Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whatever Happened to Stephen Baldwin the Actor?

Only rich white men (Capitalism) can do better charity than through Government – The Reverend Stephen Baldwin

I just watched the worst couple of minutes of dead air time in a long time, watching the Martin Bashir Show on MSNBC watching a literal deadhead in the form of meal ticket evangelist Stephen Baldwin.

He equates the Republicans with God because they are against abortion and are therefore the party of white male entitlement and or “family values”

Morally superior Stephen Baldwin is in Tampa with his hands out for a bigger share of faith based profits to feed him, support him while he preaches his dead cow, eat the cow, form of Christianity.  If he had fed the cow and maintained a steady career path in show business, he would not be begging for charity subcontractor jobs at the GOP convention in Tampa. What a shame.

He was claiming that trickle down charity from billionaire capitalists will get the job done, with him as a middle man, instead of the government as benefactor.


Obama Bores Me - but - Romney Puts Me To Sleep ZZZzZ !

Obama bores me but Romney puts me to sleep.  ZZzZ!


Respect over Love - Chris Christie's Republican View for America

And if you little people don't like it, when they take Social Security and Medicare away, Governor Christie won't miss any sleep or more importantly won't miss any meals over it.

Mussolini Lives!