Friday, June 1, 2012

Catholic Charities – an Oxymoron?

I believe the Prince Bishop Dolan the other day was on the Martin Bashir news hour on MSNBC and threatened to close shop on his NYC Charity racket if the black man in the White House did not give into his imperial demands for privilege and entitlement and the right to deny female employees chemical/medications also known as contraception.

As I understand it, taxpayer money is used for some social services and or charities and administered by Dolan’s charity racket that gets to skim off a percentage of the cash as profit - fees.

In a way, I do not know how all this got started, the church in the secular social services “charity” distribution stuff.

Everything in NYC seems to have to function and operate along the mob business model with the alpha organization getting a cut before distribution to the general population whether it be food, petrol, education or even charity.

It is a strange thing. I seem to remember forty years back in Philly when I was still more or less Catholic (less) and I read about the local annual Catholic Charities Appeal that was exclusively a charity by Catholics only and for Catholics.  I remember reading at the time that the majority of the monies collected were going for construction of nursing homes. The question arose as to why.  

The answer dictum ex cathedra via Cardinal Krol was that the nursing homes were needed to house the parents of priests and nuns. The premise being that the Charity had to take care of these elderly people or else the priests and nuns would have to exit their jobs and do so privately. And since it was post Vatican II, there was a mass exodus to the doors already of the clergy and religious. Made perfect Catholic sense at the time.

That charity these days to Catholics as a base is paid for by secular tax dollars and beyond that “charity” goes to non-Catholics? Who designed this fucked up Rube Goldberg charity system/racket?  George Bush?

Fast forward forty years.  I think I have read that the Prince Bishop Dolan’s bailiwick and the mob’s Catholic bailiwick in Brooklyn are self-insured in the healthcare thingy – cutting out corporate healthcare insurance middle men.  Strange that Prince Bishop Dolan wants the Prez to drop a standard that his employees might demand under self-insurance.

This whole social services thing, administered with add ons to the Catholic Charities business model and organization, mixes a small few percentage points of Catholic money with a majority percentage of secular taxpayer money and it is still called Catholic Charities.  Why is that?

Catholic Charities – an Oxymoron?