Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI – Moral Leader? - Rockstar? - Commodity Prince? – Mafia King?

My personal meme here, for my regular readers, has been to call Benedict XVI - Joe the Pope.  This goes back to the 2008 election when some jerk in the crowd talks to candidate Obama complaining about how much taxes he is paying in his plumbing business etc.  

That jerk was really a part time handyman named Joe and the name got stuck in the MSM as Joe the Plumber, an opportunity for a burlesque illustrating both the rancor contempt that the GOP has for the lazy welfare/wage slave class and satire of a fake posing as a real businessman not unlike most tax cheat business people that seem to be the backbone of the GOP party these days.

Both Joe the Plumber and Joe the Business Man do nothing in the way of improving the America economy except to cheat on their taxes and complain about everything else.  A true form of American Commodity.  Like the Air Supply song – making “something” (commodity) “…out of nothing at all”.

Anyway, another personal meme here is to call the pope a “Rockstar”.  Of course I started writing this blog after that thug Polish General Karol Wojtvla (Voy-Tee-Wa) went to Crony Perogie Heaven and so I only have a half-assed German scholar, who used to salute Schicklgruber, to pick on in the way of calling him, Joe the Pope – a “Rockstar”.  (sarcasm takes intelligence to generate and to understand and comes from the very dark comedy of our souls)

Somewhere along the timeline the Commodity of Morality, once thought or pretended to be embodied in Canon Law or whatever got turned into a PR asset I think, that unfortunately nobody now wants to buy anymore in that old fashioned obsolete package.  How do you spell Model T Ford?

The American Culture Wars, today turn on Paul VI going against the 90% of his Advisors against Humanae Vitae, into accepting it after being pussy whipped by the Polish Archbishop General Wojtvla (Voy-tee-wa) by turning Birth Control into a commodity of fear that would work well for his agenda behind the Iron Curtain to contain his sheep, build a Polish Catholic Army of Resistance against Marx’s religion etc.  

That Iron Curtain agenda decision did work for him, but it was not what was needed in a modern enlightened emerging global world, in then first world America and Europe.

So we have to live with the mistakes of Paul VI, Karol the Rockstar and now Joe the Pope.

"If it should be decided that contraception is not an evil in itself then we should have to concede frankly that the Holy Spirit is on the side of the Protestant Churches.” KJW

In some very ancient sense when the Holy Spirit and Sofia ("Wisdom" - fourth member of an overcrowded trinity) were still the feminine balance to the consubstantial male thing of Jesus and his Father, the RCC of the 1960s perhaps saw both Protestantism and the Holy Spirit as the enemy, the feminine thing?

Somehow the suppression of the Catholic female vagina, (the Holy Spirit?), the woman by the male only hierarchy was seen as the right way of doing things.  And, for an institution that tries to sell natural law as paramount, where did this inequality of sex come from.  Not nature. Male and female of most every species alive share responsibility equally for the welfare of the young or the protection of the community in general.  

This weird Catholic sexual imbalance meme probably came more from the twisted all male, alpha male game, barracks attitude of Constantine’s Army of “Christ”.

It is disheartening to me that the eighteenth century mind of Karol Wojtvla got sold as a modern commodity worthy of modern derivative investment by the West.  He was after all not the typical holy card Italian pope.  He was after all a resistance fighter against the Nazis or so he said.  He was after all in resistance against the evil of Marx even though Marx indirectly signed off on his church promotions.  

I don’t know about you but somehow this eighteenth century church mind got sold as some sort of enlightenment prince like Frederick the Great or whomever and the American PR Commodity MSM machine made him a Rockstar, just like Saint Ronny Reagan. Whatever.

Joe the Pope had to follow in his footsteps.  Big footsteps of someone who might have been a double agent both for the KGB and the CIA in his megalomaniac self-serving lifetime.  Whatever again.

In the meantime, all JPII's appointments of Crony bootlicking bishops worldwide, were made IMO to recreate whatever century it was in which “Poland was Great?”. 

That delusion is still in progress as all faithful Catholics worldwide are now supposed to forget Vatican II and surrender their last vestiges of conscience and intelligence to the male moral commodity factor, wearing dresses.  In addition to, in similar fashion, the Oligarchs who are now demanding the surrendering of all middle class wealth and comfort  to re-establish the eighth century when Charlemagne “ruled” what was left of the old Roman Empire.

Please ignore reality folks, close your eyes and merge into the desired delusion the new Fascist New World Order of things. Not me buddy. Kindly - f*ck you and f*ck the horse you rode into town on - with that bullshit.

Medieval Europe is not all the Oligarchs and Rockstar Popes and half-assed German Scholars crack it up to be.

I have heard this rumor from Catholics. Benedict wants to re-establish the Holy Roman Empire. Yeah right?

And how do you do that pray tell.  Through banking and the collapse of the Euro?  One has to wonder how much trouble a rogue state like the Vatican can rain down on the rest of humanity with moral terrorism or mere currency manipulations and money laundering.  

This is even too paranoid for even me to imagine that the Vatican Franc will be the standard currency of Europe in the decades ahead. And then again, I could be wrong.

For Joe and his crony bishops, Pharaoh’s Stewards, waiting for the impossible to happen, just sit back, manipulate the currency, the commodity, the illusion of moral superiority, rule over a vast non-taxable worldwide crime empire, and don’t talk about the self-hating nature of your core sexual personality.

For the rest us – hide your kids.

Have a nice day.