Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ted Cruz the Self-Hating Hispanic and his Complex Oedipus / Electra Issues

Ted Cruz - Self-Hating Hispanic W/ Oedipus / Electra Issues?

Warning. This may all be categorized as sarcasm or Irish (Yiddish) Dark Humor but really folks, like thirty or forty years ago people like Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Virginia Foxx and Louis Gohmert and a lot more were institutionalized in the non-PC category institution also known as a Mental Hospital.

They outsourced mental health to the streets along with the homeless under the actor/king “Dutch” Reagan and well it is like some episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent where criminals go around and get the homeless all cleaned up and get their photo taken and fingerprint them, sign them onto a million dollar life insurance policy as vice presidents of some bogus offshore corporations and then kill them and collect the insurance money. 

All good sound capitalism I think.

Well I am waiting for the punch line or the last five minutes of the show where the “they” that are sending these goobers to Congress are found out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Yeah right.

Well anyway Ted Cruz just bumps the Border Bill off the table in the House today even though technically he is like in the U.S. Senate and even though he is not really an American citizen etc.

But considering his signature Daddy’s hard luck road to success story via the Petro Fields of Canada, his daddy escaping being a rent boy for Batista first or was it Castro first…I have to say that either way Rafael “Edward” Cruz is a self-hating Hispanic - without a doubt from this day forward. 

But while we are on the subject of the mentally ill in the GOP these days, not as many in the Dems btw, I have to wonder why a Napoleonic ego like Cruz got the run of the halls of both sides of the Capitol building today. Aside from his split personality, a chameleon that pleases everybody he encounters (gets that from his dad and those rentboy days in Cuba and Austin and Dallas in 1963 etc. – but let’s not go there) – 

I have to mention Ted’s strong feminine side and well I don’t care if he is gay but I really see problems ahead if he is in charge on both sides of Capitol Hill and his unresolved Oedipus / Electra issues with both Mom and Dad that are not dealt with in any known mental health professional manner.  

Kind of reminds me of the joke about what went wrong with little Adolph (you know who)’s potty training. More dark humor?

We know Ted Cruz has Oedipus issues. His mom in out of sight, locked away (?) from “Dad” and all to himself in his apartment complex residence in TX, and of course we know why. Ten words out of her mouth along a personal history timeline would probably set in motion deportation of the whole Texas Cruz clan to Canada and or Cuba or both. That common law marriage stuff and the stuff put on a Canadian birth certificate in 1970 may have genuine statute of limitations crime factors even in Oh Canada. Just my personal opinion btw.

And of course the feminine side of Ted is subject to Dad and his Svengali Heritage Foundation purchased mail order "christian" preacher’s certificate. Talk about outsourcing the crazies to the Street out of the old mental institutions etc.  I think it is called a Daddy/Doll complex, the modern version of Electra in pop psych magazines, Ted's gosh awful awe of the official (dedacted) Dad success story. Whatever.

God help us all if the crazies like Ted Cruz are really in charge in DC. 

photo above - feminine side (right)


The New GOP - With Tits Flowing With Rye Whiskey - Ted Cruz New Speaker of the House and His Pet John Boy Boehner

Not your parents' cloth-coated Republican Party!


Speaker of the House Ted Cruz – A Self-Hating Hispanic – Kills Rep. Boehner’s Immigrant Border Bill

Cruz, the hard-line Texas Republican, has been working behind the scenes to stir up conservative opposition to a House GOP plan to approve $659 million to secure the border and handle the flow of 57,000 migrant youths....
The senator's handiwork lighted up the telephone lines in the Capitol after an appearance on a tea party webinar. He further stoked opposition among House Republicans meeting privately over pizza on the eve of Thursday's vote....
Ultimately, Boehner was pressured into attaching a Cruz-inspired bill that would halt the administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program giving 500,000 young immigrants legal status if they remain in school or join the military.



Tim Torkildson – Fired in Utah for Splainin’ English Language to Utahns Duh!

                                                                                                                    google maps

“Learn English in Utah” says the sign in the window of the strip mall office of Nomen Global Language Center.

Moron – A Homophone for Clarke Woodger? – Owner of Strip Mall NO-MEN Language Center in Provo Utah fired Tim Torkildson for trying to Splain' what a homophobe homophone is. A word that sounds alike but has different meanings.

Thank god they fired that freak before he splain'ed to his students what a pee pee is called in the dictionary. lol

A blogger for a school in Utah has lost his job after he wrote a post explaining what a homophone is and his boss accused him of promoting a gay agenda.

Until his recent dismissal, Tim Torkildson worked as a social media strategist for the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo, a private language school which aims to help students with their English.

One of Torkildon’s tasks was writing about the English language and his last post had focused on explaining what homophones are.

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and often different spellings such as be and bee, through and threw, which and witch.

When Torkildson’s boss, and the school’s owner, Clarke Woodger read the article he called him into his office and told him he was fired.

English – a second language in Moron Utah!



I am and or was once a free American

who rates the news? For years I have noticed that the major networks NBC, ABC and CBS all order their stories in the same order 9 times out of ten. And they all run their commercials at the same time, so there is no chance of channel surfing away from a commercial into another network's news. Last night with a humanitarian nightmare in Gaza, all three networks led with a story on "Ebola". Google by the way has a news headline page. Gaza does not rate on the main section. It had yesterday a tiny side headline - one. Does not reflect on the ethic ownership of Google btw - yeah right. Just call me mushroom and feed me more BS in the dark. I am and or was once a free American.