Friday, October 16, 2015

Westboro Inbreds Coming After “Fake Christian” And Adulter/Proud Sinner Kim Davis, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk

Honestly! Can’t make this Crazy Christian/Religion Shit up!

"Kim claims that she has lived in proud sin for many years, divorcing and remarrying, not one time or two times, in fact you need a score card to keep track. Her lawyers, being smooth talking fellows say that all that was before her call to salvation two years ago when her current mother-in-law died. Nice, tidy, cleaver (sic), but no cigar! These matters are not hard and unclear. That man that Kim Davis is living with and calling her husband, IS NOT! Her husband is Dwain Wallace, who she married when she was 18-years-old. It does not matter how many years you pile on, it was adultery at the beginning and it was adultery in the middle and it is indeed adultery today!