Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus – Victory (Nike) - Tolerance - Ecumenism

A sacred shrine of the goddess Victory (Nike) was removed from the Roman Senate chamber in 382 C.E. by one Roman emperor.
Quintus Aurelius Symmachus, a Roman politician, statesman, scholar and Pagan appealed to the next emperor in 384 C.E. for the return of this sacred feminine symbol that had been in the Senate for over four hundred years and placed there originally by Augustus himself.

An appeal to religious toleration and ecumenism within the Roman family of religions by Quintus Aurelius Symmachus was made to the politically weak and notorious pedophile Roman Emperor Valentinian II, and on the fence in terms of beliefs in the theology monopoly sought by Constantine’s Christian Cult.

"And so we ask for peace for the gods of our fathers, for the gods of our native land. It is reasonable that whatever each of us worships is really to be considered one and the same. We gaze up at the same stars, the sky covers us all, the same universe compasses us. What does it matter what practical systems we adopt in our search for the truth. Not by one avenue alone can we arrive at so tremendous an understanding of the mystery, the all, of the Universe." -- Quintus Aurelius Symmachus

To which a reply for puppet emperor Valentinian arrived from the anti-feminist, self-hating homosexual bishop of Milan, Ambrose, which set the tone of religious intolerance for another thousand years in western culture. One can only imagine what words came out of such a twisted human mind and heart.

Victoriam et nudus ante frustra neque ad militiam neque ad gloriam Christi Dei nostril 
The naked tits of Victory serve no purpose, either to the army or the glory of Jesus, our God

The magic sacred trinity of power: the Emperor, the Army and the Church, was born.
And, also sealed, for another eleven hundred years, the standards of Catholic religious intolerance and Catholic Bigotry until the arrival of the great Christian Reformer Martin Luther in 1517.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Stars and Stripes Forever - Piano - Sousa - Horowitz - Claire Huanci

Bishop Brom San Diego – Vampire Bishop? – Twilight Cathedrals California? – Kinky Catholic Sex in Coffins

This is a bit late for Halloween and perhaps a bit silly, but a few thoughts.

Twilight – Breaking Dawn – a vampire flick just grossed close to $300 million on its opening weekend.

And I ran into the weirdest reference in Wiki about the current RC bishop of San Diego California whose settlement, out of court, from his youthful indiscretions with children that did not keep him from being a bishop in San Diego.

BTW, border towns or near border towns like San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, El Paso, or transportation hubs with Mexico like Calexico CA have long been the dumping grounds for pedo priests in the United States. Why?  Illegals can’t call the cops when the local padre rapes their children.
Anyway. The weird thing about Bishop Brom (any relation to Bram, Bram Stoker?), is the obscure reference to kinky gay vampire sex in coffins for a self hating gay? self-hating vampire? like Bishop Brom?

Robert Brom was accused of coercing a student into a sexual relationship at a seminary in Minnesota, where he once was rector and later headed the Diocese of Duluth. The alleged victim reportedly claimed that the incident of abuse occurred "in a coffin along with other bishops". Due to the "unusual" allegation, no criminal charges were brought at the time and, according to Brom, the settlement was made to offer psychological assistance for the alleged victim.
Doing further research, I have not been able to tie down that “in a coffin with other bishops” quote to a specific document. But it leaves a lot to my imagination. A lot!

Having recently done an Architectural Review of the RC Oakland Cathedral that got built for $200 million, and the old cathedral damaged in an earthquake could have been repaired for $8 million dollars, I have to wonder the need to spend so much?  And why also a new RC Cathedral in Los Angeles for another $200 million dollars? 

Aside from the need for underground parking, the major use of space underground competing with the parking is the Crypts, acres and acres of Mausoleum space underground? Honeycombed under these new church structures.

Time was when churches were places of worship.

But I guess there is more money selling burial space to elites and renting to out of town California vampire types like Bishop Brom? LOL

With all these TV shows, movies, books about blood sucking and the undead, La La Land big business - money, is somebody trying to let us know something about the dark underbelly of the human soul?

Who better to get involved in banking and the dark underbelly of the soul than the RC church?


Have a nice.  (cover your neck)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

Finn-Ratigan – That Kumbaya Moment – Wash.,DC 2007

You must all already know about this.  Right?

Perhaps more than the alleged kiddie porn that got conveniently lost on Father Shawn Ratigan’s laptop, the one the boot licking stooges at the Chancery gave to Ratigan’s relatives in the hopes of the destruction of evidence - 

perhaps there was a photo or two of that KUMBAYA moment in 2007, when Shawn and Bobby were just one of the kids -

on a bus trip to the January 22, 2007 Pro-Life March in Washington DC, with 40 elementary and highschool students on a 60 hour round trip moment.

A Kodak moment lost!  Kumbaya!

Can’t stick to your bus buddy – can ya?  Loyalty to Ratigan, an adherent to all the uber-conservative causes that bishops these days have to stick to in order to get chosen, made, into the old boy’s club.

”The fact that they have more than a passing relationship could well indicate that after lewd photos of young girls were found in Ratigan’s laptop computer, Finn was loath to turn in a priest whom he knew quite well and who shared his pro-life stance. That’s been my conviction ever since Mike Rice, a former KC Star reporter, wrote a comment on this blog May 20, saying that he knew of people who had stopped attending Mass at Ratigan’s Northland parish because of his conservative ideology. 
Regarding the Finn-Ratigan relationship, Morris and Rice dug up records revealing that in January 2007, Finn joined Ratigan and 40 high school students from St. Joseph for a bus ride to Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life rally.”


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sexual Rights – A First Amendment Right! – “Religious Liberty” does not really exist; it never has.

Rosa Parks strikes Liberty Bell on MLK Day - 1988

Here I go again in the tradition of my beloved Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay and me, This Cultural Christian, to explain the Constitution to people who write, get paid to produce dribble in the defense of ignorance –  and “every form of tyranny over the mind of man”.

First Amendment – United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

"Sexual Rights vs. Religious Liberty", Nov 15, 2011, three quotes from William Anthony Donohue, CL, and my comments:

“Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it mention sexual rights, but it does cite religious liberty.”

The Constitution’s Right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances” is the right, civil right to define, redefine the right to sexuality, in public as well as in private, in modern terms and with modern laws.

One cannot expect that obsolete terms and understandings of sexuality to apply in the twenty-first century.  First century foreign rules, concepts and definitions may no longer apply in the ongoing evolution of human rights into a modern age.

Also - The Constitution does not site “Liberty” – it merely implies a hands off approach to religious practice within the confines of a place of worship and possibly other minor things such as religious dress in the civic thoroughfare etc.

“This attack on religious liberty is not limited to the federal government. In places like Massachusetts and Illinois, Catholic social service agencies have been forced to drop their adoptive and foster care programs because they refuse, on religious liberty grounds, to include homosexual parents.”

Religious liberty does not exist.  If a religion is in some business, whether as a for profit or non-profit enterprise, it must comply to the rules, laws of the game.
If discrimination against a segment of the population is involved in antiquated business practices, the business must comply or go out of business. 

Nowhere in the Bible is any reference of adoption or foster care businesses as part of the traditional Christian central core belief system.

As far as I know, Christianity is a religion and not a business.

“This is the most determined onslaught on religious liberty we’ve seen in decades, and all of it is driven by a debased understanding of sexual freedom.”

The "debased understanding" of the Catholics Bishops on sexuality and its use or fear of the freedom of its use is the probable source all this confusion, sexual confusion of the RCs, spilling out into the streets and public forums. 
What happens in church should stay in church.  I respect your religious right to be ignorant there but only there BTW.
Please try to be civil in the public secular American Town Square, real and virtual.

Simple rule of thought on the confusion over the “liberty” word:

In America, there is a Liberty Bell (pictured above).
There is no religious liberty.  

Just freedom of choice, or the “pursuit of happiness”, as protected by the Constitution.

Have a nice day.  :-)


Penn State – NCAA – Pedophilia Cover Up – Paterno Chantry

Paterno Chapel (Chantry) - Penn State Campus

The NCAA is going to investigate this pedophile mess at Penn State.  That is like the USCCB putting out another paid for white paper on priests and buggery.  

If the NCAA could not or did not stop these crimes against humanity done under their willful noses, what exact good can they do now except pay for a white paper saying how they came in, investigated and now everything is safe again at Penn State.  Safe to do sports business as usual again, emphasis on the word busine$$.

Joe Paterno did not sell his soul to Penn State in the last decade or two.  He sold it very early in his career long before any of his talent or luck kicked in to make him so successful and an American Football Icon.  He sold it to that silent secret male only crony club that dominates and rules every college, university and corporation in America.  

Thing is with selling your soul, it is not so easy to buy it back as that myth might seem to indicate.

But if you know you have looked the other way in terms of in-house corruption, possible kickbacks, freebie drugs, prostitutes and cash in white envelopes to Sports Journalists, money laundering through sports foundations and not to mention the added bonus of looking the other way on the pedophilia (kid rape racket on campus) thing, maybe you or your spouse should build a Chantry.

A Chantry is a private chapel or altar in a cathedral dedicated specifically to constant prayers and masses said in the name of the deceased and for the purpose of relieving their sentence in purgatory for all the sins they, usually kings and princes, had to do in the name of the greater good of the state.

Henry VIII outlawed these funded rackets, mostly to steal the funding, but also because any good Protestant knows that you are either saved or not.  That once dead, all the prayers in the universe cannot get you out of hell if you were a like a total royal bastard or nasty prick pain in the ass in your lifetime - in other words, a monster.

I find it ironic that something like a month after Joe Paterno signs his share of his  house over to his wife, his wife is dedicating the Paterno Family Chantry on the Penn State Campus.  That chapel is no doubt for the purpose of praying, and praying, and praying for all eternity to get Joe Paterno’s soul out of Purgatory. 

Prayers for the forgiveness of the things he found necessary to do as a prince on campus and for the deeds, ugly and perhaps borderline legal to keep the seats filled, the cash flowing, out of Beaver Stadium, the second largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere, capacity 106,572.  That’s a lot of stadium for the virtual middle of nowhere in the middle of the vast dark forests of central Pennsylvania.

Does the stadium wag its tail on the Penn State Campus or is Penn State merely the tail?


I’ll say a pray for Joe while he is alive and fighting now lung cancer.  I am not a total bastard.  But prayers after he is dead is a waste of time.  You are either saved or not saved.  The prayers at his Campus Chantry will go on so long as the funding continues.  I hope they haven’t invested the Chanty’s foundation/funds too heavily in the Wall Street casino scam.

So it goes. 


Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee Ryan - I Am Who I Am

Joe the Pope - Unhate Yourself?

I don't know if the above advertisement is offensive?  I showed it to someone point blank without explanation and she showed no negative response. Said something like "that is the custom over there" in Muslim countries and did not understand when I gave the full skinny on what the above was all about.  That it was not Joe the Pope in the picture etc. 

It is all about the Brand these days.  The Vatican is concerned about the Brand and it is obvious that Benetton did not give a cut $ to the Brand for the supposed use of the supposed sacred image.  Whatever. 

The theme of these ads is "Unhate" meaning two enemies embrace and love. 

I feel all too certain that a self-hating gay like Joseph Ratzinger or all the other self hating gay Cardinals and Bishops of the RCC do not, cannot understand the simple or underlying meaning of the message. 

It is all about the BRAND.

Brand is the modern code word for profit/greed = irrelevant to any or all things human.


Try to find a little humor in life today.  There is no little out there in the real world these days I think. 


Oakland Cathedral – Church of the Holy Vagina?

Holy Vagina!

I say that because when I look at it – that is what I see – a Pussy in modern sculptural form. 

What?  Well somebody has to say it! That cathedral looks like a bloody vagina!

Just recently saw this very well hidden from the media “architectural gem” for the very first time. I can guess why they keep this "gem" so well hidden. Besides its obvious anatomical likeness, it is one ugly pile of metal and glass architecture.  An eyesore!

That is what is wrong with this modern age.  Everybody, brain dead on TV and Video Games, is afraid to tell the secular or religious emperor, front office tin god, that he or she has no bloody clothes on!

For a religion that is so anti-vagina like the RCC why do they sculpt what they crave most but cannot have. Are there really any so-called heterosexual clerics in that religion to appreciate this kind of hidden joke played on them by the architects???  You know, like they don’t know what one looks like.
I know of one American Archbishop that goes screaming, cassock over his head, running out of the room at the mere thought of a naked female tit – something he did on a recent trip to Spain and it never made the American newspapers – but let’s not go there…

Is that piece of modernism architecture shit really a church???

What kind of spiritual mojo can you get going in this dirigible hanger – or what they called them my youth, a natural gas storage tank, that used to dot cities up until the 60s.

I have seen nicer Olympic ice skating rinks in my day but $200 million is quite a rip-off of whatever fool and or fools who signed the checks.

The two fold purpose of spending $200 million dollars was to have a fancy burial vault in the basement for 12 archbishops.  That and the building is, get this, supposedly earthquake proof.

Picture this. Men of faith shaking their fists at God and more or less saying – WE DARE YOU to tear down this man-made Tower of Babel! (humble)  

We all know where that architectural fable goes, which is tumble down, down, down.

Whatever.  Have a nice day.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Parks Should be for People – Liberty, Zuccotti, Whatever

The leaves are turning colors.  I see the leaves are still on the trees in Zuccotti Park on TV.  It is a week before Thanksgiving.  It is time to strip the remaining leaves off those trees and wrap the bare towers of stick in crystal clear tree lights.  

It is something the tourist comes to expect in New York for Christmas – that Kodak moment at night – or when you pull out your cell phone and snap a digital image Tourists equate with Hollywood glamour, Disney Land beauty or whatever takes your visual fancy.

The Occupy Wall Street status at this park seems at present to be on temporary hiatus. The movement is only just starting.  Losing this park as a symbolic base perhaps reflects time and energy needed to reorganize, re-strategize, and rethink the moment traveling into future reality.  The future is born from a single seed. 

Liberty Plaza Park as I originally knew it has been renamed to Zuccotti Park to pay fitting tribute to the Corporation that owns its.  He actually does not own it; his company does and doesn’t own it.  It is sort of jointly owned with the city.

Zuccotti Park is sort a hybrid mutant creation – the result of blind corporate GREED from the 1920s and hate, ignorance of the environment, fighting a city fit for humans habitation concept.

It all started with 120 Broadway, the Equitable Life Building, built to its maximum ground and air space in the high flying anything goes roaring twenties. If you know anything about that building monstrosity, you cannot walk two people abreast down its side streets of Cedar and Pine.

I find it ironic that the streets in downtown Manhattan with the tree names seemed to be the most forgotten and ugly lanes.

They changed the zoning laws after that or probably more accurately they started to have zoning laws in the permanent eternal, sunshine-less, shade on the ground around 120 Broadway.

So when they built One Liberty Plaza at 165 Broadway in 1973 and they wanted to top it up at 743 ft. (226 m) they had a problem.  The zoning for a building that tall and so close to the Greedy Tower at 120 Broadway, they had to offset some ground space as a public space in order to let the sunlight in at ground levels for a few hours each day next to the corporate skyscraper. 

And the added bonus with sunlight, you might even have some trees in that public space.  Do people need sunlight? One Liberty Plaza tower is like one of the ugliest pieces of architectural shit on the downtown landscape with its Omnipresent, Monolithic, and Fascistic presence sucking all oxygen out of the room modern look.

Ta-Dah! Liberty Plaza Park is born around 135 Broadway bordered by Liberty Street and Cedar Street.

This is the first park I knew when I first came to New York in the late seventies.  It wasn’t even finished.  There was one holdout building, Chock Full of Nuts coffee shop, that held out until its lease was up.  Can’t get away with that anymore.  With corporations having the right of eminent domain, Liberty Plaza Park would have been built up at one time instead of the piecemeal way it evolved.

That park had some I believe twenty four trees in it, some metal, painted black benches and Seward Johnson’s sculpture of the Business Dude in his corporate monkey suit reviewing paperwork in his Attaché Case.  Business Dude’s case is open and the 1980’s style Texas Instrument calculator in it is the size of a cigar box.  So much for old technology.

After 911 they cut down the trees in Liberty Plaza Park, all 24 of them, to make way for emergency parking at the World Trade Center site diagonally across the street at Liberty and Church Streets. 

Somewhere along the timeline, they restored Liberty Plaza Park, they I think meaning the taxpayers, and renamed it in favor of a man who owns One Liberty Plaza. That kinda reminds me of all these stadiums where taxpayers pay 99% of the cost of the stadiums with municipal bonds and some corporation kicks in 1% and gets its name, free advertising, put onto the structure.  I think the same situation applies at Zuccotti.

Well anyway.  We should be grateful that that put back the trees and call it a park though I think they call it urban sculptural landscaping or such these days. Needs to look like a Hollywood set.  Does not have to be comfortable and it is called a park.

It is also a good thing that they don’t charge us to look at the trees in a city where everything is fees, tolls and fines for the rabble walking or driving around the streets.

Parks should be for people.

Peace. Pax. Joy. Love. Tree.


Dan White – Bishop Finn – Incest? – Separation of Church and State?

Bishop Finn of Kansas City has presumably entered into a plea bargain in Clay County Missouri, the county where Father Ratigan lives, works and plays.

Bishop Finn will meet once a month with Prosecuting Attorney Daniel White to discuss any and all things related to Child Abuse and Child Endangerment for a period of five years.

Sounds a bit like Probation and meeting with your probation officer. Whatever.

One question.  If Bishop Finn resigns, as all decent Catholics in Kansas City / St. Joseph Missouri want him to, in order to protect their children, does he still have to report to Dan White? Or does Bishop Finn have to stay in a religious appointment because of the say so of the secular civil authority?

Come again?

I thought there was a separation of Church and State in this Country.  An established accepted taboo not unlike the taboo against incest. 
This prosecutor has in effect locked job security into the legal equation for Bishop Finn for five more years, long suffering years for the good people in his diocese?  Tell me I am wrong. 

Or, that if Finn resigns tomorrow, Clay County will be satisfied that a dangerous person has left a job in which he has done harm and can continue to do harm to the community – and Probation ends for Bishop Finn?  Finn can then leave town?

Where is this written contract between White and Finn for constitutional lawyers to analyze and comment on?

What is Dan White getting out of this sudden incestuous relationship in bed with Bobbie Finn or the RCC?  Dan White is signing off on Vatican orders? USCCB? Who does he work for really? Who or what is he protecting?  Bishop Finn’s church job?

There is certainly nothing in it for the citizens of Missouri who basically are stuck with an incompetent, uncaring cleric on a five year learning curve regarding a quest for humanity in his job description.

Business as usual in Clay County?  Hide your children?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What the Hell Happened in Paterno-ville Pennsylvania?

Sandusky painted out of the picture - left - street mural - PSU

It is hard not have an opinion about what went wrong in Paterno-ville Pennsylvania and or the Penn State campus, State College, Pa..

It may have been coincidence but Joe signed over his rights to his house, value 560k, over to his wife alone, last summer for $1.  No estate or tax advantages but an indication of things to come?  How long has the sword, ready to fall, been dangling over his head? How long has the truth been hidden in Happy Valley?
He went so quietly like he knew it was coming, whatever it was.  We have an idea of what it is.  That he somehow had knowledge or complicity in the Sandusky thing whatever that thing is, besides the child obsession thing, was it blackmail, money laundering funneled through his scam, his charity? Or something else? Time may reveal the answers.  Time may continue to hide the truth.

What did Joe Paterno sell his soul for?  Did he have to sell it? His skills and some luck put him on top of the mountain called success for decades. One has to wonder what demons the man held within himself and his sacred persona.  Only he can answer that. He seemed like a humble enough guy.  The house he has lived in for over forty years is quite modest though IMO way overpriced. 

Ran into an article by Reuters about how the Penn State Brand is now tarnished and pretty much every corporate sponsor except Nike has abandoned the U.S.S. Nittany Lion.

Everything in America is a commodity it would seem, a Brand.

They are removing Joe Paterno’s statue outside Beaver Stadium over Thanksgiving.

Joe’s Brand is no more.  Time marches on.

Juan Gabriel - Porque Me Haces Llorar - Why do you make me cry?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Judges Dutchcot, Ciavarella, Conahan – Why are Kids in Pennsylvania so Vulnerable to Predators and Profit Pimps?

Famous PA Judges besides Judge Dutchcot – Conahan and Ciavarella – Kids in Pennsylvania seemed to be a cheap commodity to be exploited!

Child Abuse Judges Conahan & Ciavarella Indicted – RICO Act

I keep coming back to the fact that Pennsylvania seems likes a dangerous place for Kids to Live.

Is this Coach Sandusky thing a local thing, a Penn State thing, a Pennsylvania thing?

Two upstate Pennsylvania judges Ciavarella and Conahan threw hundreds of kids in jail for fun and profit in the recent past, into a for profit prison system on trumped charges like jay walking etc.

That story of corrupt judges only made the regional newspapers in Pennsylvania.  The New York Times gave it two or three pieces but it was not treated nationally – it was a non-story - because it interfered with the god of money, the god of greed, the god of profit at any and all costs, including the lives and safety of innocent children.

I hope the rumors of a national pedophile ring, operating out of Penn State, and run nationally by the Mafia is just that – a Rumor?  I do not feel that when everything in the U.S.A. seems to be for sale.  Where everybody and everything is treated like a commodity for sale or a commodity to be exploited as in kids, our children.

Reputations of “great” men and women are more important than the safety of children – as so evidenced by the Cavalier manner in which “Judge” Leslie Dutchcot treats Sandusky as a victim and a still football super star rather than a criminal predator of children.

Revealed: Judge who freed Penn State 'paedophile' Sandusky worked for his charity

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2061259/Judge-freed-Jerry-Sandusky-worked-charity-The-Second-Mile.html#ixzz1dgJhYLkF

Where is our future if our children are treated so casually and are not visible, non-people to be exploited, in big business, corporations, tax free charities and the church? 

Nancy Pelosi in Bed with John Boehner! Wild Sex? No. Stock Deals. Insider Trading. “Honest Graft”- Congress.

“Nancy, Nancy, Sniffle, I only made 24% profit off my Stock Deals Today!”
 “John, John, don’t cry. We will clean up off these rube taxpayers tomorrow!” 

'60 Minutes' on 'honest graft'

CBS’ 60 Minutes went after Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) in a Sunday story covering allegations of insider trading and “soft corruption” by powerful members of Congress.

60 Minutes based its report, which also focused on former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and ex-Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), on research by Peter Schweizer, a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution. Schweizer said he and his team of eight student researchers found “forms of honest graft” by lawmakers….

Boehner bought health-care stocks in 2009 shortly before the “public option” – universal health care – was dropped from the Democratic health care bill. Boehner said his financial adviser oversees all such decisions.