Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope Francis’ Confused “Complicated Past” – Some Argentine Players – The Process – Second Junta – The Dirty War – Etc.

Orlando Agosti, Jorge Videla and Emilio Massera, during the National Reorganization Process

Jorge Videla -- March 1976-March 1981 President of Argentina

Roberto Viola -- March 1981-December 1981 President of Argentina

Leopoldo Galtieri -- December 1981-June 1982 President of Argentina

Pio Laghi and the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Juan Carlos Aramburu act kindly with the leaders of the Process, Jorge Videla, Leopoldo Galtieri, Omar Graffigna and Armando Lambruschini

Second Military Junta, July 1981.Cardinal Aramburu, General Viola,
General Galtieri, Brigadier Graffigna, Admiral Lambruschini

Leopoldo Galtieri

General Haig and General/President Galtieri discussing the upcoming
consequences of going to War with Britain over the Falkland Islands. 

General Haig praying to his god he could talk Margaret Thatcher
 from going to War in the Falklands and blowing the cozy little setup
 in Argentina with the CIA training camps for the Contras protected by the Junta.

President Galtiere and the Great Peacemaker John Paul II

A young Father Bergoglio SJ, a deer caught in the headlights
of Argentine history,
a nobody in the scheme of things 1976-1983

Freedom of Expression Restored 1983
Victims Remembered
Wall of Metropolitan Cathedral


Everyday Real World in America - Philly Street Corner under the "Frankford El" - Where's my phone?


Vatican Denies Francis’ Denial of Human Rights as the "Black (Jesuit) Pope" of Argentina – Did his Duty - Protected Prestige of Church and Property too

Denial of the Denial of the Denial.

Reform of the Reform of the Reform.

The Brand new Shiny new RC Church!

(don’t kick the tires - PLEASE!)

"There has never been a credible, concrete accusation against him," said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi, adding he had never been charged.

 The spokesman blamed the accusations on "anti-clerical left-wing elements that are used to attack the Church".

 Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, led Argentina's Jesuits under the junta.

 Correspondents say that like other Latin American churchmen of the time, he had to contend, on the one hand, with a repressive right-wing regime and, on the other, a wing of his Church leaning towards political activism on the left.

 One allegation concerns the abduction in 1976 of two Jesuits by the Argentina's military government, suspicious of their work among slum-dwellers.


Kentucky – the “Free Gay Porn” state – Cheap Bastards – LOL – According to Search Engine Survey

Kentucky Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell

An interested little Brit journalistic article.

In the US as a whole the most searched-for term was "MILF", followed by "Teen" and "College". However, there were significant differences between certain states. 

In Mississippi, the top search term was "Ebony", which also topped the list in South Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. 
The people of Vermont preferred "Lesbian", while in Kentucky, the most popular search term was "Free gay porn".

“The truth about any one of us would shock all the rest of us.” lol