Saturday, March 21, 2015

Carnegie Hall Marquee NYC - 1901


Todd Gillman’s Half-Assed Bill O’Reilly Style on Vetting Ted Cruz’s Fake Canadian Birth Certificate

Ever since a hack DC reporter Todd Gillman vetted Ted Cruz’s fake Canadian birth certificate in 2013 – fake in that it does not prove anything about Ted Cruz’s American citizenship – the half assed Bill O’Reilly journalism quality vetting adds up to zilch. No follow up on Ted 4 half-sisters or his two parents Eleanor Darragh and Rafael Cruz living in sin at the time of Ted’s Holy Birth. 

We are still waiting on the punch line Todd to your half-assed phony birth certificate story. 


Jim Lehrer Does A Bill O'Reilly on Imus in the Morning Regrading JFK Assassination

Watching the best of Imus for the week. 

That PBS "Journalist" is there with his revisionist history conforming to the Right view of world history regarding his being there when they accidentally and casually and not deliberately removed the bulletproof clear plastic roof off of Government car Licence GG300 on November 22, 1963.

I get a kick out of these so-called journalists like O'Reilly on Fox or Lehrer on PBS and their conforming to the official party line of A-merican history. 

Can't these old losers just take retire and take their pensions and disappear amongst all old gun culture geezers of retirement Florida.