Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Queen Bee Ann Romney Has Already Ordered New Curtains For The White House

First Lady to Bee Ann Romney has already ordered curtains for the Yellow Oval Room in the private quarters and Wall Paper for the Presidential Bedroom.

Ann Romney was dismayed to hear the horror tale of Laura Bush about how long it was – months – years to refurnish the private living quarters at the White House. To remove the semen stained wallpaper in Bill Clinton’s bedroom etc. … Oh, the horror!

Ann Romney contacted the George W. Bush Presidential Library and has already received the dimension particulars of curtain measurements and rolls of wallpaper required, to as it was told to me – “to get that musty non-Mormon Democratic smell out of the White House” asap after the First Mormon Family takes possession of the premises on January 20, 2013.

You go girl!


Hey Mitt Romney, the 47% pay plenty of Regressive taxes to support your Rich Man’s “Business” Deductions

I am a Corporation - therefore I am a People

The 47% play plenty of taxes, Mr. My Lunch is Deductible Corporation Mitt Romney.

About the only tax that the working and non-working poor pay in New York City that is not deductible on your Phantom Rich Man’s Income Tax Returns – the Cigarette Tax and you don’t smoke you cheap bastard. 

NYC/NYS Retail Sales Tax – 8.75% (4% NYS - 4.75% NYC)

Gasoline Taxes NYC - 17% various city, state, federal, excise taxes

Property Taxes, Varies

Social Security Tax, - 4.2 %

Medicare Tax, - 1.45%

Cable TV Tax/Telephone Subscriber Tax, - 13.4% of base price
(Taxes and fees imposed on cable TV and telephone subscribers are, on average, twice as high as taxes on other retail goods, 13.40 versus 6.61 percent.)

Cigarette Tax NYS/NYC - $5.85 per pack

Alcohol (beer) - $.14 per gallon plus sales tax

Alcohol (wine) - $.30 per gallon plus sales tax

Alcohol (liquor) - $1.70 per liter plus sales tax

Etcetera Taxes …..


I hate the entitled poor 47% Mitt Romney Donor Appeal Spiel

No problem on the vision thingy with Mitt. 

He has no vision. 

Just cash, cash, cash, and more cash. 

Once a Bain man - always a Bain man. 


Mitt’s Racist - Elitist - Coded - “Entitled” Talk

"My 15 home property taxes are a bitch!" - Mitt Romney

Yes Massa Mitt, you comments on the Lack of Enthusiasm for people to be your or your rich donors’sexual fantasy - to be your victims - Well, the Antebellum South is dead y’all.

The poor may not pay taxes. But you and your mean spirited crowd don't pay any taxes either - so why is the pot full of cash calling the kettle full of water BLACK?

Off the Books "Unentitled" Jane does Don't tax me "Entitled" Ann's hair

Yes Massa Mitt, it’s true.  Many of us do not want to share your recycled vision of everybody beneath you and your mean spirited republicanism, your mean phony crony Mormon Charity, your rich donor gluttony for more, more, more.

Us minimum wage Negroes are apparently immune from Massas Mitt and Paul’s invitation to rejoin the nineteenth century southern plantation and northern factory slave system.

Feck U Jack (Mormon)!

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's Jack off (Republican) Dreams.

*   *   *