Friday, February 27, 2009

The Wandering Jew - NO - The Wandering Catholic!

Suddenly, Bishop Richard Williamson's apology to who(m)ever is not good enough?

I think that he has done a great deal considering his limited - very limited historic matrix - half or three quarters of an apology is better than none.

Perhaps the front line hierarchy in the Armani clad red silk Cardinal and white Papal robes might consider opening their own personal hearts in a similar manner to the Jews and the Shoah as they suddenly are asking an aged catholic dinosaur to do!

Vatican rejects Holocaust-denying bishop's apology

Like for the survivors of the Shoah and Nazi Holocaust, the everyday grind of life goes on.

So too in the Catholic sect of Christianity, life goes on and here are some narrower or is it futuristic views of that vision?

Some collateral follow-up on I hope a lighter side to show all sorts of sides to a church in a constant state of flux, looking for a stable mission and or mission statement after Vatican II.

Rather than be considered as a person doing a witch hunt on Richard Williamson and his anit-Semitic views, he is a gift that keeps giving to me in terms of the tangents and the bits and pieces of the so-called Traditionalist movement in the RC church that I find in further research on the Internet.

I call it Medieval Revivalism as opposed to Traditionalist and or anti-Modernist, like Pius X, who was not saying anything correct in using the word Modern, pro-or-con, in their temporary selfish me comfort philosophy.

Apparently there are all sorts of break away groups in and out of papal favor and or approval - in and out of “union with Rome”.

An interesting article about two brothers who studied under Richard Williamson who in their youth got a full dose of vitriol against Jews and Women when they studied in a SSPX seminary.

Bishop's vexing beliefs have deep roots

Oppenheimer, the seminarian with the Jewish sounding name who was belittled by crazy Dick Williamson in the seminary appears briefly in one of these videos showing his small sect doing the Latin Mass thing. The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem was founded none other than by Archbishop Raymond Burke, the next pope, the future “Pius XIII“ (?), now head of the Vatican Supreme Court.

In retrospect, the French video shows in an odd way how the exact rubrics of a Council of Trent (anti-Protestant) Tridentine (not a chewing gum) Latin Mass.

In a way, nostalgia for the Latin Mass fits into the original Modernist critique of devotional reflection as something close to conveniently looking into a mirror or a well, seeing ourselves and calling it God and or Jesus. (a Gnostic view?)

In a way, nostalgia for the Latin Mass is nothing more than liking your grandmom’s fudge brownies better than your mum’s. The physical requirements for a Latin mass are more like staged Opera different than the performance of rap music and or fast food at Mickey D’s as many have called the new mass etc.

All in all, with so many wanting its own particular approach to the divine in all these spoiled RC splinter groups merely confirms my belief in the ultimate success of the Protestant Reformation was in the desire for all to reach God in an easier fashion than previously allowed under the monolith of the medieval church.

To each, his own. God save our constitutionally guaranteed “religious liberty” in the USA.

God Bless us all - each and every one!

Witchcraft & Buggery @ Yale & Vatican ?

There is a lawsuit put out from the descendants of the Native American Warrior Geronimo regarding his bones on display in some frat house at Yale. If you saw the movie “The Good Shepard” you would have seen an initiation scene whereby a future head of the CIA was pissing over the balcony onto the pledges below. This particular frat house drinking club is famous for having had so many presidents, supreme court judges, senators, and captains of industry as lifetime members.

Geronimo’s Heirs Sue Secret Yale Society Over His Skull

Getting back to Geronimo and desecration of his grave in Oklahoma by the U.S.Army and his remains getting dumped in a basement at Yale - is it an Urban Legend?

The late Tony Hillerman, in his books set in and around the Navaho Reservation in Arizona, wrote about one of his books called “Talking God” in which he stated that "I wanted Americans to stop thinking of Navajos as primitive persons, to understand that they are sophisticated and complicated."

Of course Geronimo was Apache but the same standards I think apply when in that novel in the author's words “The first chapter was no problem at all. I have an urban wannabe Navaho send a Smithsonian official a box of her ancestor’s bones, dug up from an ancient Episcopal graveyard, for her to display with bones of his ancestors.”

Respect for other cultures, other religions begins with your own. All beliefs are local.

Perhaps the present curse on the U.S. economy is the result of a frat house prank at Yale a hundred years ago - that is if you are superstitious or prone to urban legends.

I hope Yale finally does do some overdue spring cleaning and officially or unofficially returns the bones of Geronimo to a treasured sacred and blessed Apache resting site.

This whole incident reminds me of a short visit I had to a hospital in NYC that had been founded by the legendary Saint Mother Cabrini. She and her order had founded dozens of schools, orphanages and hospitals to help the needs of immigrants around the turn of the last century. Unfortunately, that hospital is now out of business.

I wanted to visit Mother Cabrini’s shrine in Manhattan out of curiosity and respect for such a powerful Christian personality who had stood in our midst so close to us in time. I did some research and then I discovered that her body in a glass case is not a whole body. Apparently they removed her skull to the Vatican. Why? I don’t have a clue. It is one thing to chop some saint’s finger bone into 10,000 pieces of dust and display them as relics for adoration and or respect. But a whole skull? It conjures up the worst in my seeing or envisioning evil uses for the bones of a true saint.

This drinking out of Geronimo’s skull at beer bashes and God knows what they need Mother Cabrini’s skull for - it is all Medieval - and for lack of perhaps better words, stinks and or smells of witchcraft and buggery!