Friday, July 10, 2015

Ted Cruz’s Cult Book Whines about Placement on NYT Bestseller Lists.

PC liberal press separates Ted Cruz’s Dominionist goals from his PR Senate handouts as just another paid for corporate whore in the U.S. Congress.

The PC media ignore Ted Cruz being the anointed in the Cruz cult, with anti-Semite dad Rafael, a left over Bay of Pigs soldier of fortune whose black ops covered up resume comes straight out of Langley and being a “Pastor” of a non-existent store front tax dodge in Carrollton Texas with mail order Benny Hinn INC minister’s license in some office filing cabinet.

Ted Cruz’s latest Jabberywocky book wants paper bulk sales to thrust it instantly onto the NYT best seller list and the NYT just doesn’t go for that formula that worked for “L. Ron Hubbard’s” “Dianetics” toilet paper catalogue that used to be number one on the one of the NYT book categories for years based solely on phony reported bulk sales from interested agenda parties.