Monday, July 11, 2011

Jami Sieber - Hidden Sky

Rupert Murdoch – Godfather of Bush’s Wars – Antichrist?

In case you have not heard already, they spy on the dead (necromancy?) in Britain to get the news at the presently defunct News of the World tabloid.  Four hundred news staff suddenly unemployed in order to cover the bastards' bloody tracks.  A tax loss and a third party to destroy evidence for Rupert's lily white, never touched shit, CEO hands.  
All heck is breaking out there in a present political scandal.  I say heck.  Is it merely a tempest in a British teapot that will not change things here in the U.S.?
The wealth is still too concentrated in the U.S..  The Godfather of Bush’s wars is too huge to fail here.  Nor is it likely we will soon see the end of  the satanic like truth institution of Roger Ailes' FOX NEWS owned by this present anti-Human/anti-Christ robber baron Rupert Murdoch???
Perhaps though Bill Moyers has already wrote his epitaph.
Found the above on Christian Left Facebook below.  Are there really Christians who think for themselves?
Remarks there may be un-Christian but they are heartfelt I believe.

Lord of the Dance, Barley Bree