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Cardinal Rigali States Requirements of a Good Pope – Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Justin "Big Frank" Rigali - Philly Crime Boss (Retired)

Cardinal Regali is not under the rule of Archbishop Chaput the same way Cardinal Mahony in under the fat thumb of Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles and being criticized for past performances. 

Mahony is being pulled through the mud in the Italian Press regarding his dirty bloody hands voting for a new Pope.
No such media mucking about for fellow retired reprobate Rigali. Both Mohony and Rigali are under 80 and as Cardinals are still eligible to vote.

No doubt Opus Dei wants to influence Mahony’s vote since OD Archbishop Gomez had not yet gotten his red hat.

Rigali will no doubt be selling his vote for a promotion for his portege Ambrose St. John Richard Stika to get out a shithole assignment of Knoxville Tennessee. 

Young Richard has yet to spend the money, build a new Bishop’s palace for his old boss now that he smells promotion in the air. Maybe even Chicago at this point. Anything is possible in papal elections.

The American Media is eating up the Cardinal Emeritus of Philadelphia’s fatherly advice on picking a new pope.  It is good to have your old protégé give you protection from mean old Charlie Chaput in the form of Bishop Stika of Knoxville Tennessee still planning and trying to fund a new Bishop’s palace for his old Philly crime boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali (retired – yeah right).

Cardinal Rigali, in retirement and in shabby digs, when not in Rome, with his former Protégé Bishop Stika when not in Rome, from former glory days and exile in St Louis (wink, nod), states what the new Pope needs:





What? Nothing about Kids Justin????????????

“He is first of all, going to be the Bishop of Rome. He is going to be pastor of the Universal Church with all that entails, so just imagine the qualities that are needed.”

Among the qualities he listed are compassion, and “he has to have experience, he has to have understanding.”

Also, “the question of languages is not without consideration. Since the pope is pastor of the Universal Church he has to communicate with people. Pope Benedict certainly was very good at languages and Pope John Paul II was even more so; he had an extraordinary capacity to speak languages.”


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Northeast Catholic High School for Boys Philadelphia 1926 - 2010


Chapter Two - The Long Dark Corridor – The Sounds of Silence - “222”

Chapter Two - The Long Dark Corridor – “222”

The thought comes to you sometimes. That things do and do not matter.

I had the occasion with the abundance of information floating around the Internet to see the stories of two former high school teachers’ end run of career and retirements.

The first teacher had been a been a very well groomed and interesting Spanish teacher who I had been in freshman and sophomore classes with. Through a childhood grade school friend or some similar connection, the retirement of “S.” had been shown in a two minute You Tube clip. The teacher had survived all the way to the age of sixty-five just as the last class of an inner city high school was deemed obsolete by the Archdiocese.

"S." had given up Spanish classes, and had become the disciplinarian, no doubt for job security, at that Catholic High School. The You Tube saw him making the rounds and being surprised by a group of former students cheering and applauding him as he entered the school auditorium.

Of course, there were arguments that a school that had graduated many successful men, it was an all boys school, had an alumni base willing to subsidize the losses listed on the books of keeping a great institution going for another year or two.  That the successful white alumni loved their Alma Mater and did not care that the student body was not now one hundred percent, or even fifty percent, white as in olden days. That the Archdiocese’s game plan looked to a future model of new Catholic High Schools to be built in the rich white suburbs.

In any case, there was talk of a Jesuit high school to purchase the property but in the end the Public School System forked over the cash to start one of those so-called “Charter” High School things using the bones of existing buildings as the base of a new education operation in the inner city.

Getting back to "S.", he had studied Spanish in Mexico in his junior year in college. So besides the grammar of that language was a bag full of stories of his experiences relating and interrelating to that foreign culture.  In retrospect, it is strange how Americans can be so ignorant of a culture right next door and over the next border.

The friend from childhood that had told me or wrote to me or maybe just posted the You Tube on Facebook had been passing along some info. Much appreciated. And another grade school chum had sought me out to become part of that social network after another childhood friend had died. The dead classmate had in fact lived just two doors down from me back then. 

That the social network thing can keep old acquaintances alive in indirect contact and act in a manner that word of mouth, neighborhoods or hardcopy local newspapers had acted as in the recent past before the coming of this in some way mysterious new global culture thing.

The story about a Spanish teacher, though perhaps long winded was an intro to the another part of my story here and my reaction of sorts to an English teacher in high school.

I had related the story of Father Ed in The Long Dark CorridorI had touched upon some matters perhaps delicate and now long gone of the sexual orientation of some of the priests that taught in that high school. But I cannot let go of things sometimes. 

I also read recently of a retirement of an English teacher that went on to much higher things in the front office education bureaucracy of the archdiocese in the chancery downtown, sharing space with the hierarchy in that strange little office building, prefab, and hastily risen close to forty years ago.

“E.” was no doubt a very ambitious teacher. He no doubt was filled with many innovative ideas to modernize education in my high school and beyond to other schools in the archdiocese. Considering that I knew him in his salad days. I did not like him from day one. His loud high pitched boisterous way of talking and acting out the role of teacher as if on a stage and in a large auditorium without a sound system, in retrospect, speaks to me of a self-taught orator or one that did not adjust from the larger stage as in a college debating club to that of a classroom with about forty students.

In a way I did not seek to be put into his showcase “honors” English class.  And from day one, he made it clear that this was a showcase program and the whole world, meaning the Principal’s office and the archdiocese was looking to see how this pilot program would produce great students and great writing from the inner city turds that populated this high school's hallways.

They did segregate all us white male students according to the entrance test to the high school that we took in eighth grade into perhaps A, B, C tiers. With tiers overlapping.  And as I think back I was at the bottom of “A” or more likely the top of “B”. That people you sat next to in homeroom, you never saw again during the day except maybe at lunchtime. You were grouped according to your academic scores. Small bubbles within bubbles in an education system, wheels within wheels.

I had done very well in freshman year in terms of test scores in the English course. One of the strange things was that in this new elite English class in sophomore year, I saw no familiar faces except one. And as I think back, my freshman English class was something of hodge podge of kids of various levels of achievement. 

The teacher had been a Reverend Mister, a seminarian in his fifth year in seminary study who had just accomplished a four year degree and was being farmed out into the field for teaching experience in a religious order famed for its education status as a teaching order of priests and brothers.

On a side note, at the end of my junior year in high school, I was in the school band, marching on Memorial Day.  We stopped for a quick break and pit stop somewhere along the way.  That Reverend Mister came up to me in civilian clothes, tee shirt, shorts, and sneakers to say hi.  I could not but help notice that he was with a young lady.  He had not been in the school in my junior year.  He briefly explained that he was no longer in the seminary and wanted to know how I was doing etc. No doubt his hetero ways made him decide on a change in career etc. Never saw or heard of him again btw.

And speaking of the teacher base in a religious teaching facility, a high school run by the archdiocese, the religious still outnumbered the male lay teachers back then. The lay teachers for the most part were under 26 years of age. It was the age of Vietnam and the draft and they gave deferments to teachers. When they turned 27, most of them departed. Bolted in fact!

Two projects of that freshman English class stand out in my mind. One was the reading of the English translation of The Iliad by Homer and the almost chapter by chapter, blow by blow, bloody naked carcass by bloody naked carcass description of the carnage of war of that piece of ancient literature in more like a history lesson than an English class.

Second was a study of Mythology by Edith Hamilton. There had been a twenty question test on the names of all the gods and goddesses and lower categories of Mt. Olympus family members. I got a 100 on the test, being the only one in class to do so. Many had got a 95 but for some reason, I had memorized the secondary name of the moon goddess and I cannot remember now what that name was but no doubt I did well in that freshman class to be sent on to the honors English class in sophomore year.

Now here is where a lot of conflict happened for me. One, I did not know of any honors class in freshman year. Nor had anybody asked if I wanted to join such a club as it termed out to be.

In retrospect, I think that maybe my freshman year in high school and the different path that led me to sophomore honors English was my freshman schedule that I know was different that most of the others who ended up in sophomore honors English. I think that my Spanish class with “S.” had had me end up in a last minute put together freshman class with the reverend mister, a miscellaneous overthrow class to put people whose other courses such as language or math put them in schedule conflicts elsewhere. 

As such I was out of a social loop, and came into a sophomore class many of whom were already acquainted with each other in English in freshman year with schedules arraigned around French and German classes. I only knew one guy from freshman English in that sophomore class and he ironically was someone who had my exact duplicate schedule that first year. He was also someone out sick a great deal of the time, so I never really got to know him very well.

This is where another unpleasant memory pops into mind. Eighth grade and the elitist nun, with her nose raised in the air because she had been assigned to some poor Irish parish in the inner city, she went into such a stink when I submitted my desired optional courses on a piece of paper submitted to the high school. “Spanish”! It’s a mongrel language! You won’t be able to get into a decent college with Spanish on your high school record! You need French or German to get into college etc.

I had in fact took the course because my order sister had taken Spanish and I was hoping for some home tutoring regarding that course on language. 

Anyway, day one of sophomore honors English and the speech about us being the crème de la crème, the pilot program that was going to breakout of all expectations. There was also going to be a college style course load of a book a week to be read, analyzed and tested on and of course only the best writing possible was to be sought for as a targeted goal.  Under no circumstance was anyone ever going to get the coveted A+++ on any assigned essay etc.

Well, the fawning of the troops over this new messiah like teacher started from day one. And the many of them who talked so highly of “E.” outside of class.  Many in his regular English classes had more than enough to say about the crazy sophomore English teacher who no doubt gave the same or similar workloads to them.

I in retrospect have read some points of people not happy with “E.”, in recent years on the Internet, in this academic rule in later years in the Archdiocese head office, and these points seem to confirm to me that unless you joined his cult of adoration of his ideas and his vision regarding education, your careers in education were on shaky ground. Enough said about that because what I have seen on the Internet no doubt only represents a small margin view of the abilities and or accomplishments of this person.

I do remember in Senior Year, many of his prized Sophomore English honor students were in charge of putting together the Senior Yearbook that there were something like thirteen picture of “E.” from still adoring students from his personal and or English honors cult.

I am not a joiner. Perhaps I am loner. Just a few weeks into “E’s” sophomore class we had to write an essay on “The Sounds of Silence” and we were supposed to be creative because there were no guidelines besides the title of the essay.

Well, I can remember getting into this essay for some reason. I got very abstract and perhaps even spiritual. I can only remember the inspiration of a quiet moment in an early morning hour one summer’s day that I happened to be up just before dawn and how beautiful and magical the silence and lack of the presence of any automobiles or trucks in an otherwise very crowded and busy street intersection near where I lived, before the days of the nearby Interstate that became the present main artery of all that north south city traffic.

“E” hands out the essays with marks on them to most.  He holds back a few of the essays and begins to read them and praise them and criticize them as he went along. He then handed them back one by one to the authors. He continued to read. Then one begins to see the marks on the papers A+++ and one realizes that he does hand out A+++ marks and I was so filled with an internal glee that I had made the cut. I was going to get a A+++ and he was going to read it out loud in class. Such an honor.

My paper seemed to be on the bottom of his pile. Was he saving the best for last? I would never know.

The bell rang. Class was over. He handed my paper to me without comment and it did in fact have the A+++ rating but nobody in the class would hear my words aloud from the performing orator on the stage of the class.  My heart sank in total disappointment. Did he leave the best for last? Did time run out unnoticed to him? Or did he time it all by eyeing the clock. I can be so paranoid sometimes. 

But I got the A+++.  Been there.  Done that.  Time to move on. Etc.

I decided then and there. I would drop his course. So much of what he had fed this class so far was his own personal bullshit full of his ambitious plan to one day run the school system downtown which he in fact did one day. I have since read many things about cults and brainwashing and such and “E.” would have made a great Jim Jones in the secular world etc. IMHO.

I also as I have written this blog for many years have to wonder how ambitious church lady types with penises, how they rise to the top of their professions being perhaps tops and not giving a shit about who gets ground into sausage along the way, especially children.

I also have  to wonder how “E.” built his great education system as the archdiocese, one by one, shut down their inner city schools and high schools.  That glory sometimes is a story, a press release, as the world and or institution dies from attrition. 

Will the last person in the Archdiocese Education Office at “222” kindly turn off the lights as they leave the building forever.

I also have to wonder how many times how the elites of the Education Department rubbed elbows with the Elites of the hierarchy at board meetings or gatherings over cocktails and how polite church talk and education talk never got mixed with the very real talk of child abuse and criminal cover up emanating from the Cardinal’s penthouse office suite on the top floor above?

So it goes.


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Holy Spirit(?) Moves College of Cardinals to Rush into Papal Election to make way for Easter Week Sales at the Vatican Gift Shop for the Tourists.

Crowds are important in the Vatican business. 

Having people standing around St. Peter’s Square waiting for a pope to be elected is not good for business.

Especially for Easter Week Sales of Christ and New Pope chotskis. Of course they might have dolls and stuffed animals with an image of the new Pope ready for the Easter Tourist rush. More than likely there will be a fire sale of Benedict baubles from warehouses full of such outdated stuff now that Benedict’s retirement interferes with future marketing sales of such.

There was an estimated loss of $2 million dollars when from January first until last week, the Vatican ATMs could only dispense cash and not accept Credit Card or Debit Card purchases by tourists.

No doubt the EU Bank Regulators were sending a message to the Vatican State to follow the standard laws and ethics of secular banking.

One strange phenomenon. A German has been named new Head of the I.O.R. or Vatican Bank, no doubt Germany and the EU wanting a foothold inside the Vatican Bank.

Compromise on that I think in that I hear the new German bank guy is a Knight of Malta etc. LOL

Who is going to be the new pope? I hear the Vatican Gift Shop is stocking up on Cheese Hats. Oy vey!

Why are Cuban American Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Ashamed of their Mothers’ Names?

GOP Token "Hispanic" Senators Rubio-Garcia and Cruz-Darragh (aka)

Senator Marco Rubio -Garcia of Florida and Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz -Darragh call themselves Hispanic and or Cubano and they appear to hate their mommas.

Marco has problems with speaking in public a lot like Richard Nixon. He is some sort of savior for the Republicans. Nixon used to sweat like a pig on the way to slaughter when he used to speak. Rubio-Garcia goes all dry in the mouth when he gives a speech. He still is shamed of his momma.

Ted Cruz prances around the Senate with a Canadian kind of walk and talk. He was born there. So maybe he dropped his momma’s name up there in Polar Bear Country.  His rhetoric reminds me of Joe McCarthy.  I am like young enough to remember people having a fresh memory of that confused closeted tortured soul. A lot of really really homophobes in the GOP. Not to say that they are all closeted gays. Cruz-Darragh still is ashamed of his momma’s last name.

There is a lot of dumbed down American stuff about the Hispanic culture where the media gets confused about the Mother Suffix Name system in the general Hispanic Culture.

Of course, things might be different in Cuba.  But a simple reading even of Wikipedia would see that Fidel Castro-Ruz is not ashamed of his momma. Or her name.

Which makes me wonder when you get government handouts, affirmative action, CIA scholarships to go in one generation, according to each of their phonied up Anglicized Hispanic bios, from picking beans, washing dishes, to having college and law degrees from Florida or Harvard. Yeah right.

We all know that the Cuban American Community in Miami is ready to condo-ize Cuba once Fidel Passes. It is possible we see in Marco and Ted, two future stooges, Scott Walker types, being groomed for the very important token role for the CIA, as the First Governor of the Fifty First State of Cuba? LOL

No doubt the Far Right feels comfortable with their token “Hispanic” lap dogs in the form of Cuban American and Canadian Cuban Americans  Marco Rubio-XXXXXX  of Florida and “Ted” Cruz-XXXXXXX of Texas.

Has anybody inside the liberal eastern media climbed down from their corporate towers and asked the average real Hispanic in the Street what they think of the token GOP Anglicized “Hispanics” on the conflicted GOP gameplan spreadsheet for winning future elections with real people or GOP cardboard cut-outs in America.  LMAO

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Carmina Quartet - Rolf Lislevand - Boccherini: La Musica Notturna di Madrid - Passa Calle


The Secret of Fatima - The End of the Papacy?

I remember this thing from first grade in 1958 and it was related to the apparition of Mary at Fatima. The thing of course was the secret letter containing prophecy and to be opened in 1960. Suspense, mystery and absoluteness were hallmarks of this then urban legend.

The legend no doubt twittered out from the convent of Lucia who wrote down these memories twenty five years after their happening. Twenty five years can change a bit of context or connotation. The four gospels were in general consensus written forty to sixty years after the death of Jesus. Of course Sister Lucia’s memory and voice were of one person and not many.

I have read this so-called third letter and released from the Vatican that got spun in different ways. Before I comment, here is the text of that so-called third “secret” prophecy:

"I write in obedience to you, my God, who command me to do so through his Excellency the Bishop of Leiria and through your Most Holy Mother and mine.

 "After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God." 

No doubt Pius XII read this letter in private. He may have shit himself if he read it in early 1944 with the Nazi army camped outside the gates of the Vatican. He probably put it away to 1960 as recommended by Sister Lucia when it was supposed to be clearer in its meaning.

John XXIII became pope in 1958 and called for a Council within three months of his taking office, in early 1959. I think he read that “secret” letter and it may have helped in his decision to call a Council.

The difficult part of any “prophecy” is in who interprets and or who understands the prophecy.

Cardinal Ratzinger, as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, is one of a handful of people, mostly popes, who had access and read this message of Mary in Fatima before its official release in 2000.

The fringe conspiracy types put a blanket of doubt over the full disclosure by Ratzinger and or the Vatican in that this is a vision interpreted by Lucia and there are no words and or message in this third part of a whole message package.

John Paul the Great, superstar of the Vatican, took this vision to mean that he was the Bishop in White and that instead of being killed, he was saved from death by the divine intervention of Our Lady of Fatima. He was shot in 1981 in St. Peter’s Square and survived on the feast of that Lady of Fatima. Indeed, the big “M” on his coat of arms stood for Mary. He felt that his survival after Fatima Day was more than a coincidence but divine. He was strongly into the Mary cult wing of the RC church which has a tendency to be medieval or “traditional” on its religious perception of the church’s mission.

John Paul II takes the prophecy or vision of Sister Lucia literally. As a playboy superstar who was privately criticized for spending more time on planning with worldwide rockstar tours than spending time on the nitty gritty of politics and bureaucracy at the Vatican, John Paul thought it was “all about me” in the opinion of some who worked with him.

The one man who Pope Rockstar could always turn to in the nitty gritty bureaucrat role was Joseph Ratzinger, the present pope. Appointed as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith – formerly known was the Holy Office of the Inquisition - in 1981, Ratzinger was the hard nosed bureaucrat you came up against if you did not follow the party line in your role of layman, nun, priest or bishop.

Joe was John Paul’s bad cop in the good cop/bad cop routine of John Paul raking in the glory and PR success. Now in retrospect, perhaps the historic case or label might be good pope/bad pope in the scheme of things.

This past duty roster and his twenty four year methodology of being a power behind the throne until he himself is now in the superstar spotlight (a hard to follow act of that of JPII) perhaps first and foremost this past is the greatest obstacle to Benedict XVI’s public interface and the public’s perception of him as Bishop of Rome. That and Benedict’s perhaps personal and private thought that anybody can be a rockstar. Yeah right.

John Paul II had the same medieval, backward looking, not friendly user attitude toward the laity that Benedict XVI is now being trashed for. John Paul II could get away with it. John Paul II, if you read current history books, single handedly brought down the evil Soviet Empire. The west, masters of the liberal media, and pro-western, anti-Soviet propaganda, makes John Paul some sort of Nietzsche religious superman if such a combination could possibly occur.

In fact, I think that in fifty years, I believe that historians if they are able to be honest will paint the source of the present crumbling western culture on three people. They will be Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II. Not a true axis of evil so to speak but maybe a goofy “Gang of Three” who set the western civilization down a wrong road toward Global fascism and away from human liberation and freedom – a secular real time salvation.

Right now my personal advice to Benedict XVI is to stop trying to be a rockstar. Tear down the Rockstar Audience Theatre and go back to being a Pope in a photograph on the wall or a holy card in the missal of all good and faithful Catholics. Keep your mouth shut or at least have twenty bureaucrats review your remarks before releasing them to the public

Getting back to Sister’s Lucia’s prophecy/vision – John XXIII understood the meaning of the letter of Fatima all too well. Pope John understood the vision on a symbolic level while John Paul took it on a literal level.

On a symbolic level, if the White Bishop is the all too powerful head of a Catholics only Church, then the organization will die if the Papacy dies or is prevented from acting in an actual political or religious sense. The death of the RC church drags her sister churches down as well with her. The whole world becomes a truly darker place then. This is not unlike the so-called prophecy of the now defunct sister churches in Asia Minor in the Book of Revelation – a book, as prophecy, that I personally do not subscribe to.

The pope and or the Vatican is not the Church. The Church is not buildings – it is people – it is the People of God.

Fifty years from now I can picture not a dead Christian Church but a living, thriving, growing institution on all continents and being the Anglican, Lutheran, Roman, Orthodox Church for want of a better term for a United Christianity that I think is the Great (unrecognized) Legacy of John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council.


Mondo and Dwayne – Travelin Shoes – Red Pradas


Is This Why Benedict XVI Had to Resign? The Looting of An Old Lady, Gabrielle Mee of her $60 Million Dollars by the Legion of Christ and Ratzinger Standing By and Doing Nothing?

Marcial Maciel-Degollado - Pedophile King (of the Vatican)

This below is a dump of thousands of documents, depositions etc. with the highest levels of the Grifter Marcial MacielDegollado's organizationthe Vatican Approved Pedophile King’s organization The Legion of Christ, and contacts of a man and an organization that were untouchable because of the millions in bribes he laid on the boys at the Vatican for decades and decades.   

Somewhere in there is no doubt an audit trail of Ratzinger and Sodano and Wojtyla all greasing their own palms and careers and agendas and ignoring the child rape culture of great men like Marcial Maciel who called the $hot$ in the Vatican.

When Gabrielle D. Mee, a wealthy Rhode Island widow, left her $60 million fortune to a powerful Catholic order called the Legion of Christ in 2008, revelations had already begun to surface that its charismatic founder, the Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, had molested under-age seminarians and fathered several children.

But a niece of Mrs. Mee, Mary Lou Dauray, came to believe that her aunt must have been kept in the dark about Father Maciel’s misdeeds, so that her fortune would go to the order. On Friday, thousands of pages of documents in a 2009 lawsuit that Mrs. Dauray filed were released to the public, shedding additional light on how the Legion managed information about its founder and came to control Mrs. Mee’s money. 

The documents had been sealed by the court, but several news organizations, including The New York Times, sued to have them released. A Rhode Island judge ruled on Thursday that there was no reason they should not be made public. They had not been fully reviewed by The Times by Friday night. 

They include depositions given by top leaders of the Legion, including the Rev. Luis Garza, the current head of the Legion’s North American operations. 

Widowed in 1985, Mrs. Mee pledged her life to the order at age 80, and she promised that she would eventually release her assets to the organization. The papers explain how the order came to control most aspects of her life and include a deposition, given for another lawsuit, in which she explained how happy she was living with the order. 

Mrs. Dauray’s lawsuit was dismissed by a Rhode Island Superior Court judge last year, after he ruled that she lacked the legal standing to dispute the terms of her aunt’s will. Bernard A. Jackvony, Mrs. Dauray’s lawyer, said on Friday that he was filing an appeal. 

“She was a very believing and trusting woman,” said Mrs. Dauray, 72, who lives in California. She said she wanted her aunt’s fortune to go to other Catholic charities. “I know that she wouldn’t have given this money if she had known about the founder,” she said.


Vatican Joke – Cardinal, Is that a Rolex you are wearing on your wrist? – No, that is a Maciel-Degollado! Ha Ha Ha

Vatican Joke – Cardinal, Is that a Rolex you are wearing on your wrist? – No, that is a Maciel-Degollado! Ha Ha Ha

With the document dump in lawsuits Regarding the Looting of the Gabrielle Mee Estate by the Legion of Christ, a lawsuit from newspapers to get access to thousands of documents and despositions of the Grifter Charity Racket and Child Rape Ring run by one of the more respected and untouchable men in the Vatican under John Paul II, the hope is that many documents will lead to indictments of still living criminals such as Cardinals Angelo Sodano and Josef Ratzinger that protected and enabled the child rape culture of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide.

Is this why Benedicct XVI had to resign so fast and get out of town so to speak???

Next Papal Election to be Rigged by Diebold Voting App on Cardinal Conclave Issued iPads – News at 11 - Beware the Ides of March

Word is that Benedict will be locked away safely in the Vatican once his resignation goes into effect.

He will not be going to the Summer Palace to sit out the election of his successor for fear that even Italy will no longer extend Lateran Treaty immunity protection anymore to an international criminal.

That the Führerbunker under the Nunnery is near completion for the government in exile of Benedict XVI. The Church is under siege from Satan - the forces of Modernism - the Church goes back underground to the catacombs when necessary. 

Government Liaison Archbishop Ganswein is ready to instruct the new puppet pope what to say and what documents to sign and how to act graciously when handed international subpoenas from European and International Courts etc.

The layer of protection between the new head of state (pope) and the man who committed the crimes could take years to break down regarding that firewall, first line of defense.

The Philadelphia Plan is now in effect – aka the “The Uncle Junior Soprano” Defense and or the Cardinal Bevilacqua Defense. 

Daily verbal practice of the defense will hopefully work its way into Ratzinger’s long term memory.
“Ich bin alt. Ich vergesse. Ich bin senil.”  Should god forbid he would ever have to take the witness stand at his trial(s).

Papal election will convene at 9:00 AM March 15th or there abouts.  After mid morning coffee breaks, Cardinal Electors will get a ten minute instruction video presentation on how to use their new iPads with Diebold Corp Election App.  

Cardinals will do a test vote to prime the program.  Real first vote may be before and after lunch.

Vote. White smoke out of the chimney  by 2:00 PM.

New Pope with his already perfectly tailored clothing appears on papal balcony by 4:00 PM.

Media sound bites, edited, and  satellited out to the planet by 6:00 PM.

News conference next day at 10:00 AM.

“New Pope likes pasta and puppies.”

Duh!  LMAO (Rolling on the floor)


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McSorley’s NYC – Year 159 – Feb 17, 1854

Liverwurst, onion and mustard - Standard Fare for 159 years

Indoor plumbing since 1911 - (Of Note - No Ladies Room - Please knock first to use the facilities.)

"McSorley's Back Room" - 1912 - Artist John Sloan


The Sterile Nature of Sexxxuality Officially Sanctioned by the Teachings of the Vatican Catholic Church Cult

Joe and Georg - not your average couple

Sex is or is not sex depending on the situation. I consider sex itself something of a body function thing in most cases to be quite frank.

Mixing it with morality is really just confusing it with possible legal matters and not moral matters especially when it comes to the traditional Hebrew commandments concerning property, i.e. adultery, coveting your neighbor’s property, wife, chattel etc.

There was a time when celibacy meant chastity. That it got imposed on the clergy in the eleventh century to curb the unchecked gayness of the pope and his courtiers in the Vatican.

The thing to keep it in your pants for the gay priests and cardinals raised a great jealousy against the heterosexual priests that were allowed to still marry and practice openly their kind of sexuality. Celibacy then became to mean "not-married" (not allowed to marry and keeping it in your pants optional).

It must have been a great relief to sweep all things sexual into the “other” miscellaneous column of life when the RC Church stopped talking about real sex or dealing with it around the year 1050 C.E..

About the same time, you have a major schism between the Roman Church and the Orthodox Church, over who is the really real successor of Peter bullshit fight going on between Rome and Constantinople.

And shortly thereafter of this sexual mess, sexual mistake of “celibacy” you have the Crusades because to make the economics of this whole mess relevant, Rome no longer could get coffee so to speak or some other real time commodities of that age from the middle east and Constantinople was no longer a friendly trading partner, middle man, with the West because of the Schism.

Quite a mess, sexual, religious and economic, not to mention how dangerous it suddenly got to be living in Jerusalem.

Fast forward a thousand years. Benedict XVI, and he needs to hide from prosecutors in European and American Courts and will now wall himself up in a “Nunnery” and pray and contemplate getting arrested for crimes against humanity, mostly children in the humanity equation but also the money laundering thing at the Vatican Bank making the modern world, as part of Satan’s “modernism” the one true enemy at the gates of Vatican City.

I have some creepy reactions to Benedict XVI’s so called retirement. Day by the day the official press releases unravel into things that do not quite make sense to me.

For example, One is that they, the media, the Vatican Press Office said that he was retiring to a cloistered convent which is all well and good.  But the nuns left at the end of November in order to facilitate the reconstruction of the convent to turn the nunnery into a sexy bachelor pad for the retiring Joe the Pope as I am fond of calling him. Will the nuns return to cook his meals, clean his house and change his Depends when construction ends?

That and the nature of this Mater Ecclesiae nunnery founded in 1994 by John Paul II is to pray non-stop for the pope and the cardinals running the Vatican. Hardly a Chantrywhereby a trust fund is set up for eternal masses to be said by a priest presumably for a king at a dedicated altar somewhere in the former king’s cathedral etc., a practice, an abuse that disappeared during and after the Reformation, the trust fund being too easily looted both by the Catholics and Protestants on that matter.

The whole purpose of these nuns is to serve God by doing a 24/7/365 praying for dicks like John Paul II and Benedict XVI that need hundreds and thousands of nuns in reality to pray for their souls, if you believe in the power of prayer, considering the amount of damage these two very ambitious church men have done collectively to the fabric of the Roman Catholic Infrastructure but more importantly the damage they did and have done and continue to do to the psyche of the true church, the People of God. Bummer!

I am also imagining that Benedict’s hideout is in plain sight at the Vatican, besides to exercise a Mafia Don’s Diplomatic Immunity to crimes, with an imprimatur from Benito Mussolini, I think that maybe Benedict wants to keep an eye on the Bureaucrats to make certain that above all, sexual and other forms of blackmail continue to rule the basis of the Vatican Cult thing. Brotherhood is a good thing but a gun to one’s head is a better persuader to keep the old gang in line and not have any rats turning state’s evidence etc.

I am also half imaging that certain observation spots on the roof of St. Peter’s will now have live webcams and give a select few in the hierarchy 24/7 views of Benedict’s roof garden on top of his “nunnery”.

No doubt the topic of chit chat among chief honcho bureaucrats in red on a daily basis will be “Did you see him today?” “How did he look?” “How long before he takes his secrets to the grave…?” Etc.

Getting back to the sterile nature of sex as envisioned in the confused sexual nature of the Vatican HQ Cult. Add to this mixture, Benedict is taking his boy toy into retirement with him.

Monsignor, house boy, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the private secretary will not get some assignment in Regensberg etc. or at least not by this pope. He will no doubt continue to be the eyes and ears of Benedict to the rest of the world until Josef Ratzinger’s demise. Is Benedict his ball and chain or is he Benedict’s ball and chain? LOL

And of course the relationship of Joe to Georg is platonic. Is of a possible father son thing since neither is sexual but "celibate"?

Nothing terribly wrong in the sterile non-sexual connotation of the whole thing. Throughout history sterile men in childless marriages have courted father son relationships with other men.

I am thinking of Augustus and Tiberius, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, Napoleon with a few of his young hunky generals and of course Adolph Hitler and Albert Speer.

Oh well. Whatever.