Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lummis Peanut Company - 138 N. Delaware Ave. Philadelphia

Lummis Peanuts Company - left


St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC w/o Cardinal Dolan is like a real St. Patrick’s Day Parade w/o GOP Politics – Dolan a no show – TG ! - still in Rome with all the boys

Let's redo the soundbite on page three - I want to look and sound more Papal

Timmy Dolan is still in Rome celebrating the collateral damage of the Argentine Junta 1976-1983 - i.e. Pope Francis etc.

It was such a relief this year for the airwaves not to be filled with the usual Gay Hate fight of the Manhattan Ubers not allowing gay groups to march under open signs of association.

With Timmy Dolan waiting in the wings to be the second American Pope for the Ubers once Francis retires probably the day after Benedict dies etc. – Dolan was a No Show at this year's Mahattan Parade – Thank God! – for the peace and quiet and no political bullshit over the probably gay Saint Patrick of Ireland and his straight masked, "silk lace" parade in Manhattan.

Democratic front runner for mayor in this year’s upcoming election, openly Gay Speaker of the New York City Council Christine Quinn boycotted the Neo-con Catholic /GOP St. Patrick’s Day Parade yesterday in Manhattan.  She opted instead to parade in the Rockaways, Queens St. Pat’s Parade that does not discriminate based on sexual God given orientation.


Cardinal Dolan Wrapped in the Holely Spirit at Conclave – Sure it wasn’t your girdle chubby?

Cardinal Dolan showing his Respect in the House of God photo-op pose.

I really as a Cultural Christian am insulted when a Catholic Cleric Hack like Timmy Dolan comes out with an on demand “Holy Spirit”, on demand like free condoms in a NYC health clinic kind of thing.

The Holy Spirit is not a commodity for sale, exploitation and profit on the new global corporate spreadsheet Timbo! 

Not a PR plum to pull out of your pie whenever you need to change the subject talking to the press who might want to ask hard questions about real issues. 

But all joking aside, Dolan said the connection to God was remarkably strong during the process.“I consider myself kind of a hard-boiled guy, (and veteran cardinals) said when you get in there you will feel the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit — not that there was thunder or lightning — but you get a beautiful sense of resignation and direction as you see things unfolding,” Dolan said.“You could just sense that this was in God’s hands — even though that didn’t absolve us of the responsibility and hard work that we needed to do — it was very evident.”

May I suggest that the breeze came was from the hole in the window of the Sistine Chapel where they stuck the temporary flue for the stove burning the ballots?

Afterwards, the cardinals dined together “in a beautiful, fraternal meal” and toasted the new Pope.

No yucky vaginas present to ruin that feel good all boys feeling at a segregated table. Bizarre little delusional world wrapped in the holely spirit on demand?