Monday, June 11, 2012

Is Lack of Transparency Without Accountability a Moral Question Anymore?

Is Europe Too Corrupt to Save? Can Transparency cure the corruption endemic to the southern tier culture of Europe, a Catholic culture except for the Greeks?  Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy all good Catholic cultures with blind fascist obedience to a Leader or Dictator or a Pope being the historic cultural background.  This is not anti-Catholic where I am taking this but it is part of my background argument.

Can a lack of transparency be the reason why RC bishops protect pedophilia? The Pedo State (Penn State) child rape and child trafficking ring trial is under way in Pennsylvania just as the Monsignor Lynn Child Abuse trial has been sent to the jury, also in Pennsylvania.

I for one am not eager to hear any more adult male penis in child mouth or anus testimony in a secular case as opposed to a religious pedophile trial.  No doubt Bill Donohue at the “Catholic” League will regularly be reporting to us and mentioning to his drinking buddy Cardinal Dolan on the daily jury trial activities of secular Coach Sandusky at Penn State – actually no, Sandusky is a good Catholic adult male and has been recognized as such with awards from the likes of the Knights of Columbus etc. …. (Can’t go there? Librul eastern media? Right?) 

The nuns have shot back across the bough at the anti-female Vatican quest to sack the nuns' American real estate holdings through trumped up liberal, progressive humanist charges with a simple idea within their June one response to the boys in the Vatican:
“The board members raised concerns about both the content of the doctrinal assessment and the process by which it was prepared. Board members concluded that the assessment was based on unsubstantiated accusations and the result of a flawed process that lacked transparency.”
"Transparency".  That’s the word Carl Anderson as board member of the Vatican Bank IOR (Institute for Religious Works) kept tossing around the librul press when their token part time consultant Gotti Tedeschi, President of the Vatican Bank, got sacrificed as a scapegoat(?) in the recent scandal over there.  

No transparency – real transparency – and European banks don’t want to deal with the Vatican Bank without a trustworthy rating regarding money laundering and terrorism funding.

If Carl Anderson ran his Knights of Columbus Insurance business like the Vatican Bank….(Let’s not go there.)

And let’s not forget – Too Big to Fail in America?

I keep running into the “T” word – TRANPARENCY – all over the web.  And the TRANPARENCY word seems not to have a SYNONYM like MORALITY.

TRANSPARENCY  -  just a word without an energy or force - MORALITY and or ACCOUNTABILITY

The secular world has broken away from the traditional superstitious world of religion in the west.  The west invented Christianity or remodeled Jesus stuff under Constantine in the fourth century and church fathers remodeled or plagiarized Aristotle, Plato and other concepts of morality from the pagan world.

Now that Christianity is on life support in the west, the most, best you can get in the public forum is a bunch of women hating closeted homosexuals running the RC church trying to preach morality without transparency or accountability in the day to day operations of the church. That and fundamentalist creationist political hack party evangelicals.

Businesses preach profit without morality and most importantly of all without transparency and definitely without any accountability whatsoever.

Government preaches democracy and law and order, verbal code words for morality, without transparency and or accountability for no-bid Bush Cheney type government contracts etc?

The simple truth is that a lot of corruption in western society lies with the separation of actions, any actions not tied to any transparency and or accountability.

That is why trillions have disappeared on Wall Street and nobody except Madoff is in prison.

Corruption equals Transparency minus Accountability minus Morality – all in the same category or all divorced from each other these days?

The end of western civilization as we have known it for thousands of years?

I give some credit for part of the idea of this article to the below article in Al Jazeera English which as an outsider  news agency of sorts is witnessing the meltdown of the West in mentioning some “Emperor Has No Clothes” observations ignored here in the west regarding the present Eurozone monetary crisis.

          Just how corrupt is Europe?                      
The warning comes in a new report that says poor governance contributed to financial and political scandals in almost every European country during 2011. 
Greece, Italy and Spain are listed as among the most corrupt countries on the continent. 
Political parties, businesses and the public sector are said to be the worst institutions for corruption, while electoral commissions and state auditors performed the best. 
The report named Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain – the eurozone's most financially-troubled nations – as having deeply-rooted problems in their public administrations where officials are not accountable for their actions. 
Political lobbying is also seen as a major cause for concern. Out of 25 European countries 19 have no regulations on political lobbying. 
Party funding, with the influence of lobbyists on decision-makers remaining veiled in secrecy, is seen as ripe for abuse by big businesses. The report says Europe's political parties must do more to make funding transparent.
(Like regulations on lobbying could really provide any protection from corruption? – Look at Washington DC as an example.)


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Vatican to Pay Taxes on its Commercial Properties in Italy

Prime Minister Mario Monti has announced the Vatican must pay taxes on non-religious property, from which it previously enjoyed an exemption. 
The annual cost could be up to 720m euros ($945m; £598m) according to municipal government bodies. 
Italy's Catholic Church has 110,000 properties, worth about 9bn euros.It includes shopping centres and a range of residential property. 
In December, the government reintroduced a tax paid by anyone who owns land or property in Italy - which the Church does not pay. 
But a growing wave of Italians are opposed to what they see as special privileges in the face of a tightening economy 
Following their government's latest austerity measure package, more than 130,000 people signed an online petition calling for the Church's tax exempt status to be revoked. 
Since 2005, church-run groups and organisations have not been classed as official commercial bodies and have been exempt from paying property tax. 
According to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, tax authorities will calculate how much of a property is used purely for religious purposes and tax it proportionately. 
This means a church would remain exempt but a chapel which operates an hostel would pay tax accordingly.


Drunken Brit Prime Minister Cameron Leaves 8 Year Old Daughter in Pub

Thatcher clone David Cameron

I love the way the conservative Prime Minister spins child abandonment.  It was a Country Pub like child molesters don't hang out in Country Pubs looking for abandoned kiddies.  Yeah Right.

His Body Guards forgot the little tyke as well. That's real bang for the taxpayers buck and the kind of protection that a mean spirited Conservative man, who has devastated the middle and working classes in Britain, deserves.

Pity his child and or electorate.

British Prime Minister David Cameron's office confirmed Monday that he accidentally left his 8-year-old daughter Nancy in a country pub after a family Sunday lunch. 
Officials said the incident happened "a couple of months ago," as the family was leaving the pub near Chequers, a country house prime ministers use while in office, west of London. 
Nancy had gone to the bathroom while Cameron and the rest of the family piled into two cars to drive back to the house. 
Cameron was travelling in one car with his bodyguards and assumed that she was in the other car with his wife Samantha and two other children. Samantha assumed Nancy was with her father, and they only realized she was missing when they got home.