Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jihad - Nazi - Anti-Semitic -- Banned Hate Words

It is time to remove little bits, words, of auxiliary verbal HATE from our language. To Ban then!

I am writing this off the cuff. I removed the Jihad from my earlier article about Cordoba House / Mosque in lower Manhattan.

There is a great FOX NEWS monitored or sponsored visual rally against the mosque this coming Sunday, a so-called Christian day of rest.

I have seen what amounts to hate literature regarding the building of this porposed mosque.

JIHAD is a Muslim Hate Word.

NAZI is an antichrist or derived from Western Christian culture Hate Word – hate word when used to describe anybody other than Nazis in the Press, Radio, or TV.

Anti-Semitic is used to throw at any non-Jew or real Jews (Self Hating supposedly) who disagree with the Military Junta that runs Israel.

ANTI-SEMITIC is the most abused phrase in the English language in it double usage – it’s original meaning and now its permanent political “shut up” meaning. Used to silence the protestors against the Military Junta running Israel and its despicable and inhumane foreign polity – it is used as a HATE WORD the majority of the time these sad days in human history.

These three hate words related to the three monotheistic religions must be banned for a few decades in order to move forward to a civilized global future of all the human race.

Amen. Amen. I say to you. Roadblocks to World Peace and roadblocks to genuine communications amongst the brothers and sisters of humanity will no longer be tolerated.