Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Archbishop Sartain, Please Get Some Control Over Subordinates – BTW – Stop Anti-Gay Bigotry that is becoming the Hallmark of the American RC Catholic Church

Some Conservative Catholic blogs are calling this petition to Archbishop Sartain of Seattle to put a leash on puppy priest Derek Lappe, the next Father Coughlin(?), and rein him in – calling the petition “Liberal” as part of some “Liberal Catholic” agenda.

Conservative, Liberal etc. are political terms. So Jesus was what when he got caught in the middle of Temple Politics 2,000 years ago? Was he sentenced to death for sodomy with Judas as a result? 

Probably, considering how all this fuss, refusal of Christian Faith to be practiced, this cannibalistic end game phase of the Catholic church hierarchy, how it is presently going. The money and the hate wags the dog.

Was Jesus guilty of the charges? Who knows. Who really cares. Judged guilty in the “Jewish” blogs of the day? LOL

Who are the ones doing the hating?

Just because your priest in Bremerton Washington is yelling "Queer!" does not mean that he is not BTW. 

Personally I would NOT let a child alone anywhere near that, your, Bremerton parish, especially for Scouting. 


Archdiocese of Cinncinatti Tries to further Knock up Gay Pregnant Teacher, Adding Insult to Injury by Tossing Her and her Love Child out into the streets

Archbishops Daniel Pilarczyk and Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnatti Ohio, (w/ hands in pockets) explain important new changes in the Third Edition of the Roman Missal in 2010 on You Tube (below)

All life is sacred except when it begins via artificial insemination and with unmarried Hispanic gay females.

No, Archbishop Schnurr is not trying to get into a female teacher’s pants (the catholic god forbid). But fresh from a stint of duty in Snickerdoodle land, Duluth Minnesota, also made famous by alleged coffin sex with consenting adult age seminarians (i.e. Bishop Brom “the vampire” in San Diego Calif. and or mentor of Sally Cordileone) – Archbishop Schnurr’s catholic school system wants to discriminate against female teachers who want to create life in a modern scientific method and maintain the right (far right) – yelling “Religious Liberty” and or “Frankenstein Monster”.

(BTW, Ms. Dias is also “Homosexual” - ya know, that sexual thingy and "Shhh!" that they don't know how to talk about it.)

Trying to pull the Religious minister’s loophole clause that the Catholic Supreme Court of the United States says is okay to fire any church employee for any cause or petty prejudice, a pregnant teacher who got fired and probably lost her health insurance just as she needed it, being pregnant and all that, was rewarded by a jury of her peers (human beings and not church clerics) $170,000 for discrimination.

CINCINNATI (AP) — A jury found an Ohio archdiocese discriminated against a teacher fired after becoming pregnant via artificial insemination, leaving legal experts expecting an appeal they say could have a much wider legal impact. 
 Christa Dias (what a lovely name), who was fired from two schools in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati in October 2010, was awarded more than $170,000 Monday after winning her federal anti-discrimination lawsuit against the archdiocese. 
 Dias' attorney, Robert Klingler, argued she was fired simply because she was pregnant and unmarried, a dismissal he said violated state and federal law. 
 Steven Goodwin, the attorney for the archdiocese and the schools, contended Dias was fired for violating her contract, which he said required her to comply with the philosophies and teachings of the Catholic church. The church considers artificial insemination immoral and a violation of church doctrine. 

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