Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Homeless Churchless Pastor Rafael Cruz Gems of Wisdom 9 AUG 2014

"Every church in the nation should have a voter registration table in its lobby."

"Let's stop being politically correct, and let's become biblically correct!"

" justice is collectivism. It comes directly out of Karl Marx"

",,the Bible helps tell Americans who to vote for."


Tea Party Texas Rump Parliament at times aka Texas Conservative Coalition Accused of Breaking Elections Laws

A complaint has been filed with the Texas Ethics Commissioner against the Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition because of its failure to file a required eight-day campaign-filing report before the May 27 Republican primary runoff elections.

The complaint was filed July 2 by Bill O’Sullivan, treasurer for The Woodlands-based Texas Patriots PAC. In O’Sullivan’s complaint, he alleges that some of the donors to the coalition might be companies or firms that do business with the county.

“I personally believe that this was a willful violation to conceal donors as I expect county vendors will be involved …,” O’Sullivan stated in the complaint.

But Duane Ham, chairman of the coalition, said while he doesn’t think his group violated the law, at end of the day, he protected donors from potential harassment from the PAC and not because of any connection with the county.

“If they had the eight-day report, they would have attacked those people at the polls,” Ham said. “Protecting the people who get involved with politics without being drug through the mud, I’m OK with that.

“They want to know who the donors are so they can tear the good people down.”

Not filing the eight-day report is a violation of Texas Elections Code 254.041 according the TEC website.

Donors for the Texas Conservative Tea Party Coalition

John Causey – $500
Michael Stoecker – $25,000 Loan
Halff Associates State PAC – $250
Ranney McDonough – $1,000
Cameron Maxedon – $250
Kim Cook – $400
Jeff Cannon – $545
Will Metcalf – $1,750
Bryan Yeates – $500
Wade Nelson – $545
Randy Roan – $1,500
Dennis Byrd – $125
Howard Riney – $125
Ray Milne – $125
Nick Allenby – $125
Craig Doyal – $1,500
Wayne Stroman – $1,200
Cecil Bell – $3,100
Rachel & John Anderson – $500
J.R. Harris – $550
Troy & Linda Stuckey – $1,170
Vince Ross – $70
Linda Mock – $160
Kristi Leggett – $75
Mark Holt – $100
Michon Kingsley – $170
Debbie Glenn – $55
Duke Coon – $1,000
Timothy & Marlene Weems – $1,000
Omero L Del PAPA, III – $1,000
Henry Brooks – $1,000

Richard Sheldon – $3,000