Sunday, May 20, 2018

Revival of Whitecapping of Minorities by Trump's Mob Base

Bullies operate from the threat of violence. The person(s) threatening others have strength through body, mind or mob power to intimidate and punish others with words backed up with that real or implied threat of violence.

Trump operates as a bully in his hate delivery to his hate base. Bullying language to women, the disabled, people of color, people of other religions or beliefs.

Until now, Trump has not attacked the Gays that I know of. But his base hears the dog whistle and hears code or whatever and Gays are part of the Neanderthal menu of the right and their H8 Menu.

His base is motivated and empowered to yell at people for speaking Spanish in restaurants in NYC, one of the two most diverse sections of real estate in the United States, the other being Los Angeles.

Empowers them to slap people in airplanes and their service dogs. Empowers them to assume that a person of color asleep on the couch of a common room of a dormitory in an I-Vee league college, that that minority, could not possibly be a student there, does not belong there and call the police on them etc.

The recent incident of a half-assed telephone app taxi company like LYFT throwing two gays out of his gypsy (registered, inspected, insured-?) cab into the street at a red light to leave his place of business, his car, because they kissed in his back seat.

These gypsy cab set ups are sold as free enterprise and free of government regulation but they are built on premises that the person doing the selling of the product, the cab ride, is free to make a living. Only problem is that in a real world with government the people who work hard to own a taxi cab license and or medallion to earn a living, do so in conforming to community standards to operate and serve all who pay for the services. They have responsibility to conform to a greater and wider good that serves all people.

Problem with Whitecapping Gays and threatening them with indirect and or implied violence, a hidden gun or knife, a fist or a baseball bat, to dump them in the middle of traffic is that an underlicensed enterprise operating on an app operates from his or her small bubble and or community standards. That all who do not conform, the disabled, people of color, of other faiths and of the Gays, operates in a narrow world empowered by an evil and biased entity in the White House.

Whitecapping minorities, bullying them, implying violence by one or a group, to do immediate harm is UnAmerican and NAZI and does not belong in this land of the free and the home of the brave. 


The Whitecapping movement started in Indiana around 1837,[6] as white males began forming secret societies in order to attempt to deliver justice independent from the state. These groups became known as the "White Caps". The first White Cap operations generally aimed at those who went against a community's values. Men who neglected or abused their family, people who showed excessive laziness and women who had children out of wedlock are all prime examples of possible targets.[7]
As whitecapping spread into the Southern states during the 1890s, the targets became drastically different....