Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pas de Label -

Did you ever use the Google Translate “Web and Text” function on the Internet.

I’ve done it a few times trying to translate my blog and see what it would look like in another language. I don’t think that the gaps and flow in meaning translated but it is a start to break out of our American prison so to speak.

I am not trying to be unpatriotic but didn’t America used to lead the world in innovation and new ideas? When did we become afraid of the world? I think we became afraid when we did not feel right with ourselves and we were afraid to interface with Europeans who can speak three or four languages out of necessity to get around Europe and when they are sick they go to a doctor or a hospital and don’t get a bill.

Those nasty “socialist” countries that we seem to be socially afraid of lost the last war in terms of destruction or having to rethink and rebuild the whole of Europe and prevent anymore stupid European wars. Except for Bosnia, the main part of old Europe is still standing and looks like a great place to visit.

I am provincial and I like the United States. Somethings do scare me here. One is Health Care. The other thing is the way politicians and CEOs want to hang onto their jobs like they were the pope – lifetime employment and don’t criticize from the ranks. There was a time when men and women in factories made things, improved things, invented things.

Why are we waiting for people in Japan or India to invent electric cars? Hell, if Henry Ford were alive, they would be on the streets already. Tenure I think of incompetent, unimaginative and greedy politicians and CEOs is holding this country back from the greatness it has enjoyed in the past and the greatness our leadership should continue to nurture and expect. Time for changes in America.

I know that change can be a scary thing for some. Many of us have gone through change, multitasking, downsizing, outsourcing and reduced to ashes lifestyles. I am waiting for the punchline or the prize behind door number three. In a big way!

Speaking of tenure and dull bureaucrats in charge everywhere – the MSM and the talking heads, they inherit their jobs and go on and on and on like the Everready Bunny until they retire or are forced to retire. They are no Walter Cronkite who did retire at 65 which was I think good for him personally. To see the same face for thirty years on TV in so important a job as news delivery – I think the laxative and Pharma commercials on the nighty national news broadcasts are more exiting and more informative than the drival the talking heads get millions of dollars a year to deliver.

They say they have to cut back on news and newspapers. One talking head’s salary or one CEOs salary could fund dozens of young talented bodies in the news rooms of America. They might create something like another Golden Age of Television like in the 1950s – one never knows. Possibilities are endless.

By the way, I ran into one person, I have run into many people who are searching and there is no label for what I am, what they are in terms of beliefs and where they currently are on the road of life in their present lives. We are in our various degrees of search along the road of life, for spirituality in my case, as well as whatever is appropriate in other people’s lives.

As such, I think back to Thomas Jefferson living in the wilderness with all his “servants” and his ideas and their sweat needed to build a magnificent structure like Monticello. Jefferson or Washington or Franklin would have sought French as a language to find a new label or name for things.

As such I put the term “no label” in the Google Translator – English to French – and got “Pas de Label”. Since I ain’t sure on the frencie accent on the words, let me put on a little urban street spin to pronunciation.
Hey. What is that Cultural Christian dude all about?

I don’t know man. I think he is Pos-la-bell. (without label)

The next time somebody asks what I am in terms of my beliefs as in religion, spirituality etc. – I am “Pos-La-Bell” (Pas Label) – without label.

Have a great day. And a future great positive life too.