Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jerusalem - Wm. Blake


Thomas Monson LDS - Benedict XVI RCC - Money Men in Charge of the New Christian Church

Money Money Money

Too many light weights in spirit and intellect seem to be getting very cushy crony positions in the church. Sally's (Cordileone) resume from Wikipedia is rather flat and almost made up like an inexperienced in life writer's first novel. Four years as a pastor in Calexico, one of the human trafficking centers on the southern border, and not a single Ave Maria regarding conditions there in a paper or even a column or two before blogs. Auxiliary bishop to the vampire Bishop Brom in San Diego who is rumored to like his sex with boys in coffins. An assignment across the bay, on the wrong side of the bay in Oakland, another hot spot of the human condition and no comments on the wittle people below his bishop palace's window. I believe he was just a paper front for the real money people like Niederauer and Monson on Prop 8 etc. The USCCB I thought was supposed to be a forum of true equals to discuss national matters. These days it is merely a barracks, another seminary setting to weed out the true Christians left scattered and hiding in the ranks, and promoting the worst of the worst up the Roman Catholic/Mormon corporate ladder.