Chicago – Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville?

"Smiling Conservative" Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville KY

Joe Kurtz’s impeding appointment as the next Cardinal of Chicago and as next President of the USCCB is something I decided to do a little research into before the MSM anoints a “great moral” leader to kill internet space and airtime.

I found it strange that in his standard Wikipedia bio the great next possible Slavic Leader of the Chicago Archdiocese is born, has two parents and then goes directly to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philly as an Allentown diocese seminarian.

I love how these chaff farmers raised from poverty and into riches now are the bastions of money and privileged RC culture. I do love the “smiling conservative” brand on these chaff farmers and or ex-coal mining town types. They show you their teeth as they stick the cold piece of steel in between your ribs, as they close down schools, sell off American RC heritage/real estate and send the cash off to the Vatican Bank for the next phase of RC Inc. in the soon to be victimized third world religious plan.


Gleaning through some, much deleted (?) facts once available on Kurtz’s personal history on the internet, that it all may have once been there when he was in Knoxville; but that once he gets to Louisville it has all been purged.  I may be wrong about all this. I am no IT expert.  The Wiki bio seems to occur around Louisville and the open facts of Kurtz’s early life in the mining town of Mahanoy City Pennsylvania in my own ancestors' much impoverished upstate Schuylkill County, were never put in that bio to begin with.

I can see the Chicago Tribune now writing a piece about the Cardinal’s humble beginnings in Shithole Pennsylvania and now ordained by God to rule as Moral Master of the universe for Second City USA. Oh the horror!

Anyway, it took a lot of digging but I do not think there is a lot of mystery in why there are many bio holes in the next presumed bishop prince of Chicago.

Shuttered Assumption BVM RC church Mahanoy City, PA - Not a 7/11 yet

I believe he went to Assumption BVM RC church there in Mahanoy City. It is or was closed in 2009. I do not see any evidence of a parish school, so maybe future Cardinal Kurtz went to public school there. Nothing wrong with that. Except maybe somebody like future Cardinal Salvadore Cordileone went to public school in California.

I see people like Cordileone and or a Kurtz getting into junior or senior year in public school and when it comes time for the Junior or Senior Prom time, they find God and the RC church and a vocation rather than a prom date. And all that perhaps based on their own personal confused sexuality which combined with the thousand year old institutionalized confused sexuality of the western church, the thing that makes for much stress in a modern age when confused sexual RC hierarch types go around harassing non-confused heterosexual and homosexual types as part of their CEO management package.

Also, I would guess from a timeline thing, that Kurtz knew two years ahead of his old neighbors in Mahanoy City that they were going to close Assumption and thus the careful rewrites of Kurtz’s personal history ahead of time.

As of 2011, there was a many years appeal to the Vatican about the legitimacy of closing Assumption as part of a five church or so combined parish. The appeal and or Vatican lawsuit may still be going on which is also why Kurtz may be so hush hush perhaps about his boyhood parish etc.

Have a nice day. 


USCCB President Cardinal Dolan Nominates His Successor Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

Oliver Stone is no Great Historian - His Secret History of the United States Sucks the Big One!

I have sat through the first three episodes of Oliver Stone’s The Secret History of the United States and am quite disappointed.

The spark of Stone’s youthful talents in storytelling Hollywood Style has been sequestered into a malaise of middle age non-focus and boring self-opinionated fluff.

Not to say that interested students in American History domestic and foreign should not watch this series which is interesting in itself, if you already know a lot of history, but as a sole basis of knowledge, it lacks a lot and is rather sloppy IMO in its unfinished editing phase.

The Secret History adds maybe ten to fifteen percent of content to the general body of knowledge but most of what is discussed is already there in the history books one way or the other. As another or alternate opinion as a historian, Stone, like his movies deserves much respect.

I agree with one critic that Stone’s narration is slow, boring and puts you to sleep. It was no doubt done as budgetary gap kind of thing.

What I learned in a more definitive manner about American History is that the hard edge of economics shapes our history as does any Fourth of July picnic myths retelling that history over a communal marshmallow roasting at the twilight fire pit.

That Hitler was put in place by bankers in Germany as much as by many bankers in New York I was aware of but now somebody else in a more prominent role in the American public sphere agrees and speaks such a thought.

That the Russian People won World War Two with their blood and brute force born of sheer numbers of lives lost. That the Soviet Government merely armed their own people to win that tragic blood fest.

That Churchill was a real pussy when it came to having British involvement in a real land war with Hitler on the European mainland.  That Churchill was a warrior in his own mind like the original Lord Churchill of three hundred years ago.  But in retrospect I now see him as merely a pencil pushing clerk of the Brit Banker’s Global Slave Empire, that he in fact was.

That FDR might have set us up for a fall by dying in the beginning of his fourth term in office. But it was a personal delusion that he could live forever or that his vision for a post WWII world was probably more impossible to achieve than Woodrow Wilson’s failed vision.

That the Industrial Complex with it Bankers and Generals was the stuff that shaped the post WWII world more so than any textbook vision.

Stone somehow pretends that Stalin was a good domestic dictator and that a little better polite handling of that Russian peasant would have prevented the Korean War and by domino effect the Vietnam War, which Stone fought in. That is a true cloud of Oliver Stone fantasy and marijuana smoke.

That Stone’s Messiah in all this politics and real progress of the human race is Henry Wallace, FDR’s second Vice President who spoke a soft cloth coated Socialist rhetoric, who could have prevented the Cold War and the dropping of the two Atomic Bombs on Japan, stretches it a lot.

That Stone hates Truman and trashes him on an implied sexually confused level to make his manufactured Wallace Messiah more real and or palatable.

Truth is that Truman was a learning curve following FDR's death and Harry didn’t have a clue what FDR had in his mind for a post WWII world. 

The beast, the bureaucracy and the military/banker complex went forward on its own and from its maker FDR, pretty much the way it was designed to function, with or without him.

That Truman for all his lack of polish was a prissy kind of guy; he loved you or hated you kind of guy. The pettiness and prissiness got lost along with that perception in his thick Missouri Horse Shit accent.

That a Henry Wallace may have had a National American Healthcare System in place by 1950 in America but he would not have desegregated the military like Harry S Truman did, which in turn I think was a catalyst to the whole Civil Rights movement.

That the real tragedy of the extra information Stone supplies or blandly resurrects into common view is that the Japanese surrendered not because of the nuclear bombing of two of its cities but surrendered to the Americans rather than have the Russian invade their mainland as they in fact were ready to do.

That the endgame of military toy games in the U.S., made and used the atomic bombs against a background of indifference of a distant and out of touch Japanese hierarchy. 

A good question never asked by Stone is would FDR have used atomic weapons on Germany if they had been ready in place to use and to end that war?

The true tragedy is that nobody in power in the U.S. or Japan cared about the lost Japanese people of Hiroshima / Nagasaki and or their humanity that some or the rest of us care about now of those trapped tragic pawns, these many decades later. That says something significant about our own human evolution as reaction to the events Stone merely frames in his personal art gallery.

Better luck Olly on your next artistic endeavor whatever, puff, puff, it may be.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

His Eminence Cardinal Dolan Sheds Official Crocodile Tears over School Closings and His Holiday Stuffing ( exit – stage right )

Cardinal Dolan's Preferred "Nice Guy" Media Image

Cardinal Dolan's tearful good-bye to 26 Catholic schools; Staten Islandschools will learn fate in January

"As much as I enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend, especially with my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and their three children here with me, I was very preoccupied. 
"Because I knew that Monday would bring very somber news: 26 of our beloved schools could no longer make it, and would be prepared for closing in June after this school year. 
"I dread this! I’d rather be opening new schools, not closing some! Those poor children, teachers, parents, parishes, and high schools! They love their schools! They fight hard to make them work! Some have just settled into these schools after the previous closing of others. This is very sad …" 
In deference to the impact of Hurricane Sandy on Staten Islanders, the archdiocese has delayed until after the first of the year naming any at-risk schools in the borough. But the archdiocese did announce that 26 schools in other boroughs and counties in the archdiocese were slated to be shuttered at the end of this school year. The total number of schools in the archdiocese is 159… 
According to the cardinal, the "good news" is that the "tough decisions" were made after much discussion and input from priests, parents and experts. He claimed that "we did everything we could, with the archdiocese alone investing tens of millions of dollars into the schools," to augment tuition payments and extensive fund-raising efforts from schools and parishes. 
The cardinal said that the schools being closed are all near other Catholic schools that can accommodate displaced students. Those schools, he said, would "welcome every student from a closing school, with counselors from our school office ready to expedite this transfer."

And a comment by a Staten Islander:

The lying Tims are at it again! Dolan and McNiff knew the names of these schools two years ago when they closed the others. They let this regionalization shame go through so they wouldn't have to be the bad guys. Blame it on the regional boards instead of the most immoral leadership this archdiocese has ever seen. They encouraged families to transfer to schools they knew they would close. They encouraged children to experience this trauma twice in their short lives instead of just once. Shame on them! I bet all of us can name the schools that will now be closed on Staten Island. They are just afraid of the press because of Sandy. Even if SI dodges the bullet this year because of Sandy, I promise next year the "regional board" will announce the names of schools we all know so well and brand them "unsustainable." And this fake of a cardinal and superintendent will "cry tears" like they are doing now. May the holy memory of Cardinal Cooke and Cardinal O'Connor save us from the likes of these bold faced lying frauds!

Father Gary Lamoine – Tool - Nienstedt’s and Ratzinger’s Humanist Cleansing of the Minnesota RC Church Continues

Father Gary Lamoine - Foot Soldier of Vatican's Cleansing  Purge

All ethnic, sexual, humanist cleansing is local.  Father Gary Lamoine of Barnesville Minn.’s Assumption RC Church is now denying Communion to the parents of Lennon Cihak, who was denied Confirmation over his Facebook Opinion on Marriage Equality – the religious hate bigotry pogrom continues with Father Gary as tool and foot soldier in John and Joe’s Purge of all things human.

The current Minnesota RC purge of all dissidents in the historic German ethnic cleansing model extends to all with I/Qs over 80 and all with the love of fellow humanity or humanism it would seem.

The shitty little brick church in Barnesville Minnesota is a Frontline battlefield for sore loser Archbishop Nienstedt who lost in his hate bid on a Minnesota plebiscite against the rights of Gays. 

Nienstedt has closed many parishes for economic reasons but mysteriously has millions to fund GOP Hate programs/pogroms.

Time to lift tax exempt status on the St.Paul/Minneapolis Bund Archdiocese I think. 

And so it goes.  


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

McCain Graham Ayotte Hate Campaign Against Susan Rice Continues

Gang of Three White Front Ayotte McCain Graham

Gang of Three, White Front Senators McCain, Graham and female (beard?) Cover Senator Ayotte continue in their trumped up campaign against UN Ambassador Susan Rice regarding the GOP Benghazi Red Herring.


Staten Island, New York's Magical Borough, Overrun with Wild Turkeys, Unicorns and Zebras


Thank You Stephen Fry for a Refreshing Look at the United States.

I am half way through an interesting six episodes of British actor Stephen Fry traveling in a London Cab in a sort of a Brit Version of the old CBS “On the Road” news series with Charles Kurult.

In a typically low budget BBC, but very creative POV series of life in the fifty states, this non-New York, non-Hollywood, look at the vastness and absolute infinite possibilities of American Reality is a welcome entertainment vehicle to me.

I am quite jealous of the Brits and their upper crust going for intelligent conversation and perception well beyond the ruling class in America that counts success in how much money and blow they can accumulate in a lifetime with their “C” Ivy League degrees.

It is so hard in America to find people like Fry with I/Qs above 120 to have decent polite conversations with etc.

I do not want to use the cliché “diverse” to describe America. It is something quite something else up close and personal as seen in this series.


Papal Clack Sen. Kelly Ayotte Now Part of John McCain Posse / Vigilantes Roaming Halls of Congress Looking For Race Victims

The “Hack Squad” of papal clack Sen Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire walked her designated female two steps behind as famous couple John McCain and Lindsey Graham (Arsenic and Old Lace) roamed the halls of Congress yesterday looking for a fresh race victim in the form of Ambassador Susan Rice.

Sen. Ayotte who thinks that Jews are unqualified to sit on the Supreme Court is no doubt reading off the talking point lists from both the RNC and the Vatican Propaganda Bureau in the hopes that someday soon a seventh Catholic Supreme Court seat be given to an obedient Catholic pre-approved by the Pig Shit Irish in charge of the USCCB under Abp. Timmy Dolan on direct orders from his monarch Benedict XVI.

Be ready in the future to hear more from this Catholic Religious Mouthpiece on the Far Right as victims like Susan Rice get chewed up and spit out in President Obama’s so-called second lame duck administration by the whites in charge on Capitol Hill.

Have a nice race free day. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Walmart Slave Labor Worth $1200 A Pop, Dead – Sale Price Falling to $1000 A Head By Tomorrow
A company that makes clothes for Sean Combs' clothing brand ENYCE and other U.S. labels reassured investors that a factory fire that killed 112 people over the weekend would not harm its balance sheet, and also pledged to pay the families of the dead $1,200 per victim. 
In an announcement Monday, Li & Fung Ltd., a middleman company that supplies clothes from Bangladesh factories to U.S. brands, said "it wishes to clarify" that the deadly Saturday night blaze at the high-rise Tazreen Fashions factory outside Dhaka "will not have any material impact on the financial performance" of the firm. …
Wal-Mart confirmed Monday that its clothes were being made at the Tazreen factory. Even though Wal-Mart is famed for maintaining tight control over its supply chain, the company said its clothes were being made at the plant without its knowledge.

The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction

I have heard the MLK quote in my mind having read it several times perhaps in the blog of a preacher and or a true Prophet (one that few listen to in his or her lifetime).

I backtracked on the MLK quote on the internet and found that one site quoted the full text from somebody named Parker in the 1850s in the context that MLK’s abridged version was somehow perverted in that MLK did not quote the full version or that MLK did not deserve credit for content and or connotation no doubt because he was less than a full (white) man to say it in any version.

One often wonders what went through the mind and soul of one of the truly great minds of Human History more so than merely being a freak within A-merican History when he shouted his version of truth in that public forum of human history in my own lifetime.

The quote, something like “the arc of the Moral Universe is long but it bends toward justice” is an interesting thing to say in today’s godless age.

Morality it would seem is anything one political party quotes is morality from its parasite appendage of religions, old and dying religions, things that represent the morality of times past and not the present, that now sit in and make backroom deals for money and power in the virtual forum and or town square of the 21st century of the common era since the height of political power under the Roman emperor god Augustus.

And even if one political party in America is blatantly vulgarly religious and openly worships the god/idol of money and power, the other party in its bland agnosticism is little different in many ways.

Which puts me in light of the last elections in which no true economic issues were discussed and in which the election of one over the other merely delays the stripping of the final layers of human rights of you and me into mere months I fear in any case instead of years and decades.

The need to find a public morality brought me back to the MLK quote and the struggle of some or is it the many to live in some measure of human dignity on this shrinking planet.

There is a story in the news about how some hundred odd human beings, mostly female, who died in a factory fire in Bangladesh, which if you know any history was once called East Pakistan and is in the eastern end of India. A nation born of rebellion against the mother land of West or present Pakistan.

One of course is reminded of the great Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in lower Manhattan or the West Village where over a hundred people, 146 to be exact, mostly women died because of greed, stupidity and arrogance back in 1911. The deaths caused such outrage that fire safety laws had to be upgraded and the cause of unionized labor and its humane demands got a great moral boost in the arm.

That building still stands BTW, just off Washington Square, and is now an active working structure as part of NYU. Some of the ghosts of those dead workers have not left that building or so some say.

In the case of third world factory in Bangladesh, various media stories first told some truth and now are trimming the truth back into neat little rows of pretty flowers out of the “truth”. In the American press that is. I continue to read more truth about this incident in the British Press.

Truth is that it is a new concrete building two or three years old, the factory that is. Concrete, fireproof and in no need of any marked or sufficiently cleared Emergency fire exits because concrete = fireproof. The building will survive fire and or the inconvenience of people. Yeah right.

That blocked exits or no exit signs and many floors illegally added to the structure added to the chaos and death of so many. That thing about the exits only existed for a short time in the American media before Wal-Mart which buys the shirts made by third world slave labor in this particular factory puts out it great answer to morality by saying that this particular factory where over a hundred women died had two of three black marks on Wal-Mart's mighty standard charts before it would refuse to buy from this factory at some time in the future. 

How fucking high, mighty and “morally” modern Wal-Mart!

God/Dollar Bless You!

To quote or paraphrase quote myself “The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction”.

My search for morality or something like it in the public forum comes with the knowledge that public morality is now a commodity in the public world as evidenced by all the yes man lackeys called Roman Catholic American Bishops who have thrown their lot in with all the other for profit Fundies like Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, Osteen, Hagee, Falwell, etc., etc., etc.

The superstition that is religion in most cases these days has attached itself to the myth of Free Market Capitalism that now is one of the pillars of American and or Western public faith or so the media brainwashes us to accept as modern dogma.  That the theory of capitalism is perfect and should never be diluted with real time usage by people or with people or about people. Real people.

What killed 100 factory workers in Bangladesh? Superstition.

Superstition that all Profits are Clean and full of the unquestioned Grace of Dollar.

Superstition that you can build unsafe factories and pay slave wages and sell your products to a Company like Wal-Mart headquartered in a shithole god-forsaken place like Arkansas that believes that guns, Jesus and exploitative profits from slave labor are all rolled into, bundled, into something unquestionably sacred according to the new superstition and or religion of the one true Free Market Capitalism / GOP / Democratic / Property political party.


“The Arc of the Superstitious Universe Is Long and Bends Toward Human Destruction.”


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eyewitness to Lincoln Assassination

To: Father Gary Lamoine, Surrogate, Stooge to Bishop Michael Hoeppner, Surrogate Stooge to Abp. John Nienstedt of St P./ Minn

To: Father Gary Lamoine, Surrogate, Stooge to Bishop Michael Hoeppner, Surrogate Stooge to Archbishop John Nienstedt of St Paul Minneapolis.

Marriage is like a pair of shoes. There is a left shoe. There is a right shoe. There is no male shoe. There is no female shoe.  There is just a pair of shoes called marriage.

Paul in Galatians 3:28 has already re-defined marriage.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Chill. Relax. Get a sex life. 

Confirm good honest people who do not lie and who shine in the light of Christ. Amen.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

big bang flash and blooper

Twinkie Suicide Workers – Death rather than Corporate Slavery!

The Pension Fund obligations get dumped on the American Taxpayer via Bankruptcy Court after the Romney – Bain – Lazy – Crony – Capitalists have scavenged all the good assets and all the hedge funds walk away with big year-end bonuses.

Workers had a laundry list of frustrations, from rising healthcare costs to decreased wages and delayed pension benefits. They even cited a $10-per-week per worker charge they said Hostess claimed was needed to boost company capital.
"They have taken and taken and taken from us," said Debi White, who has worked at Hostess for 26 years, most recently as a bun handler at its bread and roll plant in Lenexa, Kansas. 
"They have been walking around stomping their foot saying either you give in ... or else we're going to close you now. Well, go ahead, we're tired of their threats," she said. "That's how we feel." 
Hostess workers are now scrambling to figure out when their health insurance runs out -- or if it already has -- and where and how to apply for job retraining and unemployment benefits.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

twilight time - the platters

Church of England Stays Gay - Just Like the Roman Catholics - Same Sex Only For Bishops

A saddened Cameron told MPs: "I am very clear that the time is right for women bishops; it was right many years ago. The church needs to get on with it and get with the programme." 
Parliament had to "respect individual institutions and how they work, while giving them a sharp prod", he added. "I think it's important for the Church of England to be a modern church, in touch with society as it is today, and this was a key step they needed to take." 
His remarks were designed to put pressure on the new church leadership to return to the issue more quickly than a strict interpretation of the church's rules allows.

Father Gary LaMoine and Bishop Michael Hoeppner – Hate Served Up with that Special Crookston Diocese Minnesota Flavor

Some strange things coming out of Southern Minnesota besides cow shit. Hate and denial of confirmation to a 17 year old male for his political opinions by fauxmosexual Bishop Hoeppner and fauxmosexual Father Gary LaMoine. Sieg Heil!

“It is to my dismay that what should have been kept an internal Church matter has now become a public controversy. To place this controversy into the public forum was the decision of the young man and his family; it was not my intention or the intention of Bishop Hoeppner who was informed about the situation shortly after the young man withdrew from candidacy. The Bishop and I now find ourselves harassed by the media, coming to my door at 9:30 PM last Wednesday for a newspaper interview and being called to give comment on a KFGO radio program. All this activity originated from the young man and his family. Agreeing to disagree and leaving it at that is not acceptable to the young man and his family. What this family hopes to gain is beyond my present comprehension.” – Fr. Gary LaMoine

Beautiful Downtown Crookston Minnesota


like no tomorrow

Sunday, November 18, 2012

last catholic standing in staten island* - *nyc – a rant

(photo op) - Abp.Timothy Dolan visits South Beath, Staten Island, NYC, Nov 17 12

A fork in the road...

So a depraved and decadent nation, including a majority of nominal Catholics, re-elected Nero to a second term. Now that they can't count on a deus ex machina in the form of a President Romney saving them from the consequences of their decades-long collaboration with Democratic evil, the big question is what the bishops are going to do about the Health Care contraceptive mandate. Are they going to stand up like men or will they lie down like lambs? Are they going to compromise with evil or are they going to lead our church in civil disobedience to this vile regime and its attempt to make Catholics pay for what is sinful and loathsome? The next four years will undoubtedly be horrific, but fidelity and martyrdom always produce great fruit for Christ's Church.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Karl Rove’s 2012 Election Train Wreck or "Karl Rove Jumps the Shark"

It was downright amusing to see Karl Rove trying to tell Fox News on election night that some phantom votes in Ohio were yet to be reported and that Fox News could not call the election.

No doubt Karl was blacked out on liquor and reliving Ohio 2004.

In any case they say he personally made 30-50 million commission off of the rich billionaires 400 million invested with his consulting firm and dedicated to swaying the 2012 elections on every level with expensive negative ads and contributions to tea baggers. 

The lame excuse by Karl post-election that Obama had somehow “suppressed” the vote was pure icing on the cake of GOP delusional bullshit.

The one trick monkey Rove who has been getting monkeys elected to office for close to twenty years has finally Jumped the Shark – a TV term when a program can longer get any good ratings even if the star like “Fonzie” goes all the way to Los Angeles in the TV sitcom Happy Days to water ski and literally jump the shark. Thumbs down.

The Karl Rove Show starring Karl Rove I think has finally been cancelled. LOL
Will somebody please tell him. And escort him out of the building. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Order of Saint Gregory to be Awarded to Bill Donohue over at Catholic League?

Rumors, from the American Vatican, the Pink Palace at 452 Madison Avenue NYC, have plans for Bill to receive the fabulously coveted Catholic Media Toady Award from the pope also known as the Order of Saint Gregory.

“The order is bestowed on Catholic men and women … in recognition of their personal service to the Holy See and the Church, unusual labors, support of the Holy See, and the good example set in their communities and country.” -- Wikipedia

This to compensate Bill for not receiving a promised American Order of Freedom that a President Romney would have awarded Donohue, on rubber stamped orders and or request from the Pink Palace BTW.

No wonder Bill’s Racist remarks about terrorists, community organizers and Eric Holder came as part of his post-election day reaction to the re-election and victory of the good of secular power of Obama over the forces of closeted evil that Bill so willingly serves and is handsomely compensated for I might add.

The Order of Saint Gregory was also awarded to Sir Jimmy Savile of BBC fame for his personal services, pimping perhaps, for the “Holy”See of Pope John Paul the Second. Jimmy is currently dead and under many scurrilous rumors about his holy catholic private life.

Congrats Bill if this rumor is true. Nobody deserves it more.  Who next for the Catholic Media Toady papal honor? Raymond Arroyo?

And Bill, don’t forget to wear the special knee breeches of a Papal Knight of St.Gregory to the papal ceremony.

*     *     *

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chili Pepper Harvest - Southwest

Guacamole - Staten Island Style


Obama Grateful to American Bishops - USCCB - And Vatican for His Election Victory

Thank you American Bishops:

Abortion/Contraception Redux,
Marriage Equality,
did not make you – but me.

God Bless the Vatican still stuck,
with their heads up their ass, 
in calendar Year 1801 C.E.


Vatican INC Reaction To The Results of the 2012 American Presidential Election

Vatican INC. - Corporate Flag

We have been informed by reliable sources, with whom we have had dealings with in the past, that many good men are making fantastic progress in locating this African born American President’s birth certificate…


Donald Trump's Reaction to Obama's Re-election 2012

The "Donald"

Trump - you're fired!