Friday, November 30, 2012

Signs of Life on a Distant Planet

The Next Cardinal of Chicago – Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville?

"Smiling Conservative" Archbishop Kurtz of Louisville KY

Joe Kurtz’s impeding appointment as the next Cardinal of Chicago and as next President of the USCCB is something I decided to do a little research into before the MSM anoints a “great moral” leader to kill internet space and airtime.

I found it strange that in his standard Wikipedia bio the great next possible Slavic Leader of the Chicago Archdiocese is born, has two parents and then goes directly to St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philly as an Allentown diocese seminarian.

I love how these chaff farmers raised from poverty and into riches now are the bastions of money and privileged RC culture. I do love the “smiling conservative” brand on these chaff farmers and or ex-coal mining town types. They show you their teeth as they stick the cold piece of steel in between your ribs, as they close down schools, sell off American RC heritage/real estate and send the cash off to the Vatican Bank for the next phase of RC Inc. in the soon to be victimized third world religious plan.


Gleaning through some, much deleted (?) facts once available on Kurtz’s personal history on the internet, that it all may have once been there when he was in Knoxville; but that once he gets to Louisville it has all been purged.  I may be wrong about all this. I am no IT expert.  The Wiki bio seems to occur around Louisville and the open facts of Kurtz’s early life in the mining town of Mahanoy City Pennsylvania in my own ancestors' much impoverished upstate Schuylkill County, were never put in that bio to begin with.

I can see the Chicago Tribune now writing a piece about the Cardinal’s humble beginnings in Shithole Pennsylvania and now ordained by God to rule as Moral Master of the universe for Second City USA. Oh the horror!

Anyway, it took a lot of digging but I do not think there is a lot of mystery in why there are many bio holes in the next presumed bishop prince of Chicago.

Shuttered Assumption BVM RC church Mahanoy City, PA - Not a 7/11 yet

I believe he went to Assumption BVM RC church there in Mahanoy City. It is or was closed in 2009. I do not see any evidence of a parish school, so maybe future Cardinal Kurtz went to public school there. Nothing wrong with that. Except maybe somebody like future Cardinal Salvadore Cordileone went to public school in California.

I see people like Cordileone and or a Kurtz getting into junior or senior year in public school and when it comes time for the Junior or Senior Prom time, they find God and the RC church and a vocation rather than a prom date. And all that perhaps based on their own personal confused sexuality which combined with the thousand year old institutionalized confused sexuality of the western church, the thing that makes for much stress in a modern age when confused sexual RC hierarch types go around harassing non-confused heterosexual and homosexual types as part of their CEO management package.

Also, I would guess from a timeline thing, that Kurtz knew two years ahead of his old neighbors in Mahanoy City that they were going to close Assumption and thus the careful rewrites of Kurtz’s personal history ahead of time.

As of 2011, there was a many years appeal to the Vatican about the legitimacy of closing Assumption as part of a five church or so combined parish. The appeal and or Vatican lawsuit may still be going on which is also why Kurtz may be so hush hush perhaps about his boyhood parish etc.

Have a nice day. 


USCCB President Cardinal Dolan Nominates His Successor Archbishop Joseph Kurtz

Oliver Stone is no Great Historian - His Secret History of the United States Sucks the Big One!

I have sat through the first three episodes of Oliver Stone’s The Secret History of the United States and am quite disappointed.

The spark of Stone’s youthful talents in storytelling Hollywood Style has been sequestered into a malaise of middle age non-focus and boring self-opinionated fluff.

Not to say that interested students in American History domestic and foreign should not watch this series which is interesting in itself, if you already know a lot of history, but as a sole basis of knowledge, it lacks a lot and is rather sloppy IMO in its unfinished editing phase.

The Secret History adds maybe ten to fifteen percent of content to the general body of knowledge but most of what is discussed is already there in the history books one way or the other. As another or alternate opinion as a historian, Stone, like his movies deserves much respect.

I agree with one critic that Stone’s narration is slow, boring and puts you to sleep. It was no doubt done as budgetary gap kind of thing.

What I learned in a more definitive manner about American History is that the hard edge of economics shapes our history as does any Fourth of July picnic myths retelling that history over a communal marshmallow roasting at the twilight fire pit.

That Hitler was put in place by bankers in Germany as much as by many bankers in New York I was aware of but now somebody else in a more prominent role in the American public sphere agrees and speaks such a thought.

That the Russian People won World War Two with their blood and brute force born of sheer numbers of lives lost. That the Soviet Government merely armed their own people to win that tragic blood fest.

That Churchill was a real pussy when it came to having British involvement in a real land war with Hitler on the European mainland.  That Churchill was a warrior in his own mind like the original Lord Churchill of three hundred years ago.  But in retrospect I now see him as merely a pencil pushing clerk of the Brit Banker’s Global Slave Empire, that he in fact was.

That FDR might have set us up for a fall by dying in the beginning of his fourth term in office. But it was a personal delusion that he could live forever or that his vision for a post WWII world was probably more impossible to achieve than Woodrow Wilson’s failed vision.

That the Industrial Complex with it Bankers and Generals was the stuff that shaped the post WWII world more so than any textbook vision.

Stone somehow pretends that Stalin was a good domestic dictator and that a little better polite handling of that Russian peasant would have prevented the Korean War and by domino effect the Vietnam War, which Stone fought in. That is a true cloud of Oliver Stone fantasy and marijuana smoke.

That Stone’s Messiah in all this politics and real progress of the human race is Henry Wallace, FDR’s second Vice President who spoke a soft cloth coated Socialist rhetoric, who could have prevented the Cold War and the dropping of the two Atomic Bombs on Japan, stretches it a lot.

That Stone hates Truman and trashes him on an implied sexually confused level to make his manufactured Wallace Messiah more real and or palatable.

Truth is that Truman was a learning curve following FDR's death and Harry didn’t have a clue what FDR had in his mind for a post WWII world. 

The beast, the bureaucracy and the military/banker complex went forward on its own and from its maker FDR, pretty much the way it was designed to function, with or without him.

That Truman for all his lack of polish was a prissy kind of guy; he loved you or hated you kind of guy. The pettiness and prissiness got lost along with that perception in his thick Missouri Horse Shit accent.

That a Henry Wallace may have had a National American Healthcare System in place by 1950 in America but he would not have desegregated the military like Harry S Truman did, which in turn I think was a catalyst to the whole Civil Rights movement.

That the real tragedy of the extra information Stone supplies or blandly resurrects into common view is that the Japanese surrendered not because of the nuclear bombing of two of its cities but surrendered to the Americans rather than have the Russian invade their mainland as they in fact were ready to do.

That the endgame of military toy games in the U.S., made and used the atomic bombs against a background of indifference of a distant and out of touch Japanese hierarchy. 

A good question never asked by Stone is would FDR have used atomic weapons on Germany if they had been ready in place to use and to end that war?

The true tragedy is that nobody in power in the U.S. or Japan cared about the lost Japanese people of Hiroshima / Nagasaki and or their humanity that some or the rest of us care about now of those trapped tragic pawns, these many decades later. That says something significant about our own human evolution as reaction to the events Stone merely frames in his personal art gallery.

Better luck Olly on your next artistic endeavor whatever, puff, puff, it may be.