Friday, October 18, 2013

Six Degrees of Separation Between Rick Saccone and an Eight Dollar Cup of Faith Based Soup in a Soupline given to a Homeless Man or Woman or Child, paid for at taxpayers’ expense

I tried to find a picture of the old Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix with a picture of onion soup on the box. Somewhere along the timeline, nobody eats onion soup out of a box anymore.  The Lipton Onion Soup Mix has a picture of onion flavored sour cream dip made from the box. A hell of a lot of salt and or calories for all the fat ass obese people on welfare eating with Gubmint food stamps. A hell of lot of poison being fed to America but that is another story.

Somewhere along the time line Compassionate Conservative got mixed up with politics and religion and leeches on the government dole selling an outsourced – it is cheaper to pay churches to feed the poor tag – which is a lie – but it sounds good in a soundbite. 


I see that the godless Tea Party, wrapped in the flag and inhumane bubble of ethnic Catholicism in Pennsylvania has had a “Year of the Bible” in 2012 resolution passed in the Pennsylvania Legislature. 

Now “Year of the Bible” Rick Saccone after a lifetime of living on the public dole, of never having a private sector job before 2002 or so wants to forcefully indoctrinate all public school students with an “In God We Trust” metaphoric tattoo on children’s foreheads for a feel good Guido kind of thing. I think perhaps he is passing or proposing all these greasy Dago Catholic patriotic sounding shit things in the Assembly rather as a resume builder to step up to a teaching job at Ave Maria University in Florida.

But I look at these corporate welfare people like Rick Santorum, Ken Cuccinelli or Rick Saccone living most of their lives on the top end of the stick of government handouts and see them in their tight little Italian culture bubbles looking down on an Anglo like me and having them try to expand their guinea catholic bubble around me and my private concerns.

I read about a hypocrite like Rick Santorum homeschooling his kids and then having then forced to be driven by a bunch of groupies to daily mass at a Opus Dei parish like St. Catherine of Sienna in Great Falls Virginia and I want to free those slaves of his children from his patriarchal tyranny.

Or I hear Ken Cuccinelli rant about God should punish this nation more because of Abortion. Man, get a life. Stop beating your wife etc.

Well anyway, I am thinking about how George W Bush got the fundies all on the same page to back him and get him elected and his promise of a bribe in return with the White House Faith Based Free Blow Jobs for people with a collar office of parasitic opportunies. Which is illegal under the constitution. Obama gave it a slight name change but the eight dollars a cup Liption Onion Soup still gets doled out to the poor because of the horseshit PR moniker of “Compassionate Conservative” (an oxymoron – emphasis on the moron part).

So you gots Rick Saccone wanting to probably trade up once he’s made Pennsylvania a theocracy to move on to greener pastures in Florida. Does not have a complete bio. Do not know where he was born. A carpetbagger in Pennsylvania, a retired military lifer, consultant on torture to the military when needed and hired at St. Vincent’s College in Latrobe Pa..

I can remember when the best beer in America was made in Latrobe, Rolling Rock, before it got bought out and is now being churned out under that same label at the Budweiser MEGA Brewery in Newark New Jersey across from the airport.

Like the gone before quality of beer, I somehow doubt the quality at St Vincent’s is the same since carpetbaggers like Rick Saccone or Jim Towey arrived like locusts on that once great teaching institution.

Something about price and quality. While an eight dollar cup of onion soup at a trendy restaurant sounds appetizing, the poor in America get the eight dollar cup of onion soup out of a paper packet and through the filter, laundered fee based Faith Based Circle Jerk for rich clerics organization.

Here are six degrees of separation between the poor and the uncle sugar paying for many people’s dimes.

One – You got Ted Cruz organizing the fundies into a Bush for Christ President campaign.

Two – You got the White House Faith Based bogus thing.

Three – You got Jim Towey, first real head of the WH Faith Based Free Blow Job for Christ thing.

Four – Now Jim Towey gets a temporary job at St. Vincent’s (Why? Fuck if I Know.)

Five – You got out of work lifer Rick Saccone finding a job at St. Vincent’s before Jim’s arrival but Jim leaves in 2010, and no doubt told Rick before he left to go south that it was Okay to teach at St. Vincent’s and run for a part time job in the State Legislature to help pay the bills etc.

Six – Ave Maria University – UberCatholic Heaven on Earth depending on you own personal twisted POV where Jim now is and no doubt would like a good church militant type like Rick Saccone to whip the Florida State Leigislature into shape to reestablish the “theocracy of our founding fathers?” there.


Where are the poor in there? Anywhere there is a paycheck from the government and a bunch of faith based parasites to serve the luke warm make with LUV Liption’s powdered Onion Soup Mix.

Hijos de Puta!


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