Monday, March 4, 2013

Papal Conclave - McPope with or w/o Fries? - Which Guy is Giving out the Swag Bags?

                                                                                                                                                                (Composite - Habemus Papam - Nanni Moretti)

The Vatican (Benedict)’s Payback to the Irish and the Brits – Gentlemen’s Club Membership Cancelled? – Omerta goes bye-bye - Watch Your Backs Conclave!

Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland - Not a Red Hatted Friend in Sight

One cannot but help notice that the Italian media have led the way against two Cardinals with Irish Names.

Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles has gotten the heat in the Italian press not to show up and vote for Pope.

Born in Northern Ireland, Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland got the heat in the media real fast when Omerta evaporated away and Priests and or former seminarians got phone calls (?) out of the blue for an intervention for poor dear Keith - no doubt, anonymous phone calls (?), old phone numbers listed in files from decades old complaints, from the not so secret Herranz Report overlapping with the Ratzinger Worldwide Pedophile Legacy Archive in the Vatican -

– all of a sudden accusations against Keith came out of the closet and he was getting payback from the Italians for all the nasty Irish Politicians that have put the Vatican in the its place lately? Talk of legalization of abortion in Irish Parliament etc. Legalization of Gay Marriage in Britain etc.

And retired Philly Crime Boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali, an I-talian, not so much as a peep of the Child Abuse mess in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and how he was allowed to walk away from those crimes against children and humanity, and retire in the lap of luxury in the lap of his protégé Bishop Stika's Baliwick in Knoxville Tennessee. 

Does Pennsylvania have an extradition treaty with Tennessee?

No justice in the world.

Plenty of hypocrisy!

Fair weather friends even among birds of the same feather. 

Expect more backstabbing as the days progress in Rome. LOL