Saturday, July 17, 2010

New word usage – Androphilia

From an article by Andrew Brown in the Guardian UK is a new usage of a technical term to possible describe or use other than misogyny.

Androphilia or misogyny
I think myself there is something in it, and that you can distinguish between misogyny and androphilia even when both are found in the same man, or woman. For an example, I would give you CS Lewis, whose misogyny seems to wax and wane with the state of his love life: it more or less vanished once Joy Davidman found him; but his androphilia was a life-long condition.

Androphilia has some long standing meaning in psychology. Brown is using it to describe that the male dominated churches do not hate women so much as they love their own sex over the other. An original homosexual usage can now I suppose be used to describe what seems like anti-feminism by mainstream fundamentalist churches of the Christian persuasion.

It is an everyday thing to find new uses for older words in this modern global age.

It is hard sometimes to keep up with all the changes that occur everyday in language.

Saint Paul, Josephus Flavius, Plagiarism, Timelines

I have to state that I do not think that a mere two or three years separates Jesus and the beginnings of Paul. I feel that the times between the life and mission of Jesus and a Johnny come lately reformed secular Jew named Saul, aka Paul of Tarsus, runs more in a twenty to thirty year timeframe before Paul started and morphed into his resurrected mission of Jesus.

That while some stories in the Acts of the Apostles may be true, some are fabricated for the sake of building a bridge document to connect Paul directly to Jesus and his timeline.

Not only do I not believe that Paul was in a timeline with Peter and his post Jesus mission, I believe that the reference to James, the Brother of Jesus, was plagiarized straight out of Josephus Flavius’ histories of the Jews.  That would set the whole timeline and authorship of the Acts of the Apostles back a considerable amount of time like to when Jospehus finished his then history best sellers.

The destruction of the great Temple in 70 A.D., C.E., sent a shockwave into Judaism felt to this day. It would be no surprise that in reconstructing an obscure Jesus and his mission, certain writers took liberties both with facts and or the truth using plagiarism amongst their tools to sell and market the current revised Jesus product.

So important is Josephus’s histories as a tangible proof of the existence of a Jewish State and its Fall, that the second fall of Jerusalem in 135 A.D. and Hadrian’s holocaust of the Jews then is barely noticed because it, the event, has little to none written documentation on the topic. If not in print, it did not happen?

A documentary trail from Jesus to Paul does not seem to me to match a logical timeline of events.

These assumed nineteenth century timelines regarding the Scriptures need radical realignment in the twenty-first century.

Enough said.

Womenpriests and their Movement

I am including a You Tube of the Womenpriest movement that is making the Vatican shit it panties in that the bishops want to include the ordination of women as the same sin as pedophilia (yeah right) in their basket of day old “Christian” fish for sale to an uneducated consumer public.

Comment by “Dave” on previous article stating that hatred in general for women as to their abilities and worth is no doubt a good sales point for the Vatican in primitive societies. It is still a day old basket of fish that they are selling to the third world.

This movement of women following their consciences and not stale made up rules is a sign of the Spirit of God among us.

This is Jesus. This is the original Church of Jesus before the Greeks and the Romans did a makeover to Jesus and his divine mission on earth.

God Bless Womenpriests and their movement.