Monday, June 11, 2018

What the F Does Wharton Teach These Days with Trumponomics The New Global Coke?

Now that trade with Canada is in doubt with the new American "Winning", one has to wonder what Donald Trump learnt in Philly starting in 1967 at "Wharton" @Penn. 

Aside from sucking down coke, the old coke that is, by the can full and joining the KGB as a lark to help cover up a few sexual faux pas courtesy of the local fascist, soon to be mayor, police chief, not much to do except like eat some hoagies and cheese steaks, which come to think of it Trump never mentions cause he was never ate them and never was in Philly but more likely Moscow for his college years. etc. wink. nod. (comrades)


Win. Win. Win,

U S A, U S A, 

U S S R?