Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dysfunctionality of the Pro-Life Idiom – Jesus would cheer Gaddafi’s death

Gaddafi got better than he deserved, better than he gave Flight 103 and Lockerbie.  If anything, I am disappointed that Libya doesn’t have the infrastructure, the slaughter houses and the meat hooks, to have given Mommar the “Full Benito” that Mussolini got in his just demise.

Is celebrating the death of a monster against life, common morality and or the cliche quasi-political, quasi-religious term Pro-Life?

I do not know what pro-life means anymore. It has become a Madison Avenue Roger Ailes jingoism to sell soap or church agenda.

From a once distant now moral view, the term Pro-Life as a hard sell came in the sixties when all birth control became the automatic equal of abortion – a flawed equation.  Have known a couple of women and a guy over the years who were involved in the abortion thing, some for medical reasons, some for personal.  They all had regrets.  Perhaps that is as it should be. The possibilities of life are a theoretical wonder to behold.  The average person does what is right  for themselves and does not need a theologian to render opinion anymore.

My last official religious affiliation was Lutheran.  When they murdered Doctor Tiller in a church says it all to me about the hole in the donut of the morality of abortionist hunters. A half a dozen protectors, enablers of Tiller’s murderer did not get indicted with him.  They are somehow funded by the new Gray Water moral area of funding from political and or quasi-political cash funding.  Tax free and on the government’s indirect dime.  

Pro-Life was used as a religious mask to carry out a political agenda - a political murder, an organized hit paid for by the growing very profitable Pro-Life crime racket, to strike fear in the heartland to any woman who wanted or needed a serious medical procedure done for whatever reason. 

The greed that turns all aspects of life into a commodity, even education, is in fact the reason why there is no real morality left in our society on many levels.  When people become commodities, their value is decided in the market place and not in any ancient book or even in their true hearts.

Me, we, us the society has become totally dysfunctional on some level and always I think related to the gelt factor.  The old fashioned American town square has disappeared and its virtual equivalent does not match the challenge or satisfy us.  That is what Occupy Wall Street is all about but they haven’t yet put it into words or understanding. They may never get there.

The point is and I repeat it – I don’t know what pro-life means.  I am being honest.

If Jesus was worth his salt and I think he was, I can fully imagine him cheering and dancing in the streets if a scumbag like Governor Pilate got his just desserts at the hands of a crowd like Colonel Gaddafi.

And then on second thought, maybe Jesus would not dance.
Sometimes.  To be fully human is to be fully divine.  It’s in the program I think from the Creator. 


Blown Away - Jeff Lynne