Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hopi Pot - Nellie Nampeyo - 1896 / 1978


Nurse Jackie’s Season Five Finale – Jackie Performs Last Rites (Extreme Unction) on an Aged Dying Gay Man

Edie Falco and Stephen Wallem  -  Nurse Jackie and Nurse Thor

Amid the work politics of a Catholic hospital Emergency Room in mid-town Manhattan and Nurse Jackie’s ongoing battle to stay sober from her addictions for one year, in comes the elderly patient of Wally – “Wally, an 80 year old gay man with advanced liver cancer is admitted into the hospital. Thor instantly gravitates toward him.-“

American Catholic Bishops Continue to Practice Sexual McCarthyism – Bundling Gay Hate With So-Called Christian Love

They, the Bankers and the Brokers, bundled bad mortgages together with good mortgages and sold the bundled mess as good securities. The global financial meltdown happened in 2008 and nobody really has had to pay unless you lost your job, your house, your family, your dignity and or your life by natural cause or other means.

Little people don’t matter on the scale of things anymore – the Wharton Global Spreadsheet and all that.