Thursday, January 2, 2014

"Missing Me Yet NYC"? - Mike Bloomberg

Missing me yet NYC?


Army of Lawyers Hired to Harass Canadian Bureaucrats and Keep Ted Cruz’s Parents Out of Canadian Jail?

Ted Cruz is accepting free legal advice from the world’s biggest deadbeat Donald Trump who has managed for thirty years and an army of lawyers to have dozens of private bankruptcies with his major creditors and steal money left and right, all lawyered up so to speak.

I do not wish Ted Cruz’s parents jail time in a Canadian jail, that they possibly provided false information to the Canadian government on the groundwork to obtain their legitimate looking Canadian Birth Certificate for bastard son Eddy “Ted"?

Have to wonder what the statute of limitations are in Canada and the need for an army of lawyers to confuse his parents and his “Big Lie” with?

Under U.S. law, a child born with even one American parent is automatically entitled to citizenship, even if the birth takes place outside the country. Canada, like the United States, also confers automatic citizenship to anyone born on its soil, regardless of the parents’ nationalities. 

That revelation by The News startled Cruz and his parents. 

His mother, he said, had understood that it would have taken an affirmative act to claim Canadian citizenship, and that’s what she’d told him as a child. 

“There was no reason to retain counsel to analyze Canadian law, because it wasn’t relevant to anything I was doing,” he said. 

The topic came up last month when he met with real estate mogul Donald Trump, Cruz said, though “not in any significant respect.” He declined to elaborate.

Trump was among the most vocal “birthers” to question Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president, refusing to accept as genuine his Hawaiian birth certificate.