Saturday, March 1, 2014

Vladimir Putin, Bastard Grandson of Stalin, Dinosaur of the Cold War, Seizes the Crimea – The True Face of Russia

True Face of Russia

The Ukrainians want to be part of the modern flow of a United Europe.

The Soviets Russians want to keep Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin, KGB General, Russian President or Prime Minister or whatever his flavor of the month title is currently, cannot win in Ukraine.

Perhaps Crimea, a much fought over piece of turf in history’s past is
the opportunity cost for Ukraine to finally gain its independence from the Russian Bear?

Kleptocracy rhymes with Oligarchy, Plutocracy? How about Tyranny!


Hipster – Honkey – It’s All Rock And Roll To Me

I have seen many comments made because rich “Ghetto Blaster” Director and Writer Spike Lee is not happy to see so many white people living in his old Fort Greene Brooklyn neighborhood.

As for gentrification, I for one don’t see how to stop it short of restoring a lot of old so-called obsolete Capital Gains Taxes and apply them to real estate.

In a way, a lot of the beauty of nineteenth brownstones restored is expensive and now upper class. In a way it is unfair that value is now given to a place that was devalued over time simply because African-Americans ended up there and inhabited the cast-offs of a bygone era. Spike in giving value to his own memories is entitled to his 140 character opinions without all the new rich white trash in Fort Greene getting into a tizzy and spreading it like Brie cheese and or dog shit all over the media. 

Who you calling rich white trash, boy? Who you calling boy, boy? Kind of like the giraffe calling the zebra "Zoo" as I see it. 

I can remember thirty-five years ago when some of the cheapest rents in New York City were advertised in the Village Voice in Fort Greene. And I also heard the horror stories of people seeking decent affordable housing in a decaying part of the city and not being able to live there in Fort Greene because of constant burglaries while at work in Manhattan.

I am sorry that Spike cannot open his eyes without getting a rosy glass filtered image of the place he grew up which was in fact a living hellhole by most middle class standards when America was allowed the luxury of middle class standards, of and by their own origins, and not standards now imposed on us from above by corporations.

I for one am jealous when I see photos of Spike courtside at a Knicks game and have to wonder how much money that kind of shit costs. But as J.P.Morgan once said to riff-raff and middle class trash (like me) – “If you have to ask, you cannot afford it.” lol

Spike’s bitter pill of words is sometimes reflected I think in the environment of his youth that is perhaps too candy coated in memory to touch reality compared to the new global culture.

I have also taken a lot of Spike Lee’s bravado over the years with a big grain of salt. I remember an interview of years ago about why there is no great slavery movie(s) and he responded that American Blacks were not ready for it. In other words not interested in digging up the nasty past. And or a middle class black POV? Valid point then or now?

I see that a front runner for the Oscars this weekend is “Twelve Years A Slave”. I have to wonder if Spike has in any way invested in such an old Brownstone of an idea as a producer in such a film. 

Your guess is as good as mine.