Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula Deen - Lard Queen - Goes Down Fighting Amid Charges of the Truth regarding Her Southern Baked Bigotry

I git the fact that Paula Deen is a product of a super dumbed down southern non-culture that refuses freedom of expression since 1619 and the first schil Ponzi scam to take temporary indentured illiterate slave black labor from Muslim Africa and use them for everything from cane cutting, incest and fertilizer. I git it.

Dolan, Cordileone, Donohue Vow Fight to Death for Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Rick Santorum's Kids from Marrying Dogs, Cats, Sheep etc.

You Heard Here First.

In case you pagans don't understand it. 

Marriage is between a "man" and a "woman" and blessed by a "celibate" Catholic priest. 

Filibuster in Texas = Damn the GOP and Its Phony Anti-Female Kristian Religion

Protesters Storm Texas State Capital Building

Let the GOP religion take their phony Jesus crusade banners back to hell with their phony kristian religion and their anti-privacy, anti-feminine, anti-vagina laws like the current crock of horseshit in Texas.