Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pope Francis Whiting The Sepulchers at Vatican Climate Change Summit?

Pope Francis’s DirtyWar Dealings

"I’m not so sure Bergoglio was chosen to cover up the church’s current rot—the Vatican Bank’s transparency problem, the pedophile priests who’ve been exposed across the globe. It wouldn’t surprise me if, instead, Bergoglio launched a moral crusade to white the apostolic sepulchers." ~~~ By Horacio Verbitsky | 15 March 2013 The Daily Beast

Looking at the News Feed and a Summit of Climate Control at the Vatican, I ran into these words today and made a mental connection of sorts. 

That Franics is master of the Twitter age sound bite just like Donald Trump. A lot of  the rest of us are still listening in 1985 Reaganesque-ese Teflon radio-age communication.


What has the Donald (Trump) Said Today?