Thursday, July 5, 2012

John Wilkes Booth - Founder of the Southern Sore Losers Branch of the Republican Party

He's White.  He's Male.  He's Southern.  He belongs to the NRA.

He is Mitt Romney's choice for a Vice President. 

Modeled on closeted Southern States Rights Saint John Wilkes Booth.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. 


Corporate Mantra – Screw Your Neighbor – Lifeguard in Florida Saves Life and is Fired – Thomas Lopez – Jeff Ellis Management

More of this “f*ck your neighbor” corporate personhood horseshit in the news with a lifeguard in Florida fired for saving a drowning victim because the victim was outside designated corporate franchise territory.

All this contract, skimmed profit, white envelopes to people who award no-bid contracts, the outsourcing by city and town governments stuff sometimes goes too far. Kind of like the fire department letting your house burn down because you have not paid your local fire department protection tax etc. 

Screw your Neighbor - the new Corporate Personhood Mantra.

Can’t this Jeff Ellis Management corporation, but is a person, but without any personal moral responsibilities according to the Thomas/Scalia f*ck you I got mine Supreme Court, can’t this corporate person be held in contempt or in negligence to help save a non-corporate life form - a human being? 

No Moral Responsibilities for the Corporate Person – the New Man.

Doesn’t Right to Life Florida State have any Good Samaritan Laws to make insurance companies not have the right to charge more for liability in the case of Thomas Lopez, a lifeguard, saving a life outside a designated franchised for profit geographic area?

Florida, the Right to Be F*cked State.  I’ll wouldn’t be caught dead in it - drowning or otherwise!

Read the shit here below for yourself:

Unf*cking believable!


Horse Drinking Fountain - Philly - 1947 - S 9th and Clinton Streets