Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is Father Schüller of Austria the New Martin Luther Facing Down the Obscene Corruption of John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s Vatican?

                    Fr. Helmut Schüller

The leader of a dissident movement of Austrian priests has been stripped of the title “Monsignor” by the Vatican. 

Father Helmut Schüller, the head of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative and a former vicar general of the Vienna archdiocese, no longer holds the honorary title of “Chaplain of his Holiness,” the Vatican announced on November 29. The action comes more than a year after the Austrian Priests’ Initiative launched a “Call to Disobedience,” encouraging clergymen to defy Church teachings on issues including homosexuality, intercommunion, and the ordination of women. More than 400 Austrian priests have expressed support for the dissident movement.

Fr Schüller, the leader of Austrian priests and deacons openly defying the authority of the Church and dissenting from her teachings, has announced the formation of a pan-Germanic group of dissenting clergy that will soon incorporate disobedient clergy from the Anglo-saxon countries, including Ireland, Australia and the USA by the autumn. 

The Austrian Priests Intiative, with their Declaration of Disobedience, have joined with disloyal groups of clergy in Germany and Switzerland, forming a group of 1,500 priests and deacons who are breaking their promises of obedience made at their ordination. 

There was a meeting of representatives of the disobedient priests and deacons in Munich between the 24-26 January 2013, that issued the following statement: 

‘We stand for honest awareness of the situations in which people find themselves in their lives and for the credibility of church practice. That is why we openly specify what we do, even if it contradicts present church rules. … 

We are against absolutist structures in our Church and advocate civil rights and transparency. 

Who Stole the Second Amendment? – Corporate Anarchists

People who want to destroy the government are anarchists by definition. Guns would seem to be the means to overthrow a government or a means to survive after the veneer of civilization collapses.

While having worked in the Federal Government briefly, I have no doubts that 25% of Government could be eliminated tomorrow across the board including the military. Such a transition would probably put the economy into another economic tailspin and depression great recession.

Getting back to the second amendment, I can see merit in actor Danny Glover in Britain recently stating that the second amendment of two hundred years ago was a concession of the federal government to immediate local concerns such as slave uprisings or retaliation from Native Americans for the forceful taking away of their lands and or means of survival through nature.

No doubt the National Rifle Association NRA was once a gun clubby thing until the eighties and commoditizing everything in the economy not nailed down and putting a value on it and making a buck off it and not living up to any original purpose and such. Knights of Columbus as an example of how a simple domestic Catholic charity and insurance co-op got turned into an arm of the global Vatican Bank INC and money launderer for the GOP.

In government, I do not want to say what departments need radical reform or dismantling. I will say having working in the Housing and Urban Development, that the government in this day and age should not be the guarantor of mortgages. That government entities such and Fanny and Freddy were used to outsource risk and responsibility away from private corporations and onto the Gubmint. That's gubmint we can so without. Put responsibility back on the shoulders of private capital.

The Janus speak of Corporate Fox News and the wanting of Conservatives to have less government is really a way of saying corporations want more government guarantees of corporate mismanagement at the expense of the social safety net to pay for the mistakes of coke head bankers and coke header Wall Street brokers.

That all this talk of taking guns away by the government is bullshit. 

Government is incapable of doing most things. FEMA in Katrina is a great example of how Government really or really does not work. Can you imagine them, these FEMA types, trying to take anybody’s guns away? LOL

Talk of the second amendment is a distraction. Another Fox News Noise Machine effort while real responsibility and fiscal common sense in the management of government is being usurped by the new Anarchists, the Corporations. With Wayne LaPierre and his million dollar annual salary and expense accounts cheerleading for the corporate anarchists, gun manufacturers etc. 

The real New Anarchists are the corporations that have stolen, usurped the needs and services of the common man’s government. Corporations are now trying to pawn off responsibility to bullshit issues like guns and the second amendment via FOX NEWS while they steal our national treasury right out from under us just like they have already done so with our American Bill of Rights (Second Amendment Included). 


97 Year Old Actor Eli Wallach on NRA Enemies List

Actor Eli Wallach

Boy Wayne LaPierre and Company at the NRA, you are all a bunch of bullies and pussies.