Saturday, June 30, 2012

Monsignor Lynn Begs for Mercy – Let the Bastard Rot in Prison! - Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Monsignor William Lynn is begging for mercy from the courts, to be released to house arrest until his official sentencing.  The Judge involved in the decision is not unsympathetic but she realizes what cowards and pussies the RCC clergy are who foster protection to pedophilia and its enablers in the ranks – bishops.  

They have a tendency to run off and hide in the Vatican and the Vatican officials will smack their cheeks and say something clever in Italian to the effect and waving their arms – “They are not here. We don’t know what you are talking about”.

I dare say even to this day, Cardinal Law of Boston, if put into a position of unprotected contact with the public on Boston Commons would be probably be torn to shreds by a just and angry mob of Boston citizens in real time judgment of real time people of a bag of human shit protected by a Vatican Passport under protection of a German Pontiff who has buggered, directly and indirectly through official cover up, more than a few altar boys in his time.
I dare say Bill Lynn pulled a Nuremburg Defense in that he was “only following orders”.

Show Monsignor Lynn as much mercy as all the pedophile priests, bishops and cardinals in Philadelphia have shown all their sexual victims – which is NONE!

I’ll pray for your soul Bill but I think it a total waste of my time.

Have a nice day.  Have a nice life in prison. 


Eric Cantor Has A List - Are You On That List?

Eric Cantor, the next Speaker of the House, in his dreams?, over John Boehner's cold dead orange body, has a list. Are you on it?  LOL

Rock Star Material?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rep. "Mean Jean" Schmidt's Orgasm over Obamacare in front of the Supreme Court

"The took away the Individual Mandate!?"



An orgasm like Meg Ryan's in When Sally Met Harry out in the open on the false news from a telephone buddy that the Negro President's Individual Mandate had to been struck down.

Sick Puppy Republicans rejoice at the lose of Health Care coverage for their fellow Americans.

Sick fanatics in the ranks of the GOP.  SICK and HATEFUL. And ORGASMIC!!!



Boehner Cantor Bookend Racist NRA Vote on Attorney General Eric Holder

Shades of scorched earth Clinton Impeachment as Batman and Robin, Boehner and Cantor, white trash racists delivered on a NRA scored vote in the house against Attorney General Eric Holder.

The Racist Vote indirectly aimed at Barack Obama was a masterpiece of white sheeted solidarity.

The Pubs serve only boutique private interest groups like the National Rifle Association rather than any shared American view of the Public Good.

Shame on you.

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday’s votes holding him in contempt of Congress are the culmination of a misguided and politically motivated congressional investigation by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa and others who focused on “politics over public safety.’’Speaking in New Orleans, the attorney general called the House action “unnecessary and unwarranted’’ and defended his performance in regard to the failed gun-tracking program called Operation Fast and Furious that precipitated the unprecedented votes against a sitting Cabinet member. 
“Today’s vote may make for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is — at base — both a crass effort and a grave disservice to the American people,’’ Holder said.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cohocksink Church Philadelphia - Inherit the Wind

While doing some history research I ran into an image of a distant church spire circa 1910 with a view from 10th Street and Columbia (Cecil B Moore) Avenue in Philly.

("Cohocksink" - a Lenape Indian word for "pine lands".)

I found an image of the original church which looked much more exotic from the distance.

It had a troubling historic footnote, mired in race relations in the changing urban landscapes of 1900 America.

Presbyterian Churches in Kensington
In 1890, Cohocksink was one of the large churches in North Central Philadelphia, reporting 696 members, and 544 pupils in its Sunday school. Ten years later it had lost half of its membership, and continued to decline for the next 15 years. As members moved away because of racial change in the community, leadership and financial resources dwindled, and internal strife further weakened the congregation. In 1915 the church asked the Presbytery of Philadelphia to dissolve it. The congregation's lingering resentment toward those they blamed for bringing its fellowship and ministry to an end found expression in this provision of its petition: "We favor and support the transfer. . of the property. . . to the Trustees of Presbytery, the church building to be sold by them. . . (but not to a colored church or organization)." Proceeds from the sale of the property were placed in a Cohocksink Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund, with income designated for the support of needy Presbyterian churches and missions in Philadelphia.

Which leads to the present day site of a once great congregation.

N Franklin Street and Columbia Avenue Today

"He that troubleth his house shall inherit the wind..." - - Proverbs 11:29

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The White Cocoon – Farewell to the White Baby Boomer Majority

It is difficult to get a handle on anything sane or regular in the present inane Presidential brand of election year politics. 

Some thoughts came together listening to a liberal radio talk show host, Stephanie Miller, which has the radio show televised to make visual time on the pathetic Al Gore Current cable channel.

Stephanie was quoting the rantings and ravings of Jan Brewer and company who drink Colorado River ditch water and still consider themselves sane under a 120 degree Fahrenheit Arizona summer day sun. 

Jan Brewer is the Governor of Arizona who so rudely points her finger in the face of Negro Presidents and signs, without reading, paranoid redneck anti-immigrant stuff coming out of the Mormon dominated Arizona state legislature.  

The Supreme Court shot down some of the hot air (dry hot air) of some of that legislation stuff this week.

While all this is going on, I am thinking about where a once great superpower and its culture should be on a timeline in a global economy and emerging global culture.

Well the thought occurred to me how all the boomers are aging and may be thinking about how all the white boomers, a majority now, live largely in segregated white gated communities or white heartland towns. Where exactly are they in terms of the aging mental thought process in that the white boomers, with a prime example like Jan Brewer, seem to be living in a bubble fantasy world on some different planet from you and me?

And to protect the majority, John Birch, uber-white culture of their youth, as they grow old and begin to die off, all this hate towards Obama and all this dysfunction in government to throw that negro out of the White House, that perhaps the bubble they are living in is really better described as a white cocoon.

Creationism has not yet destroyed high school Biology 101.  I am probably way off in what gets taught to kids these days and at what level in their education about the sex or mating and reproductive acts of insects such as butterflies.

Since this is sex education I am probably violating all Catholics and their religious liberty but from what I know or remember of the subject, ugly little worms like caterpillars get to a certain age not unlike the boomers and weave a cocoon into which they escape reality and where they basically die, restructure remold themselves out of all the chemicals in that cocoon life support system and are resurrected into butterflies out of that cocoon.

I just looked it up this morning to reaffirm what the process is.  The butterflies, usually multi-colored, mate and produce eggs that result in little bugs that eventually morph through their ugly worm stage and into butterflies after walling themselves up into a cocoon.

Well you know I see a parallel and or a metaphor here.  White boomer America is dying off and slipping from majority status of the population into minority status, day after day after day.

This election year cycle is ugly. The dysfunction of the white boomer Congress is pathetic.  It all reminds me of ugly little worms building a cocoon and waiting be reborn again in prime color, function and majority status. That’s the plan I think.  They will emerge from the wreckage of the economy and destroyed civil discourse that they are causing right now and they will somehow make a Hollywood type comeback in their careers just like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard. Yeah, right.

Well, nature throws fits, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis etc.  Nature and or God likes to play tricks.

The thought occurs to me that evolution is indeed real and I am reminded about something I saw on some nature TV show that stated some statistic about how in England in the nineteenth century, a beautiful orange colored butterfly morphed into a brown color in order to use camouflage as a defense mechanism against predators.

You see the orange butterflies used to exist in a lush green valley until the industrial revolution with its soot and smokestacks had turned everything in the valley more brown than green. 

So the orange butterfly could no longer blend in with flowers where there were no longer flowers.  As a result the orange butterfly morphed out of survival necessity into a brown butterfly. True story.

In a way, the growing global culture is upon us, the white boomers are going into a cocoon stage of their existence.  In order to survive in the future, they will have to morph into common frames of color of the majority landscape. A little bit of irony perhaps will be evident then, there when history looks back at this time from that different landscape of the future.

That a beautiful creature mates. Eggs are produced and larvae hatched. A creature grows and survives and builds a spaceship to the future and what comes out of the spaceship after some time is anybody’s guess. 


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Penn State Mural – Michael Pilato Artist – Dora McQuaid Poet – Replaces You Know Who

The depiction of Jerry Sandusky on a well-known mural across the street from the Penn State campus has been replaced by an image of a poet and activist draped with a blue ribbon — a symbol for awareness of child sexual abuse.
It was artist Michael Pilato's latest step in erasing the image of the disgraced former assistant football coach following Sandusky's conviction last week on 45 counts at his child sex abuse trial.
Sandusky was removed from the mural days after his arrest in November. But Pilato returned to the work on Sunday, painting in Dora McQuaid, a Penn State graduate who is a poet and an advocate for domestic and sexual violence victims and issues. The blue ribbon was added on Monday.
Also replacing Sandusky were two red handprints — one belonging to Ann Van Kuren, one of the 12 jurors who convicted Sandusky, and the other belonging to a sexual abuse victim.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Vatican Goes To Fox News For Media Salvation

In the middle of media disaster after disaster at the Vatican and all the stabbings in the each others' backs and power plays in Benedict XVI’s brief corrupt rule, apparently it’s Timmy Dolan to the rescue with a recommendation from Knight of Malta Rupert Murdock’s FOX NEWS.

Greg Burkes, who has done no real reporting except as the FOX NEWS Vatican correspondent in the past decade, is a member of Opus Dei.  That means he flagellates himself regularly for spirituality and has trouble dealing with the opposite sex.

All in all, your typical well rounded two dimensional cardboard FOX journalist.

ROME -- In an effort to shore up its communications strategy amid a widening leaks scandal in a troubled papacy, the Vatican has hired the Fox News correspondent in Rome as a senior communications adviser. 
The correspondent, Greg Burke, 52, who has covered the Vatican for Fox since 2001, will leave the network to help improve and coordinate the Vatican's various communications operations, Mr. Burke and the Vatican spokesman said. 
Some Vatican watchers called the move a power play by media-savvy Americans -- including Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the archbishop of New York and the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops -- inside a Vatican hierarchy run by Italians whose most frequent communications strategy is to accuse their critics of defamation. 
Mr. Burke is a member of the conservative Opus Dei movement, and his hiring underscores the group's role in the Vatican.
As far as I can see he is not a nephew of Cardinal Raymond Burke.  He is more like a temporary consultant like Gotti Tedeschi was at the Vatican Bank.

The insiders in the Vatican will have Greg Burke for lunch. LOL

If anything, all future media press releases supposedly coming from the Vatican will likely originate in Roger Ailes' bunker (he's afraid of colored folks and gays) at 49th Street and Sixth Avenue in New York City, FOX NEWS HQ.

USCCB Approved!

Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson – Ronald Reagan’s Go-To Guy on Catholics, Abortion, Contraception, AIDS, Catholic SCOTUS Nominees

I don’t hear Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore complaining about Obama's war on religious freedom regarding the very private Catholic practices of Monsignor Lynn of Philadelphia or Coach Jerry Sandusky, a Knights of Columbus Awardee, of Penn State.  

No doubt the secular end of reality has beaten poor Bill Lori down to a frazzle. But luckily he has a friend not in Jesus but in Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson of the Knights of Columbus Catholic charity cult.

Doing some reading, I have found on the Ronald Reagan Library site a list of files in the Carl Anderson section of that archive.

Carl A. Anderson is named in that site as Ronny Reagan’s go to man on all things Catholic. Talk about the pope in the basement of the White House thing with the John Kennedy Presidential Campaign, the church did not get the pope in the White House but it did get –
ANDERSON, CARL: Files, 1985-1987Office of Public Liaison (Domestic Policy, Catholics, Family Issues)
Carl started out life as working as “an assistant to John Svahn, Assistant to the President for Policy Development (OPD). The Reagan Library does not currently have a Carl Anderson collection for his time in OPD.” 

The lack of files is explained away as the files moved over in his promotion to Office of Public Liaison (Catholics Etc.) or he didn’t do any paperwork in the brief stint under John Svahan. (how do you spell paper shredder?)

John Svahan, by the way, has since moved on to senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank founded by two uber-catholics following the fallout of the Nixon Watergate scandal.

Co-founder of the Heritage Foundation is Edwin Feulner, whose pet project outside of American politics is the Fundacion Burke , a political education organization for young Spanish men to learn Conservative values and even get into Internship programs in conservative think tanks stateside in the United States. 

Getting back to Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, some of his Reagan White House files are available in the Reagan archive. Half of about a dozen and half “Abortion” files are available, the rest are probably not imaged and would probably only be available through a Freedom of Information request.

All four files on AIDS are listed as available.

The sixteen files on Reagan Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork remain sealed.

In fact, Carl Anderson’s usefulness or worn out welcome at the White House came almost exactly with the Senate shooting down Bork’s nomination in October 1987.  No doubt sneaking Opus Dei parishioner Anton Scalia into the Supreme Court in 1986 was too much of a lucky thing that Reagan / Anderson and Company had to push the limits of credulity, greed, Senate gullibility, so much so that Teddy Kennedy, who was not always a stupid man, had to put the full force of his political prestige against the Robert Bork appointment.

Carl went onto a decade of grand knight in charge of the Washington D.C. Knights jurisdiction before becoming Supreme Knight in 2000 just in time for George W. Bush’s election and “Faith Based Initiative” handouts to the Catholic Bishops among other dying member base religious organizations.

One other Supreme Knight laurel not mentioned in Wikipedia is as Vice President and Board Member of the money pit appendage of Catholic University, the shadowy John Paul II Institute (front for the CIA?/Opus Dei/Legion of Christ), an organization that seems to be a clearing house for Spanish speaking priests that need some American language, political orientation, PR polish before being put into lower echelons of future power in Catholic Church Institutions such as Seminaries, Schools, Universities in the decades to come.  I think Archbishop Chaput is someone, one of several, now in that process of recycling Legion of Christ members into future positions of American Catholic power. It is a big job. So many loyal priests and so little time to place them strategically elsewhere. 

Have a nice day.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ross Douthat and his Many Many Heretics in a Diverse American Landscape

Watching Ross Douthat on MSNBC this morning and listening to words procreated from his honorary “George Will” conservative chair at MSNBC on the Chris Hayes Show, I had to wonder how does one inherit such media power?  

It is no secret that Douthat is the Vatican’s man at the New York Times from which to launch the Church’s national campaigns against troubling competing theisms such as “Pantheism” that Ross did with a NYT article attack on the fairytale movie Avatar back when.

But one, little peasant such as myself, should not question media shaping opinion as if it comes from or sounds like it is was shaped at the old Catholic Office of the Inquisition. Though I must admit that Douthat rendering opinion in a roundtable discussion on TV, the only thing missing was a perfumed laced handkerchief for Ross to hold to nose and sniff as he was forced to talk to less than his true true peers in that media setting. 

Mention of Douthat’s latest hack theology book, approved no doubt by both the Vatican and the RNC, was mentioned on this roundtable appearance today.

Before I quote from an excellent review of his book by Randall Balmer, I take exception with the deceiving title of Douthat’s book Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics because “Heretic” is a bastardized Catholic word from the Greek, a variation of Heresy.

I have to wonder if the royal (?) “we” in the WE became Heretics is not really a stealth pronouncement (dictum ex cathedra)?  

And to wonder if Douthat is a Pure enough Catholic ready to rout out the many others, less than perfect Douthat Catholics, from His Church?
Heresy (from Greek αἵρεσις, which originally meant "choice", also referred to that process whereby a young person would examine various philosophies to determine how to live one's life) was redefined by the Catholic Church as a belief that conflicted with established Catholic dogma…--Wikipedia 
How Choice and or Option could get twisted into something so negative as Heresy, only a pure uber Catholic would know or understand…

The plunge into heresy, Douthat believes, can be traced to theological developments like the revisionist Jesus Seminar and the unlikely trinity of Elaine Pagels, Bart Ehrman and Dan Brown. Douthat accuses them of discrediting Christian orthodoxy in the interests of remaking Jesus in their own image, often for political ends. Debunking the debunkers, Douthat concludes that “they speak the language of the conspiratorial pamphlet, the paranoid chain e-mail — or the paperback thriller.” The currency of these ideas has given rise to what the author calls the “God Within” movement. “A choose-your-own-Jesus mentality,” Douthat writes, “encourages spiritual seekers to screen out discomfiting parts of the New Testament and focus only on whichever Christ they find most congenial.” 
The “God Within” malady has infected evangelicals as well, as seen in the so-called prosperity gospel. Douthat harvests a lot of low-hanging fruit in this section, and who can blame him? The pablum peddled by Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and countless others surely represents an adumbration of Christian orthodoxy, but Douthat also criticizes Michael Novak’s defense of capitalism for being a betrayal of traditional Catholic teachings. All of this leaves us sinking into a morass of gluttony and narcissism, which has been inflected into the political arena as American ­exceptionalism. 
Although Douthat’s grasp of American religious history is sometimes tenuous — he misdates the Second Great Awakening, mistakes Puritans for Pilgrims and erroneously traces the disaffection of American Catholics to the Second Vatican Council rather than the papal encyclical “Humanae Vitae” — there is much to commend his argument. 
Yes, the indexes of religious adherence are down, and the quality of religious discourse in America has diminished since the 1950s, in part because of the preference for therapy over theology. Theological illiteracy is appalling; many theologians, like academics generally, prefer to speak to one another rather than engage the public…. 
Like any good jeremiad, “Bad Religion” concludes with what evangelicals would recognize as an altar call. Douthat invites readers to entertain “the possibility that Christianity might be an inheritance rather than a burden,” and he elevates such eclectic phenomena as home schooling, third-world Christianity and the Latin Mass as sources for renewal. 
Religion in the rearview mirror never looked better.

Polish Joke - John Cardinal Krol of Philadelphia

The beginning of the end for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was the arrival of Bishop John Krol from Cleveland Ohio in the early1960s whose only burning driving ambition was to be the first Polish American Pope. He let everything go to hell for power and greed paved the way. Krol did not become pope but he threw his block of votes to the Polish Cardinal Wojtyla. The rest is history. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Vatican have gone to HELL since. Cardinals Bevilacqua and Rigali, successors to Krol were little more than parasites of papal power. Before that, all ruling bishops of Philly were born, educated and ruled locally knowing their neighbors. And their neighbors knew them. And now they have Archbishop Chaput from Denver, his Philly coronet a reward, fresh with blood on his hands of the hatchet job he did on Bishop Bill Morris in Toowoomba Australia. These stooges, henchmen of John Paul II and Benedict the German are all strangers to the people of Philly. Buggering children by their "celibate" ranks means nothing, does not get in the way of their ambitions. Most of them, these bishops, are a bunch of criminals in a mafia style operation that should be dragged before the Hague for crimes against humanity.


What did the NCAA know about Sandusky / Paterno and when did they know it? NCAA Looked the Other Way?

American College Football Heroes! Yeah right!

Much touted in the early days of the Penn State / Pedo State scandal, the NCAA said it was going to investigate the rumors of child trafficking and Penn State's involvement in it as satellite or central recruitment center through Sandusky's Charity the Second Mile.

Where is the report NCAA?  What did its officials know about Sandusky and Paterno and their little racket on the side and when did they know it?

And why did the NCAA look the other way???


Friday, June 22, 2012

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said. "They failed to realize that the church is its people."

Worth repeating.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said.

"They failed to realize that the church is its people."


Cardinal Rigali Under Boss Monsignor Lynn Found Guilty in Philly

Monsignor William Lynn and Cardinal Justin "Big Frank" Rigali

Monsignor Lynn, under boss of the Cardinals Rigali and Bevilacqua regimes, has been found guilty of the charge of Child Endangerment in the Philadelphia Archdiocese Child Abuse Trial.

Prosecutors alleged that Lynn, who supervised hundreds of priests, helped cover-up child sex abuse, often by transferring priests to new parishes.
He is now the highest-ranking US Roman Catholic official convicted in connection in a wider scandal.
Child sex abuse cases across Roman Catholic churches in the US have cost billions in settlements, driving some US dioceses into bankruptcy.
The jury deliberated for 13 days but was unable to deliver a verdict against a co-defendant, Rev James Brennan, accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy....
As secretary for clergy from 1992 to 2004, Lynn was in charge of supervising about 800 priests in the Philadelphia archdiocese, including investigating sex abuse claims.
Lynn told parishes with suspected predators that their priests were being removed for health reasons and then sent the men to unsuspecting churches, prosecutors said.
Defence lawyers argued that Lynn alone tried to document the complaints, to get priests into treatment and to alert higher Church officials to the growing crisis.
Central to but physically absent from the case was Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, who ran the archdiocese.


Random Act of Kindness – Rio de Janeiro

12. This photograph of a man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.


Knights of Columbus – Tax Free Catholic Cult – Fronting a Multi-Billion Dollar Insurance Company

K of C Fish Fry - Tax Free Cash for Charity and the Vatican Bank?

Bishop Lori, Chaplain of a tax free 501(c)(8) “fraternal organization” that does not have to pay taxes on:
…their support for the Church and local communities, as well as for their philanthropic efforts, the Order often refers to itself as the "strong right arm of the Church". The Order's insurance program has more than $80 billion of life insurance policies in force, backed up by $15.5 billion in assets, and holds the highest insurance ratings given by A. M. Best and the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, though Standard & Poor's downgraded the program to AA+ in August 2011.
Tax free American dollars that:
The Order funded the first renovation of the façade of St. Peter's Basilica in over 350 years. (your siphoned off tax dollars at work)

Charity begins at home or St. Peter’s Square.  The Knights distribute over $150 million in “charity” annually like its construction project in Rome. (No bid contracts to Bertone's crony family?)

Of course all this fraternal organization stuff started with the immigrants and no government social safety nets.  Life insurance was the only guarantee that your family might eat on a regular basis after you died back in the good old days…

But that was a century and more ago. Now you can get IRAs and a 401(k)? through this catholic fraternal order/financial services company, structured on a management level much like the Masons with its secret ritual ceremonies, exclusion of women from first class membership in the organization, and various degrees of rank. The Catholic Masons?

And the organization is protected from that mean old putty tat government by its tax status.

The cult part is over a million members doing volunteer community service work to qualify the organization as a fraternal group, the members not being paid and let's not forget to mention the low paying, few benefits, female jobs processing the insurance end of the tax scam.

Bishop Lori and his Fortnight of Freedom campaign is organized around the K of C membership in 15,000 councils nationwide including the infamous college council 1477 organizing other groups on campus and working so hard to snub Obama at Notre Dame in 2009.

Of course, the Knights are not funding political activities in Bishop Lori’s and the USCCB’s two week rant against Obamacare and if the local bonfires of the bishops’ vanities with Bishop Lori's GOP political activities take place at Knights of Columbus weekly Steak Frys or Fish Frys for “charity” it is only coincidence. Yeah right. LOL

Cult. Cult. Cult. Cash. Cash. Cash. (Tax Free. Tax Free. Tax Free.)

And one other thing.  The Knights of Columbus Insurance/Tax Free Cash Machine is joined I believe at the hip to the Vatican Bank.

As for Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, regarding his salary running K of C, I see this figure quoted on the Internet as $1,167,721. annual which was originally posted in 2008. That I don't think includes the Limo, Jet, Villa in Rome, which leads to a question only the pope knows. What is Carl Anderson's other salary as one the four board members overseeing the Vatican Bank? And is there any conflict of interest involved?

Have a nice day.

Vatican Bank West? New Haven, Connecticut


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vatican Scandals – Cult, Cult, Cult – Cash, Cash, Cash – Salvation? Marcial Maciel - Legion of Christ

An excellent article by Jason Berry regarding some info in leaked documents coming out of the Vatican regarding “Pedophile King Marcial Maciel” of the successful financial cult Legion of Christ, fully supported in its day and now currently being recycled in its assets, within the arms and definitions of the Roman Catholic church now under control of Benedict the German, pope.

It would seem that rather than clean up the cesspool cult and it brainwashing pedophile tendencies, Ratzinger and Bertone are too busy looting the wealth of Maciel’s religious empire before any reforms are likely to happen.

In a way, the RCC these days are merely a collection of very powerful financial cults that have nothing to do with religion or faith but raise nothing but money, money, money.

The phrase Berry uses in quotations haunted me when I read it because it reminded about the new Neocon usurped Catholic Church under John Paul II and Benedict XVI with their obsession of Cash over traditional Faith and or moral right and wrong. The phrase “elitism, a prison of status” reminds me not only of the corruption now being viewed in the current Vatileaks scandal in Rome but how corrupt the American electoral process has become similarly obsessed with cash, cash, cash over needs of balanced management in the governing of the American nation.

Maciel is the grand-nephew of a Mexican saint canonized in 2007, Rafael Guízar Valencia, who also was an integral part of the founding of the Legion of Christ. There has been speculation that conduct by Maciel contributed to the death of this great uncle. 
According to an investigative report: The day before Bishop Guizar died, he had been heard shouting angrily at Marcial Maciel. He was giving his eighteen-year-old nephew a dressing down after two women had come to the bishop's house to complain about Maciel, who was their neighbor. Father Orozco, who was among the original group of boys to found the Legion of Christ in 1941, said he heard the women had complained about the "noise" Maciel was making with children he had brought into his home to teach religion. He said that the seminary officials blamed Maciel for his uncle's heart attack. 
Through the Legion of Christ and the Regnum Christi, Maciel started many schools, a network of Universities and a large number of charitable institutes. In January 2006 he stepped down as head of the Legion of Christ…

Dr. Michael Langone, executive director of the International Cultic Studies Association sees classic signs of a cult at work in the Legion. A counseling psychologist and scholar with a long background in the field, he told NCR about his visit to Legion headquarters in Cheshire in 2003. He wanted a representative to appear at a conference for an open forum with critics of the order. "Fr. Owen Kearns [former U.S. spokesman for the order] told me that Maciel had a charism. I said, 'Well, suppose these allegations are true. That would not necessarily negate the good the Legion has done, or make all these young priests bad people.' His response was, 'It would mean I have been following a false charism.' Later I recalled C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters, seeing that position as one of spiritual pride. We see this in cult environments all the time: elitism, a prison of status," Langone said…. 
Radio, TV and Internet were banned in the rooms of Legion and Regnum Christi lay celibates who lived in consecrated communities. Superiors read their mail, had to approve newspapers and books, and restricted their access to websites. 
The cult of personality that shielded Maciel's pathological sex life had another agenda: raising money. The Legion was Maciel's company. Prep school tuitions of $15,000 to $35,000, depending on the country and location, generated profit to support operations in Rome. Regnum Christi members kept school costs down by working without pay, while appealing to parents to give and give again. 
Raised in a well-to-do Mexico City family, Legion general director Corcuera advanced through an early Regnum Christi youth group. Fr. Luis Garza, the Legion vicar general -- in effect, the chief financial officer -- graduated from a Legion prep school in Monterrey, Mexico, one of eight siblings in the family of one Mexico's wealthiest industrialists. 
Garza oversees Integer, an internal mechanism Maciel created to keep certain assets off the Legion books, according to sources familiar with the finances. As Maciel siphoned off Legion funds -- which had been donated to a religious charity -- for support of his two women and four children, Integer was a means to control and shield accountability from church authorities. The former Regnum Christi insider explains: "If someone sues the Legion, they have no assets. If the pope says, 'Show me your assets,' well, we have no money."

Bishop Lori’s Pagan Fortnight for Freedom Festivities Commence – (bonfires, s'mores, burning crosses?)

Starting today, within the twenty-four hour threshold of the Summer Solstice, a millennial old Pagan Holiday, the Bishops of the U.S., USCCB, are sponsoring a Fortnight of Religious Freedom (Bund) activities.

One has to wonder why holidays and important events in the RCC seem to always be secretly linked to Ancient Pagan Festivals.

No doubt the education of potential novitiates standing around pagan bonfires of the latest Stealth Hate Festival against “that Negro in the White House” will have a moderate amount of success to reinforce the base racial fear instincts of many dumbed down A-mericans.

What the pure Catholics do in the dark after these night time rallies and activities is anybody’s guess.

Most pure Pagan post-holiday festival activities, connected to bonfires and alignments of the Moon and Sun, have to do with some real time fucking (with condoms aka contraception).  

Too bad the Catholic Bishops are “celibate”.  Yeah right.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brit School Girl Martha Payne School Lunch Blog Ban Lifted

British School Lunch - Cheese Burger Deluxe  £2

A controversial ban preventing a nine-year-old girl from photographing her school meals has been lifted following a storm of protest on the internet.
Martha Payne, from Argyll, has now recorded more than three million hits on her Never Seconds blog. 
Argyll and Bute Council said press coverage of the blog had led catering staff to fear for their jobs. 
But council leader Roddy McCuish later told the BBC he had instructed senior officials to lift the ban immediately. 
The schoolgirl's father, David Payne, who helped her set up the blog, welcomed the decision.
Martha began publishing photographs of her Lochgilphead Primary School lunches on 30 April.

Bill Keller wants Bill Donohue’s Job over at the Catholic League?

The Rottweiler’s Rottweiler by Bill Keller, NYT Op-Ed, June 17, 2012

I CAN’T believe I’m saying this, but Bill Donohue is right. Donohue, the chronically peeved president of the Catholic League, and I rarely see eye to eye, but he is right about one very big thing: how to resolve the crisis in Catholicism. My endorsement may horrify him as much as it surprises me. (Small world – strange bedfellows – Bill and Bill)

Donohue, for those of you without cable TV, (yeah that’s you, you poor f*cks on welfare) is the Vatican’s most vociferous American apologist. (I always thought he was Dolan’s exclusive bootlicker) Any time a critic — especially a Catholic critic — casts doubt on the wisdom of the Catholic hierarchy, Donohue fires off a press release attacking the attacker or otherwise changing the subject. Bring up pedophile priests and he’ll talk about pedophile public-school teachers or pedophile Orthodox Jews. That nun who is under a Vatican cloud lately for having written a book with decidedly liberal views on sexuality? Donohue’s response bypassed her arguments and focused on the fact that she sometimes cites Michel Foucault, the creepy French philosopher known as an acolyte of the Marquis de Sade and a darling of the radical left. (Guilt by footnote.) (Them vagina bearers, nuns, read fancy frenchie stuff! How dare they.)
Another ferocious defender of the faith, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, used to be known as “God’s Rottweiler.” (If the Hague ever gets their hands on him, he will be known as "prisoner 8846295".) Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI, and Bill Donohue is the Rottweiler’s Rottweiler. (A senile old bugger’s blind junkyard dog is still just a senile old bugger’s blind junkyard dog.)
In person, Donohue — a big, 64-year-old Long Island Irishman, divorced father of two grown daughters — has the genial manner of the parish priest he almost became (A wail of Thank Gods from the world’s altar boys!). Instead he digressed to military school (reform school?), the Air Force (the military or prison?), and the sociology faculty of a Catholic college in Pennsylvania (Alabama north). He is more likable one-on-one than his notorious sound bites, which have an Ann Coulterish reductiveness: Hollywood is “controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity.” President Obama “supports selective infanticide.” Progressive Catholics are “termites.” The title of his 2009 book catches the snarly Donohue: “Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America.”( blah, blah, blah, blah ) 
I picked up his new book — “Why Catholicism Matters” — expecting another fountain of invective (I didn’t pay for it, it was sent to me). But this is a mellower work, a believer’s portrait of the church he loves, built around the cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude. It dwells on Catholicism’s estimable contributions to scholarship, Western culture and humanitarianism, while airbrushing those episodes where the church came up short in the cardinal-virtue department. Thus the case of Galileo — who was branded a heretic for endorsing Copernicus’s theory that the Earth revolves around the Sun — does not merit our indignation, since Galileo spent his last years under house arrest (under threat of torture) rather than in a dungeon. “Why Catholicism Matters” gives us the defense counsel’s version of the Crusades (a natural response to Islamic jihad) (and greed to take over the trade ratline to the middle east held but the Eastern Church in Constantinople, which Rome broke away from in 1054 in the Great Schism) and the Inquisition (never mind the torture, secular authorities did the heretic-burning). He sums up the shameful cover-up of predatory priests with that weasel classic, “mistakes were made.” ( and sadly still being made )
By now some readers are wondering Why Donohue Matters ( The Bishops at the USCCB Atlanta annual meeting are embarrassed by him. There looking for a new spokesman.). Indeed, when he took charge of the Catholic League in 1993, Donohue could be dismissed as a conservative blowhard, one of those laymen who was, ahem, more Catholic than the pope. But the official church has moved far enough to the right that Donohue now speaks for its mainstream. (mainstream McMansion Long Island that is)
And what you learn if you listen to the Catholic Church in the plain language of Bill Donohue is that it is not about to change direction. Not in this century. The parishioners who hope for a kinder, more inclusive church, the nuns who are now being rebuked by the Vatican because they have doubts on subjects like gay marriage and the ordination of women — the church’s message to them is: Shut up or go. (Shut up and sign over your real estate holdings dears.)
Face it, even at the high-water mark of contemporary church reform, the Vatican II council, issues like the stained-glass ceiling and intolerance of gays were not really on the table. And that tide was been receding for nearly 50 years. Indeed, the church’s 1960s effort to engage the modern world is now regarded in the current Curia as part of an era of degenerate individualism — Woodstock, Stonewall, Vatican II — that is blamed for all kinds of deviant outcomes, including the scandal of priests who can’t keep it in their cassocks. (Democracy was such a terrible modern mistake, let’s bow to a Catholic King in Rome.)
Donohue notes that roughly a quarter of Americans identify themselves as Catholic (No the church claims numbers beyond reality in that department). He reckons maybe half of those, the more conservative half, attend church regularly and contribute. “They’re the ones who pay the bills,” he said. “Can we afford to ignore the other half? I think we can.” (The Nazis in WWII Germany were the regular church goers and the resistance Christians were too busy to go to church fighting for human rights in Europe) And as for the unsettled religious orders, the nuns and priests who vowed allegiance and now preach dissent, why should the church put up with insubordination? (What dissent? They are not lobotomized. They can’t have any opinions. Wow.)
“Do we have more than a handful of nuns who have totally lost their moorings?” Donohue mused. “Oh, yeah.” (Wow again!)
His point: “Quite frankly I believe, as Pope Benedict the XVIth said just before he became pope, that maybe a smaller church would be a better church.”  (What the hell ever happened to the good shepherd and going out of the way for the lost sheep. Segregated exclusive racist white gated community of God?)
Much as I wish I could encourage the discontented, the Catholics of open minds and open hearts, to stay put and fight the good fight, this is a lost cause. (Yeah we know, the church lasts for centuries or it used to.) Donohue is right (Gag!). Summon your fortitude, and just go. (Fuck you…) If you are not getting the spiritual sustenance you need, if you are uneasy being part of an institution out of step with your conscience — then go (…and your mother). The restive nuns who are planning a field trip to Rome for a bit of dialogue? Be assured, unless you plan to grovel, no one will be listening. Sisters, just go. Bill Donohue will hold the door for you. (Bill is already out the door Bill.  You applying for his job?)
Go where? Well, the history of Christianity is filled with schisms and offshoots. Last spring I attended Sunday Mass at a breakaway church called Spiritus Christi in Rochester, a congregation that describes itself as “Catholic, not Roman Catholic.” Spiritus Christi has a female pastor and began performing gay marriages long before the State of New York legalized them. Mass was packed with as joyous a crowd of worshipers as I have ever seen. I could imagine hundreds of Spiritus Christis — and leave it to the theologians to debate whether the Vatican or these defectors have the stronger claim to being the authentic heirs of St. Peter. (Defectors? Deserters? Wehrmacht terminology?)
This is, admittedly, easy for me to say. I have not spent my life in a religious order, embracing vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. So I called someone who speaks with more authority about what it costs to leave the church. Sister Margie Henninger was expelled from the Order of St. Joseph and excommunicated for affiliating with those not-Roman Catholics in Rochester. She now runs a recovery house for the drug- and alcohol-afflicted (yeah more poor minority f*cks on welfare).
“It was certainly painful, after 42 years,” she told me. “I lost my community. I lost my home. I lost so much. But, God being God, I gained much more.”
At 71, Sister Margie feels deeply Catholic, very much in harmony with her conscience, and happy. And of the Roman church she left behind, she says: “It almost has to completely come apart before something new and beautiful can spring up.”
There are many nuns who hold fast to the church out of genuine devotion. But there are others who stay out of fear — fear that they will grow old alone, fear of penury and homelessness, fear of losing purpose.
Thankfully, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has offered us one possible remedy for this problem. As Laurie Goodstein documented in The Times recently, when he was archbishop of Milwaukee Dolan authorized payments of up to $20,000 to predator priests if they agreed to leave the clergy without resisting. He described this as “an act of charity.” Bill Donohue calls it “a severance package.” (Now I get it Bill Keller, this whole article has been sarcasm. Right? I am so dumb at times. Mea Culpa.)
I suggest that any long-serving nun who has come to find church teachings incompatible with her conscience should be offered a generous severance. We could call these acts of charity “Dolan Grants.” Surely a church that offers a lifeline to men who brought disgrace on the institution can offer a living stipend to women who brought it honor at great sacrifice. (the floor of hell I hear is paved in “Dolan Grants” LOL)
Great article Bill.  (Sarcasm)

(I read the quote about telling everybody in the Church "to go" first over at the right wing rag Catholic pimping that quote out of context etc...whatever.)

Have a nice day.