Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Manchurian (?) Candidate / Governor Jack Dalrymple has no Religion and Signs Draconian Abortion Law in North Dakota

Anti-Feminist Governor Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota
And his breeding partner "Betsy"

It is amazing that a state that ranks 48 according to population, North Dakota has one seat in the House of Representatives, and two in the stagnant Senate, that a state like North Dakota can set an anti-female abortion ban law at as low as six weeks of pregnancy, that it has a Governor “Jack” Dalrymple who signs this law into state law and has no “religion” listed anywhere in the Internet.

It is not PC to question the religion of a politician. It is not a constitutional requirement. But Abortion usually is a sick religious political moral standard of the new Republican Christian Religion / Merger.

Dalrymple has four daughters, no doubt brought up on chastity belts and a loving look from mom Betsy who probably agrees to not have any opinion about her own body from master of the house Jack.

Jack’s only political connections, traceable before his recent election to Governor is as a contributor to the George W Bush Campaigns in 2000 and 2004 and Jack is and or was on the Board of Directors of the Right Wing U.S. Chamber of Commerce which funnels, launders foreign money into domestic American Political Contests from China and Saudi Arabia?  

A farmer who is a graduate of Yale and a member of Yale’s’, W’s Skull and Crossbones Society Network that worships Satan etc.?

All that aside, the morals / politics of Abortion but North Dakota in on the Canadian border. 

So if Governor Jack Darlrymple is a closet Muslim, not to say he is a closet Muslim terrorist, we all in the real U.S.A. would sure like to know.



The new face(s) of American Atheism – Todd Stiefel

CNN has this “Belief” Blog page that gives all sides a chance to present their point of view. And there usually is a few thousand typical dumbed down American “Duh!” comments made and repeated hundreds of cliché times perhaps by a few dozen regular trolls left and right for the sake of balance and appearance of modern style “Journalism”.

This past weekend I think they had this piece about Todd Stiegel being the new face of Atheism in America. He has spent something like three and a half million dollars on billboards on buses selling the new Atheist religion and or dogmas of belief in anti-theism, is that a new word?

Well I am all well and glad that the Atheists are getting out of the closet for free of past fears that some red neck bible thumpers and Wayne Lapierre kill ya with a gun dandy lobbyist types will kill you for not believing in the angry desert god of the mono-theists (sounds like a disease?).

Todd’s bio about getting to the point of being a good Catholic Boy and giving up the faith when he realized in college, after reading the bible, that it is a poorly constructed OT and NT piece of uninspired writing – the bio leaves out the 100,000 word book that should fill in the gap between uninspired bible book stuff and how he got to Atheist. 

Maybe he is just a Areligionist like me and wasting all his time on the dogma of that Atheist shit.

The CNN piece sounded like it was a polished knock off of Todd’s Foundation’s mimeographed PR handout appealing for mo’ money, mo’ money like any other whoring church, synagogue, mosque, temple, storefront on the planet.

Of course Todd is soft spoken and affable and lives in laid back North Carolina where he presently makes his base trying to spend the billions his family made in chemicals or Pharmas or something like that.

Three and a half million Todd – chump change! Time to pump the chumps for their change?

Todd is no loud mouthed drunk like Hitchens or over educated academic don like Dawkins.

Stiefel and his real long term agenda, whatever it is, is tied up presently, short term, in with a coalition of other middle of the road, so-called non-religious but money collecting types, the Secular Coalition of America.



Pope Stumbles - New Vatican Greek Words in the Far Right Church Blogosphere – Coprophila and Coprophagia – Journalistic Odyssey of SH*T – Pope Francis’s words, actions of Denial?

Dancing Around the Truth?
Otherwise you might
step in IT.

Rather than open up and or cop a plea now that he has diplomatic immunity, Pope Francis I refuses to give interviews to journalists about his ties to the murderous reign of the Argentine Junta 1976-1983 and its Dirty War and his part or non-part in it.

“We know Pope Francis is humble because he keeps telling us he is humble.”  David Letterman 3/25/13

On the Roman curia, the governing body of the Catholic church:

"I see it as a body that gives service, a body that helps me and serves me. Sometimes negative news does come out, but it is often exaggerated and manipulated to spread scandal. Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia: which is a sin that taints all men and women, that is, the tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects."

No doubt, the Media, MSM, Journalists in approximation of the RC Curia of the Vatican should wear Hazmat suits and not be contaminated with a sexual turn on by or an addictive need to consume more shit (definitions below Wikipedia) than necessary when working in and or commenting on the Vatican.

My thanks as always to Deacon Nick over at Protect The Pope.