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Judges Dutchcot, Ciavarella, Conahan – Why are Kids in Pennsylvania so Vulnerable to Predators and Profit Pimps?

Famous PA Judges besides Judge Dutchcot – Conahan and Ciavarella – Kids in Pennsylvania seemed to be a cheap commodity to be exploited!

Child Abuse Judges Conahan & Ciavarella Indicted – RICO Act

I keep coming back to the fact that Pennsylvania seems likes a dangerous place for Kids to Live.

Is this Coach Sandusky thing a local thing, a Penn State thing, a Pennsylvania thing?

Two upstate Pennsylvania judges Ciavarella and Conahan threw hundreds of kids in jail for fun and profit in the recent past, into a for profit prison system on trumped charges like jay walking etc.

That story of corrupt judges only made the regional newspapers in Pennsylvania.  The New York Times gave it two or three pieces but it was not treated nationally – it was a non-story - because it interfered with the god of money, the god of greed, the god of profit at any and all costs, including the lives and safety of innocent children.

I hope the rumors of a national pedophile ring, operating out of Penn State, and run nationally by the Mafia is just that – a Rumor?  I do not feel that when everything in the U.S.A. seems to be for sale.  Where everybody and everything is treated like a commodity for sale or a commodity to be exploited as in kids, our children.

Reputations of “great” men and women are more important than the safety of children – as so evidenced by the Cavalier manner in which “Judge” Leslie Dutchcot treats Sandusky as a victim and a still football super star rather than a criminal predator of children.

Revealed: Judge who freed Penn State 'paedophile' Sandusky worked for his charity

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Where is our future if our children are treated so casually and are not visible, non-people to be exploited, in big business, corporations, tax free charities and the church? 

Nancy Pelosi in Bed with John Boehner! Wild Sex? No. Stock Deals. Insider Trading. “Honest Graft”- Congress.

“Nancy, Nancy, Sniffle, I only made 24% profit off my Stock Deals Today!”
 “John, John, don’t cry. We will clean up off these rube taxpayers tomorrow!” 

'60 Minutes' on 'honest graft'

CBS’ 60 Minutes went after Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) in a Sunday story covering allegations of insider trading and “soft corruption” by powerful members of Congress.

60 Minutes based its report, which also focused on former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and ex-Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), on research by Peter Schweizer, a fellow at the conservative Hoover Institution. Schweizer said he and his team of eight student researchers found “forms of honest graft” by lawmakers….

Boehner bought health-care stocks in 2009 shortly before the “public option” – universal health care – was dropped from the Democratic health care bill. Boehner said his financial adviser oversees all such decisions.


Judge Leslie Dutchcot gives Pedo State Coach Sandusky a sweetheart deal he can’t refuse – released on unsecured bail

Judge Leslie Dutchcot - does Charity work on the side

Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court does not excuse himself off of cases that present a conflict of interest for himself or his wife Virginia, why should Judge Leslie Dutchcot not do anything but a favor for her friend Jerry Sandusky?  Why all the fuss?

Revealed: Judge who freed Penn State 'paedophile' Sandusky worked for his charity

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The judge who requested Jerry Sandusky be freed on $100,000 unsecured bail, undertook volunteer work for the retired American football coach’s charity, according to reports.

District Judge Leslie Dutchcot, who previously volunteered for The Second Mile charity, ruled that the former Pennsylvania State University defensive coordinator be freed without posting any bail money unless he doesn't arrive for court.

Her decision overruled a bid by prosecutors, who requested a $500,000 bail be set for the 67-year-old and for him to be fitted with a leg monitor, after being charged with 21 felony counts for alleged sexual abuse.

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On the Road of Life with Saint Paul

St. Paul - Albrecht Durer

Some strange guy once waved to me in a nearly empty parking lot at the Mall in Arizona. Hey I do go to the mall sometimes.

I did not know the guy. He started to give me the spiel that he waved to me because he thought he knew me. I looked like someone he knew. Well not actually.

“Are you a Someway salesman?” I asked. “No.” he replied. This had happened to me before. People who sell some really junky soap powder for your clothes want to sell the same crappy soap suds to you and your friends and then start selling everything imaginable from their little catalogue. Sounds like a good deal. Cheap soap and its gets cheaper as you build a network of buyers for the products.

After a few more questions I hit pay dirt. I did not know the right questions. Then I switched the nouns or the verb tense and finally I got a “Yes, I am with Someway but I am not a salesman. I am a distributor.”

The guy was Hindu. I did not mention it sooner because it might have triggered a cultural reaction in you and ruined my intended line of thought and writing. He was dark skinned and before he spoke too much, I thought he might have been Mexican American. After all it was southern Arizona near the border. I didn’t know he was Hindu until he spoke with a slight accent.

Well I am a curious fellow and I like to chew the fat like anybody and in spite of the blazing hot summer sun, I continued in conversation. In a few more lines of conversation, I was asking him cultural questions about being Hindu. I was curious about their religious feasts. And the best I got out of him was yes he had a lot of relatives and yes they had holidays but mostly Hindu families like to get together to eat and eat and eat.

In many ways, this distributor was not much different than anybody else I knew here in America. I think of that random meeting in a parking lot and of course he gave me his card in case I changed my mind or if my brother in law wanted to sell suds.

I harken back to an earlier time when a man is standing in front of a synagogue and is engaging strangers in chit chat and conversation. This man is a stranger in town. Until he speaks, the natives have no clue who he is or where he is from. His dress is quite common for this town along a Roman road in Asia Minor, the country of Turkey in today’s geography. His accent is a little strange but you can’t quite put a finger on its origin. The man is Jewish in outward manners and wants to talk about some local gossip or a phrase that the local rabbi dropped in the synagogue on Sabbath.

Paul calls himself an apostle. He talks about having been a tentmaker. Do you have any tents that need repair? He could do it very cheaply. He had learned the trade when he spent two years in the far away exotic place of Arabia. He disclosed this without much explanation. The Arabia thing goes over most people’s heads. If they had ever heard of Arabia they knew that is was outside the realm of Roman control. Pirates abound in the waters off this exotic sounding country. If anything, a man or two of the world might think of that destination as the end of the line in terms of caravans snaking their way all around the Middle East and all the way to even more exotic sounding places like India or China.

“You say you studied Mosaic Law under the great Gamaliel?” Paul was forever careful. There were spies everywhere. With a simple question and a simple answer he might be labeled a trouble maker and thrown into a Roman jail but only after the locals had beaten him up. He was a Roman citizen. That was enough most of the time to get a Roman soldier or magistrate to give him the edge and the benefit of the doubt in any local dispute with natives that did not have the same rights of a Roman free man.

“I heard him talk a number of times. He is a brilliant man, a great scholar and a true man of the Almighty.” In truth he had not studied for long at the Temple. He had heard of Gamaliel and his defense of the new cult of Jesus before a local Temple administrative hearing.

“And now I tell you: Stay away from these men, and leave them alone. If their plan comes from human authority, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You might even be fighting against God himself!” Acts 5:38-39

“I am busy right now Paul from Tarsus. I have errands. Come to my house later. We will talk. Join me and my family for an evening meal.”

“Thank you kind sir. Thank you. I will come to your house”.

Paul was relieved. He was also hungry. He had not eaten for two days. Fasting is good for the spirit but it wreaked havoc on his stomach. Maybe tonight he would just talk about Gamaliel. The conversion would always somehow turn to Jesus and what he thought he had to say.

In a way of atonement, this man had many debts to pay back to men, to Jesus and his followers and to God himself.

Having been young and fanatical and vested with papers that gave him and a bunch of hired thugs authority, he had set forth to Damascus to bring some men to Temple justice. Talking with his fellow traveling companions, he realized that any prisoners this well-spoken, well-educated Jew could manage to get arrested; those men were not likely to live to see Temple justice.

As if in imitation of the energy of that blinding light and a realization, along with his anger and his hatred of the people he set out to get and in anger and disgust of the people he had once traveled with, he could reflect on many things, and look into the dark caverns of his soul.

At the end of a long day of trying to find people who were willing to listen to his message, he could relax a bit. He could look into a mirror in a darkening room at twilight and see his face in guilt reflecting the life he had once set out to build and he could also see the face in the mirror of the man that he had now become.

Redemption for him was to continue the mission of people like the stoned and martyred Stephen. He saw that young man killed for his beliefs. Jesus in a direct and indirect manner had set in motion a whole new life for this sinner now known as Paul.

Beware of the strangers you meet on the road of life. Some might actually change your life for the better and forever.


Satan – Catholic League – USCCB – 1%

What is becoming obvious to me in the Occupy movement is that the top of the Ivory Tower, the Executive Suites, the Front Office, 
the 1% is totally corrupt and out of control – Out of Touch with my definition of reality. 

This is no different with the RC Hierarchy who have Satanic media spokesmen 
like Bill Donohue mouthing plastic morality 
while the Bishops prefer and protect child trafficking at all costs – emphasis on the word costs?

Just like the firing of Joe Parterno, who is no saint, 
to muddy the waters about a national child trafficking ring run by the mafia out of Penn State is not newsworthy. 
Lame Stream Media talks sports, sports, sports …

The real news is that the great immorality is gay marriage? 
(I don’t think so sista.)

The Mormons may give up Polygamy the same way the USCCB officially gives up Pedophilia – yeah right – 

but the people pushing morality as a media product, from the top of society’s shit heap, are the least moral creatures in the western culture these days - they are jus
Faking IT!

They are Satan – they are the 1%.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State National Pedophile Ring Cover Up Continues? – Joe “the Pope” Paterno Scapegoated to muddy the Issue?

Missing D.A. Ray Gricar

It would be great to fire Joe the Pope in Rome, Vatican City, and declare an end to the ongoing Pedophile Cover up by the USCCB and declare the problem over. But the bureaucracy, the Swiss Guards, the Vatican Bank and “jus forget bout it” indicted Bishop Finn in Kansas City and his special relationship to Father Ratigan will not just go away.  Reality is reality.  Science and all that and not magic.

So too, with Joe the Pope in Happy Valley, State College Pennsylvania, taking the Lion's share of the blame here with his firing - does the national pedophile ring operating out of Penn State, supposedly operating under everybody's rural pumpkin noses, under cover of Sandusky's Charity and supposedly sellings kids to rich donors, is it still operating or has the operation moved elsewhere??? 

This - leaving Joe Paterno to hold the bag and draw all the attention of sports writers - Lame Stream Media - writing about every thing other than the elephant in the room, the mafia big business child trafficking thing that probably lead to the mysterious death of the District Attorney that went missing in 2005 and who came up against OMERTA – SILENCE - from everybody including the college president all the way down to the campus police???

RIP?  Ray Gricar – sleeping with the fishes and Jimmy Hoffa? He knew too much!

Revealed: Prosecutor who failed to nail Penn State coach for 'sex abuse' vanished in 2005 and was declared 'legally dead' this year

Read more:

The district attorney who tried and failed to prosecute Jerry Sandusky in 1998 after reports of sexual abuse emerged, has been missing since 2005 and was declared legally dead in July. 

Ray Gricar disappeared on April 15 six years ago after telling his girlfriend he was going for a drive. 

His body was never found, only his abandoned car and his laptop which had been tossed in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania without its hard drive.

In 1998, Gricar had attempted to bring a case against Penn State former football defence coordinator Jerry Sandusky on child rape charges.

The case of Sandusky, accused of years of abuse of boys that allegedly was covered up by school officials, has shaken the university and its football programme.

Last night, legendary head coach of Penn State Joe Paterno was fired amid allegations of a cover up.

When it came to the Sandusky allegations 13 years ago, friends and former co-workers said Gricar would never have backed down if he had a strong case.

The lawyer's nephew Tony Gricar told The Patriot-News: 'People ask why Ray did not prosecute, and I have no problem saying, because he clearly felt he didn't have a case for a ''successful'' prosecution.

'One thing I can say is that Ray was beholden to no one, was not a politician.'

The DA had a 'bitter taste in his mouth' for the Penn State program and Coach Sandusky, added his nephew. 

Montour County District Attorney Robert Buehner Jr, a friend of the missing man, told the New York Times that if Gricar had committed suicide, he would have wanted his body found. 

No suspects have ever emerged after investigations into Gricar's death.

Friday, November 11, 2011

In Memoriam – one Tree, two

They cut two trees down in the courtyard the other day.  They are installing solar panels on the roof of the apartment building.  The trees were too tall etc.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

CEO Finn Broke the Rules – Ignored Safeguards in Place – Protected Ratigan – Did Not Care (about the children)

Former diocesan advocate criticizes failed system in KC

Nov. 08, 2011

By Joshua J. McElwee


KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "This diocese is in desperate need of healing, and I do not believe that can happen until Bishop [Robert] Finn is held accountable” for his mishandling of clergy sexual misconduct cases, a former victims' advocate for the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., said today.

Mercy Sr. Jeanne Christensen, who served as the diocesan victims' advocate from 2000-2004, spoke at a press conference hosted by the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests this afternoon.

Christensen is thought to be the first former diocesan advocate to publicly criticize her diocese over its response to allegations of abuse, according to SNAP members.

Finn and the diocese have been criminally charged with failing to protect children from abuse.

Christensen said Finn did not use diocesan procedures to investigate allegations against Fr. Shawn Ratigan, a diocesan priest arrested in May for possession of child pornography. The diocesan victims' advocate, the immediate response team, and the independent review board, she said, "were in place but not utilized."

"By not doing so, children were placed at risk and were victimized," said Christensen. "This must never happen again."

Allegations of mishandling of clergy sexual misconduct cases have roiled the Catholic church here over recent months. A local prosecutor announced separate charges Oct. 14 against both the diocese and Finn for failing to report suspected child abuse.

The flashpoint has been the response of the diocese to the child pornography case of a local priest. Images of naked children were found on the computer of Fr. Shawn Ratigan in December last year. The Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese learned about the images and removed Ratigan from his parish, but did not report the incident to authorities until May.

While Christensen said in a telephone interview today that "it's not for me to judge" how Finn might be held responsible, the former advocate suggested others in the hierarchy should ask the bishop to resign.

"Whoever is responsible within the church hierarchy needs to say to Bishop Finn, you're not going to be bishop in Kansas City," she said.

That suggestion by members of the hierarchy, Christensen said, should come about in order to help the Kansas City diocese try to heal.

"[Finn] didn’t do what should have been done, and, quite frankly, he's lost credibility with a lot of people," she said. "A lot of people no longer trust him. How are we going to heal our church in that situation? How do we heal in the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph?"

During the press conference, SNAP also announced a new lawsuit against Fr. Michael Tierney, a diocesan priest who has been the focus of several other lawsuits accusing him of abusing children in the 1970s. Tierney was removed from active ministry in the diocese June 2 after the independent review board met with a person accusing Tierney of abuse and found their testimony credible.

The diocesan spokesperson, Rebecca Summers, said she did not have any immediate comment on Christensen's remarks as the diocese had not been made aware of the press conference or the new suit against Tierney.

SNAP, Summers said, often does not inform the diocese of its press conferences and the diocese "usually doesn't know anything about what the specifics are until someone brings us the suit or let's us know what is going on."

At the press conference, Christensen said she also felt compelled to speak because her experience working as the diocesan advocate gave her a sense of the "anguish caused by abuse." During her time at the diocese under retired Bishop Raymond Boland, who was replaced by Finn in 2005, Christensen said she heard the stories of some 40 victims of abuse.

"I speak because I cannot remain silent but must speak in support of the victim survivors of abuse, for their families and especially for those who are unable or too afraid to speak themselves," she said.

"I urge others to speak out too because we must speak and act for the protection of all children -- so that no more children ever suffer abuse at the hands of the clergy."

After leaving her role as the victims' advocate for the diocese, Christensen continued to serve in the diocesan peace and justice office until 2006.

The charges against the diocese and Finn came from Jackson County, Mo., where the diocesan chancery is located. Ratigan is in jail on charges filed in neighboring Clay County, Mo., where his last parish is located.

Media reports have indicated that a grand jury in that Clay County is also investigating the diocese's response in the case, and has heard testimony from Finn and vicar general Msgr. Robert Murphy.

A federal grand jury charged Ratigan in August with 13 counts of production, attempted production and possession of child pornography.

No matter what happens next in the diocese, Christensen said in the interview her focus is on why the appropriate diocesan procedures for reporting abuse were not followed, and whether children could have been put in danger.

The fact that the advocate, the response team, and the review board were not notified, she said, "is a travesty."

"They were there. There's no reason for those children to have been put at risk."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pope Peter the Last – Cardinal Turkson of Ghana

A papal contender grabs the spotlight

Benedict isn’t dead yet and they are dragging potential successors out onto the meat runway to show their stuff. Down boys!

(BTW, according to Saint Malachy's urban legend, the next pope, the last pope, will be named Peter.)
…Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.
Turkson, still young in church terms at 63, was the chief organizer of the Assisi gathering, just as he was the top signatory on the document blasting "neo-liberal" ideologies and calling for a "true world political authority" to regulate the economy. ( Come again? ) During Vatican press conferences ... Turkson was the star attraction each time.
Can anyone say, papabile?...
Because he runs the Vatican's office on peace and justice, there's a natural tendency in some quarters to assume that Turkson must be on the liberal side. In truth, people who know him say that in many ways, he's fairly conservative. For instance, when the Vatican moved recently to assert tighter control over Caritas Internationalis, the Rome-based umbrella group for Catholic charities worldwide, Turkson told people behind the scenes that maybe beefing up its Catholic identity wasn't a bad idea.
Turkson certainly does not feel bound by the canons of Western political correctness. He's bluntly said on several occasions, for instance, that theological dialogue with Muslims is basically impossible, so it's better to concentrate on solving social problems. During the recent Synod for the Middle East, Turkson was among the voices calling for a stronger challenge to Islamic governments to respect the rights of religious minorities.
At the same time, the Council for Justice and Peace under Turkson has quietly resisted efforts by some neo-conservative and free-market Catholic groups in the West, especially in the United States, to exercise greater influence on its work -- suggesting that he doesn't want the office to be captive to any particular ideological agenda.
Without doubt, Turkson sees himself as a tribune for Africa and the peoples of developing nations generally….
When do the Europeans pack their bags and move, outsource the company business headquarters south - way south, to Yamoussoukro Ivory Coast? Next door to Ghana.  How convenient. One step ahead of the prosecutors at the Hague?  A new African Vatican?  Next door to the largest church on the planet?

Inquiring minds want to know.   LOL

Please explain to me again why they built this corporate headquarters backup site for $300 million back in the early eighties?  A place to sit out the results of WWIII between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.?


Cure for “Irish Syndrome” – Piss on Vatican’s Official Sacred Buggery Tradition – Ireland Closes Embassy

The closure of the Irish embassy to the Holy See in Rome is a major setback for the Vatican. The decision by Ireland's government brings to life a number of Vatican nightmares. First of all, it was made for "economic reasons", which means that keeping a diplomatic mission at the papal court is supposed to be expensive (implicitly, uselessly expensive). Worse, the costs just seem to be a pragmatic and neutral explanation to cover up a hot political struggle: the sex abuse scandals involving Irish Catholic priests.

But in a period of financial turmoil, economy might be a perfect reason, or excuse, for other governments to take similar steps. This has happened before. In 1867, the United States wanted to retaliate for Pius IX's alleged support to the Confederates, and the Union government simply cut off funds for the then Vatican legation (there wasn't yet an embassy). Here is the second nightmare: a potential "domino effect", underlining the failure of the Vatican in handling the sex abuse cases.

There is still a disconnect between western public opinion and Catholic episcopates on this thorny issue. The Holy See last year made Charles Scicluna a kind of "top prosecutor". Scicluna admitted at long last that paedophilia was a crime that required the church to collaborate with the civil judiciary. But Scicluna's assessment, although backed by the pope himself and aimed at the whole Catholic world, may have come too late.

The Irish action appears to confirm this suspicion. It exploded after a long and tough dispute between the Irish prime minister, Enda Kenny, and the Holy See. In Anglo-Saxon countries around the world and in northern Europe, the role of the Catholic church and its approach to individual rights has been harshly criticised. As a consequence, a third nightmare might come true: the shrinking of the international profile of the Vatican. If even a "Catholic" country, as Ireland is, can decide to forgo its diplomatic mission at the papal court, what about nations in which Catholics are a minority?

So far, economic concerns have been kept out of this discussion. Some governments have repeatedly but confidentially remarked that the costs of their embassies to the Holy See are hardly justified; and the tensions stemming from sex abuse scandals have kindled the fire. Nevertheless, Catholic lobbies and prestige have up to now prevented these states from taking drastic decisions. But the spread of the "Irish syndrome" could change this attitude.

What is viewed today as poor diplomatic management of a divisive issue both by Dublin and by Rome could create a historic rupture. Dublin was also moved by domestic political calculations. It wanted to give a signal that the country had changed even in its relations with the Catholic church, mirroring a broader anti-clerical mood. Ireland has announced the closure of its embassies in Iran and East Timor as well.

Some people also wonder whether the downgrading of these relations could be advantageous for Britain: the Holy See, in fact, always supported Ireland as a united state.

But the result is in any case a paradoxical one. "Catholic" Ireland could prove to be the pathfinder of a worrying development for the Vatican, whose diplomatic and moral weight is openly and badly challenged. If it doesn't move on rapidly, the echo of the scandals combined with the effects of the financial crisis could weaken its voice and international presence. And the closure of the Irish embassy could turn to be just a bitter appetiser: the first in a series.

Dysfunctional in America – Occupy Oakland

(“Disneyland? Fuck, man, this is better than Disneyland!” A.N.)

“Occupy Oakland protester Mike Clift runs from teargas early Nov. 3, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. Following a mainly peaceful day-long protest by thousands of anti-Wall Street demonstrators, several hundred rallied through the night with some painting graffiti, breaking windows and setting fire to garbage cans.”

Read more:

Caught this photo on the internet.  The thought stuck me suddenly - how dysfunctional the United States has become, has been.  For how long?  For a long time.
It is a rude thing to awaken from a gentle slumber, a dream, and into the middle of a political economic moral global nightmare.
The shift, in paradigms, along any historic road usually happens when a current nightmare, the dysfunctionality of it all, finally reaches cognizance, reality in the gated communities,(palace grounds), and ivory towers, (penthouses), of the greedy bastards supposedly in charge.
That or the mobs in the street finally storm the Palace or burn down an Ivory Tower or two.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pope John Paul I – the last pope – the smiling pope

I was struck by some comment in some blog or in a “progressive” Catholic Newspaper that allows polite dissenting opinion/comments.  In that Newspaper, the response was somehow related in the mind of the commentor to the current Public Relations crisis, not a MORAL crisis, in the American Catholic Church over one of their masonic like, magically politically like, connected bishops, Robert Finn KC/MO stonewalling the public over his criminal mishandling of a typical pedo priest cover up in the Diocese of Kansa City / St. Joseph Missouri. 

The comment was from a female, and she said something to the effect that all the good will and hope and good Christian Catholic vibes that had come out of V2, Vatican II, had died with Albino Luciani and his “murder”, which seems to be a match for the popular meme opinion on the way the Vatican II spirit somehow got hijacked along the timeline thing and got tossed off a cliff.
And of course, the murder thing is retro-active revisionism, reflective of Coppola’s Godfather III, similar in fact to how all outer space aliens began to look like what I believe are called the “Greys”, after Spielberg’s landmark flick “First Encounter of the Third Kind”.

While there was a lot of behind the scenes skullduggery going on in the background of John Paul I’s short reign, I feel certain he knew little to nothing about the political forces, Propaganda Due (P2) masonic lodges, and economic forces, Banco Ambrosiano, in which the Vatican was a large shareholder.  I doubt Luciani would have touched the arrangements that Banco Ambrosiano had to launder money for the CIA to the Contras and elsewhere in U.S.’s global eternal cold war against the Soviets.  The church and the U.S.A. had a shared enemy, the U.S.S.R..

The contamination of church by the state, virtually little or no separation of it in Italy, began on the political end of it, by young Turks all joining in secret Masonic orders, in the Cold War, to protect the status quo in Italy.  This all no doubt made its way, in a social manner, to zealous seminarians and priests, now senior Vatican officials and bishops worldwide – which is another matter I think but not unrelated to the present Public Relations crisis in the RC church.   All going on in the background noise of John Paul I’s very short reign of 33 days.    Sometimes a heart attack is just a heart attack.

And considering who the next pope was and how a Polish American PAC of sorts helped him to get elected with lots of American funds –

and how Polish Bishop/General Karol Wojtyła (VoyTeeWa) made all the right moves against the Soviet Union (as proxy?), and at the same time hid all the religious changes behind his vision, his march back to the middle ages that Benedict XVI so gleefully agrees with, continues with, I have to think that Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I, was the last pope before this modern Cult of Personality in the Vatican started under media “Rock Star” John Paul II.

That modern media Rock Star Cult of Papal Authority, of noise, of news sound bites, started in the Cold War which  seems to matter more to JPII’s appointed  lieutenants and Benedict’s too, bishops with whom no common sense, human rights, human decency or human warmth matter.  News at 11.

Who is this Jesus character anyway?  Who does he work for these days?  (Wink. Nod) 

Unemployed?  His own fault!

A bum?


There is no Cake in Hell Cardinal Law

International crime king pin Bernie Law, hiding out in the open in Rome, under protection of Vatican diplomatic immunity celebrated his 80th Birthday Bash, the big event of the Rome social season.

While I cannot confirm that male strippers and or seminarians jumped out of a big cake, I have heard rumors that Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League paid for, a business expense, all the caviar, champagne and party hats, for this event of his old time client, one of his be$t.

I cannot write better than I can see and read sometimes.  I will of course comment.

Catholic Cardinal Bernard Law turns 80 today. (November 4, 2011)
For those who don't know Boston Catholic pedophile history, he moved dozens of known pedophile priests to new parishes where they raped hundreds of new boys, then he moved them again, and they raped more boys.
Then the Catholic church moved him to a beautiful job at one of the nicest parishes in Rome. Tonight, he'll have a formal birthday dinner gala with 100 people, paid for by your Catholic contributions. Jesus won't be attending.
In Boston, at least 800 men have nightmares every night about being raped by Christ (because when you're a Catholic child, they tell you that a priest is Christ on earth) and then told by the congregation that they were lying about it.
Look at the flames on your birthday cake, Cardinal Law. In your next reassignment, they will surround you for eternity.  --- Patrick O’Malley (Facebook)
Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is in Rome today to pray. Says he will not be attending Law's big bash. Yeah right.
Drunk on the blood of Martyrs and Saints - these bishops are.


Edgardo Mortara – Pope Pius IX’s Pet Jew-ish Project

Il Casa Mortara - an Opera

Nowhere more bizarre in my studies of Constantine’s Catholic Cult Church (CCCC) is the story of Edgardo Mortara, an Italian Jew who accidentally got baptized as a baby by a superstitious Catholic servant and who got seized as Pius IX’s personal property and personal project for salvation.  

It also was a way to get close enough to a real live (former) Jew to measure and probe and plot future strategy in the declared and or implied mission statement = conquest of the world by the Vatican Monarchy.

Pius IX is the pope BTW that personally hacked off all the penises of the ancient Greek and Roman statues in the Vatican Museum with a hammer and had them replaced with fig leafs.  I haven’t yet been able to research it, but Pius IX probably was the first guy to take credit for and or the invention of fig leafs on statues along with Infallibility (I am God on Earth and will be worshipped as such) and buying millions in Vatican gold of Confederate States of America Bonds, still listed on the Vatican Bank's balance sheet as assets, to be cashed in when that Confederacy is one day resurrected etc. (long term planning)

BTW, Pius IX, the model pope to be emulated, is Blessed and soon to be a Saint. LOL (but sadly true). You would think that sane men would prefer to forget this recent unpleasantness on the history timeline by forgetting this crazy uncle in the attic pope.  But oh no. Crazy uncle Giovanni's business model and personal style lends credence (the only credence) to the ongoing campaign for the sainthood of Eugenio Pacelli - Hitler's pet pope.

Edgardo did the full Catholic Monty, denied his officially God given sexuality, endured decades of brainwashing, memorized the Council of Trent catechism, the real Catholic bible/Book of Mormon, and became a Constantine Church Priest. 

“Ricardo Mortara, his brother, visits later on to ask Edgardo to return to his father’s deathbed and recite the Kaddish thereby giving comfort to his ailing mother. He turns his back on his blood relations and refuses. Ricardo coldly reminds him that the people who surround him will remind him he is a Jew. Fast forward to 1940, when Edgardo at 89 years old is on his own deathbed having visions of his long-deceased mother. As he lies dying, Nazi soldiers burst in with papers proving his Jewish roots. Curtain.”

Read more:

Honestly, you just can’t make this insane bullshit up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Celtic New Year – Year 152 A.D. (After Darwin)

Happy New Year.  Happy Celtic New Year.  It was the global New Year long before they moved it to January 1.

The world seems to be changing very quickly.  Arab Spring. Occupy Everywhere.  Out of Iraq soon? I’ll believe that when I see it. The great non-Depression.  Etc.

It is the Celtic New Year.  The traditional New Year before the Church of Constantine hijacked the date and turned it into the Feast of the Circumcision.  (Boy, what's that all about?)

Anyway.  I am Areligionist, without religion and dogma.  It saves on the brain cells, avoiding too many brain games etc.

Of this, I am proud in my designating a proposed new global calendar system to reflect the reality of Darwin.  Even if On The Origins of the Species was first published on November 24, 1859, I am starting or setting in motion a Cultural Christian non-religious, non-dogmatic sacred tradition and merging Nov 24 with today Nov 1, a sacred day to me because I am a Celt, in this, the new New Year ‘s day of the year 152 A.D. (after Darwin).  Cute.

Organized religion seems to be obsolete in western culture. Schools, hospitals and government are mostly secular and here in the USA the separation of church and state has been the cornerstone law of this land for over two centuries.

It is not that God is dead in so much as ancient myths and logics are misunderstood and or incompatible with this modern age. In any case – God is God; man is religion.

I pray that all of Islam wakes up one day soon. I pray that it is able to think independently of the state and the evil fascist rulers controlling the local mosque. That awakening will be Islam’s Reformation and gift to the world. 

The harder the extremists of Islam and Christianity fight for a place at the table of a fascist rulers’ feast – the greater the awakening to moderates who do not want to be told what God wants. 

Who knows what God wants ? Only madmen!

The secular sunshine of tomorrow will shine on all cultures on all continents.

Other than that, my Cultural Christian Sensibility knows that in fifty years time – all of humanity will look at all things including God and religion as either “B.D” or “A.D.” – either “Before Darwin” or “After Darwin”. - - (April 29, 2009)

I have some New Year's Resolutions and will be devoting more time to some postponed projects.  I do not anticipate being so active on this blog in the near future.

Happy New Year.  Happy 152. 

Treasure (not bless) Darwin.