Monday, March 26, 2012

War on Humanity, War on Modernity Continues

The War on Women or the War on Gays via marriage equality boils down to a War on Intelligence and or a War on Modernity.  Parts of the Christian church, the RCs, have been at war with the secular western world for the past two hundred years since Napoleon.

There are blind spot words and concepts floating around the ether via the MSM and they match the blind spot ignorance of Mormons like Romney, Fundamentalists like Palin or Crusaders like Santorum.

But the biggest blind spot words and concepts these days have to do with sexuality.

The War on most everything in the media these days boils down to the RC church’s ignorance of definitions of sex that do not fit modern standards or modern definitions.

Child abuse, clergy abuse has to do with the inability of a global institution’s inability to understand sex.

To this institution, everything within a heterosexual Catholic marriage and dealing with procreative sex is the only definition of sex.

That if the church wants, as in recent months and years, wants to blame homosexuality for clergy abuse, it is only mouthing a modern word invented by the Victorians that catalogued a sexual venue, but did little to further explain it.

That everything sexual outside of Catholic marriage is not defined in pre-nineteenth century terms.  Sexuality is a sin outside of marriage.  Everything else, fornication, sodomy, masturbation, pedophilia is merely some sin that must be confessed and absolved – it does not have to be understood.

This march toward the past in terms of a NOM world that can only understand sexuality in marriage and no place else is a shill for organized religion, that still in the twentieth-first century, remains clueless on all things sexual.

They are supposed to start a big clergy abuse trial in Philly today.  This whole mess is a very tragic comedy of sexual errors by a clerical bureaucracy that did not, has not tried to understand sexuality since the Great Schism in 1054 C.E..

That when Rome created celibacy, it was part of a total ban on sexuality.  That the majority homosexual clergy and their excesses were supposed to become chaste and stop the sex thing, like human nature as part of natural law, like gravity, could stop on a papal decree.  That misery from the pope on down and abstaining from gay sex demanded that the heterosexual clergy should not enjoy sex either, thus the band-aid blind spot word/concept associated with sex and the word celibate.

Little wonder world war or the Crusades started as a diversion soon after as a result of this grand sexual dysfunction as a result of this new f---ed up official front office mission statement of reality.

That whenever any Christian official or their ex-Pennsylvania Senator type stooges these days are using any term sexual, they are in the past, the pre-modern world in thought and understanding of the subject.

They are mimicking the language.  They are clueless. Beware.

That the War on Women and the War on Marriage Equality is an attempt to dumb the modern world back to the stopped Church calendar of 1799 C.E..

Who will win next year’s national election? Adams, Hamilton, Jefferson or Burr?

Be careful with whom you speak or have conversation with or listen to in the media.  Anybody can use words, have them written for them, and mimic intelligence.

The truth is in the heart and few of the soldiers in this current War on Humanity, War on Modernity have minds or hearts.